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PU Stone

PU stone has a high degree of simulation, is lightweight and durable, and is a novel choice for modern decoration.

Choose us and let PU stone bring the perfect fusion of nature and elegance to your space, showing unparalleled decorative charm.

PU Window Shape Wall Panel

PU Clock Shape Wall Panel

PU Yuri Brick Shape Wall Panel

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PU Pyramid Shape Wall Panel

PU Solid Nine-Square Grid Shape Panel

PU Diagonal Nine Grids Shape Panel

PU Rectangle Nine Grids Shape Panel

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Why Choose PU Stone

PU stone decorates walls with a natural look and low maintenance cost, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Customized services can better meet various decoration needs.


Compared with traditional stone materials, PU stone materials are lighter, which not only facilitates transportation, but also simplifies the installation process and greatly improves construction efficiency.

Natural and Beautiful

PU stone can accurately imitate the texture and texture of natural stone, presenting a highly realistic visual effect and bringing a natural and elegant atmosphere to the space.


PU stone has excellent weather resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance, and can maintain its beauty and performance for a long time, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

Low Maintenance Cost

The surface of PU stone has been specially treated, making it difficult to stain and easy to clean and maintain, which reduces later maintenance costs and saves a lot of time and money.

Shape of PU Stone

PU stone can be customized in different colors, textures and sizes according to your needs and preferences.

Mushroom Shape

It can show texture and texture that are very similar to natural mushroom stone. Its surface is uneven, like a real mushroom, giving it a natural, original feel.

Yuri Brick Shape

The yuri brick shaped PU stone imitates the classic shape of the Yuri brick, showing unique textures and lines, making the wall decoration more artistic and three-dimensional.

Windows Shap

Window-shaped PU stone presents an outline and texture similar to a real window, making the wall decoration more layered and three-dimensional, and can bring a sense of transparency to the indoor space.

Clock Shape

It adopts the classic shape of the clock and uses fine craftsmanship and mold production to present realistic clock outlines and textures. It can make people think of the flow of time at a glance.

More Shapes

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Take the first step with our wall panel solutions — drop us a line today!

Excellent Decoration Materials

Unique PU Stone

PU stone can not only perfectly restore the texture and color of natural stone, bringing elegant visual effects to the space, but also is lightweight, reducing construction difficulty and cost. In addition, PU stone also has good durability and stability and can adapt to various environments.

You can use PU stone to embellish any space, such as building exterior walls, interior decoration, garden landscaping, etc. In living rooms, bedrooms and other home spaces, PU stone can be used as background walls to add a sense of design; in shopping malls, hotels and other commercial places, PU stone can be used for wall and floor decoration to enhance the overall texture.

At present, PU stone has been widely favored, can meet different fields and scenarios, and has gradually become a popular decorative material.

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PU Stone FAQs

Can I get a sample?

We have a sample set, which contains samples of each series, which can be provided to you, and samples are provided for free.

How does PU stone compare with natural stone?

PU stone is light in weight and easy to transport and install. Secondly, the production process of PU stone is controllable and various customized designs can be achieved. Furthermore, the price of PU stone is more affordable than natural stone. Finally, from an environmental protection perspective, PU stone The production and use have less impact on the environment.

Can PU stone be used in interior decoration?

George Panel not only provides customers with high-quality products, but also provides customers with free design and more value-added services. Allow customers to complete purchases in a more time-saving and convenient manner.

Is the installation process of PU stone complicated?

The installation process of PU stone is not complicated. Usually, the wall needs to be pre-treated before installation to ensure that the wall is smooth and clean. Then, use special glue to paste the PU stone on the wall, or use the dry hanging method to install it. During the installation process, attention needs to be paid to alignment and fixation to ensure a firm installation.

Is PU stone weather resistant?

PU stone has been specially treated to resist harsh climatic conditions such as ultraviolet rays, high temperatures, and low temperatures, and is not easily discolored, deformed, or damaged. Therefore, PU stone is not only suitable for indoor decoration, but also for outdoor environments.

Can I customize PU stone?

Yes, PU stone products that meet the requirements can be produced according to the drawings or samples you provide. This gives you more options to suit different occasions and decorating styles.

Is PU stone environmentally friendly?

Most of the raw materials used in the production process of PU stone are environmentally friendly materials, and the release of formaldehyde and other harmful substances is strictly controlled, reaching international environmental protection standards. In addition, PU stone can be recycled, reducing resource waste and environmental pollution. PU stone is not only beautiful and practical, but also conforms to the concept of green and environmental protection.

PU Stone – Accurately Imitates Natural Stone

Highly Simulated

Material is Light

Easy to Install

Durable and Stable

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

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