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Indoor Custom Wall Pane

Break the rules and customize your walls. With customization at its core,

our interior wall panels are carefully designed to suit individual preferences and needs in style, color and size.

Indoor Custom Wall Panel – ZM12-XY

Indoor Custom Wall Panel – ZM12-RS

Indoor Custom Wall Panel – ZM12-LY

Indoor Custom Wall Panel – MLD12-QY

Indoor Custom Wall Panel – HGMB12-QQ

Indoor Custom Wall Panel – HGMB12-HX

Why Choose Custom Wall Panel

Want to create a unique style? Our interior custom wall panels give you endless creativity and possibilities.

Choose our custom wall panels to make your life full of personality and taste

Easy to Install

The product design will take into account the convenience of installation, adopt easy-to-operate connection methods, and provide detailed installation instructions.

Personalized Design

It can be customized according to the owner’s personal preferences and home style to ensure that the wall panels are coordinated with the interior decoration style to create a unique environment.

Space Optimization

Customized wall panels can be accurately measured and designed according to the size and layout of the space, and some irregular-shaped walls can be designed flexibly.

Highly Functional

In addition to basic decorative functions, custom wall panels can also add sound insulation materials to the interior, and can also integrate lighting systems and storage spaces.

Wall Design Inspiration

As a flexible and design-rich decoration material, customized wall panels have a wide range of application scenarios.

Whether it is hotels, restaurants, Internet celebrity shops or residences, they can show their unique charm and value.

Custom Design Services

Enjoy One-stop Wall Panel Custom Design Service

We can provide you with various wall design solutions, modern and simple style, using simple lines and elegant colors to create a modern and fashionable atmosphere.

European classical style, using complex carvings, dark tones and gorgeous materials, is suitable for customers who pursue quality of life.

Natural style, using natural materials such as wood and stone, combined with green plants and other elements, creates a fresh and natural environment, which is more suitable for customers who pay attention to life and health.

Samples Service

3D Customized Design

Professional OEM/ODM Customization

Regular Product Update

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Custom Wall Panel FAQs

How to choose the right custom wall panel material?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right custom siding material. First of all, the material type should be determined according to the interior decoration style and personal preferences, such as solid wood, WPC, PU stone, etc. Secondly, consider the durability, ease of cleaning and environmental protection of the material to ensure that the wall panels can be used for a long time and are environmentally friendly.

How are the sizes and shapes of custom wall panels determined?

The size and shape of custom wall panels should be determined based on wall dimensions, space layout, and personal needs. First, measure the height, width, and depth of the wall to make sure the wall panels can completely cover the wall. Secondly, consider the space layout and furniture placement to avoid conflicts between wall panels and furniture or waste of space.

What is the installation process for custom wall panels?

First, make sure the wall surface is smooth, dry, and free of oil so that the wall panels can fit snugly. Secondly, according to the size and shape of the wall panel, use professional installation tools and materials to fix it to ensure that the wall panel is stable and reliable. During the installation process, pay attention to the gaps and splicing between wall panels to maintain the overall aesthetics and smoothness. Finally, post-processing is performed, such as filling gaps, polishing corners, etc., to make the wall panels perfectly blend with the wall.

How is the price of custom wall panels calculated?

The choice of material has a great impact on the price. High-end materials such as solid wood and stone are relatively expensive. Secondly, the size, shape and quantity of the wall panels will also affect the price, with larger sizes, complex shapes or large amounts of customization usually leading to higher prices. In addition, processing techniques and special requirements may also increase costs. Therefore, the specific price needs to be provided with detailed demand and size information before we can make an accurate quotation based on these factors.

How long is the design cycle for custom wall panels?

Generally speaking, it takes several days to weeks from the customer’s request to the completion of the preliminary design plan. During this process, designers will fully communicate with customers to understand their aesthetic preferences, functional requirements, budget constraints and other factors, and make creative designs and program adjustments based on these factors. Subsequently, the designer will provide detailed design drawings and quotation plans for the customer to confirm and modify. Therefore, the specific design cycle depends on the efficiency of communication and cooperation between the client and the designer and the specific circumstances of the project.

Can custom wall panels be paired with other decorative elements?

Yes, custom wall panels can definitely be paired with other decorative elements to create a richer and more personalized interior. For example, you can hang decorative items such as paintings, photo frames, or wall sconces on the wall panels to add depth and visual focus to the space.

Custom Wall Panel – Every Wall is Your Art Gallery

Various materials

Various designs

Environmental health


Good sound insulation effect

Increase space utilization

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