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Outdoor WPC Wall Panel

Out door WPC wall panels combine the advantages of wood and plastic, retaining the natural texture and feel of wood while possessing the waterproof and anti-corrosion properties of plastic, making it an ideal choice for outdoor decoration.

Outdoor WPC Wall Panel – co-extrusion W219

Outdoor WPC Wall Panel – co-extrusion W219

Outdoor WPC Wall Panel – 164W13

Outdoor WPC Wall Panel – 164W13

Outdoor WPC Wall Panel – 174W21

Outdoor WPC Wall Panel – 174W21

Outdoor WPC Wall Panel – co-extrusion W219

Outdoor WPC Wall Panel – co-extrusion 154W21

Outdoor WPC Wall Panel – 152W12

Outdoor WPC Wall Panel – 152W12

Outdoor WPC Wall Panel – 151W18.5

Outdoor WPC Wall Panel – 151W18.5

Why Choose Outdoor WPC Wall Panel

Beautiful and in line with the concept of green life, it is easy to install and has various designs to easily meet the needs of personalized outdoor decoration.

Install and Maintain

It can be cut and shaped as needed to adapt to various complex outdoor space layouts. At the same time, its surface is smooth and not easy to accumulate dust, making it very convenient to clean.

Rich Design Options

Rich design options, with a variety of colors, textures and finishes to choose from, able to meet the individual needs of different customers.

Environmental Friendly

Made from recyclable plastic and wood, it’s sustainable and biodegradable, good for the environment and people. The use of outdoor WPC wall panels can effectively reduce the consumption of natural resources and the generation of waste.

Excellent Durability

Combining the advantages of wood and plastic, it can remain stable for a long time in various harsh outdoor environments and is not easily eroded by climate, moisture and other factors.

Outdoor Applications

Create unique courtyard landscapes and decorate modern commercial spaces,

WPC wall panels always add a touch of color to outdoor spaces.

Professional Design Services

Tailor-made Outdoor Wall Panel Design Solutions

Our outdoor wall panel design service is a comprehensive and meticulous work, aiming to tailor a wall panel design that is both beautiful and practical based on the customer’s specific needs and the characteristics of the outdoor environment.

We pay attention to the material, color, texture and shape of the wall panels to harmonize with the surrounding environment. In addition, the waterproof, fireproof, windproof and other properties of the wall panels also need to be considered to ensure that they can withstand the erosion of harsh weather conditions.

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3D Customized Design

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Ourdoor WPC Wall Panel FAQs

Will outdoor WPC wall panels fade after being used for a long time?

WPC wall panels are specially treated and usually have better weather resistance and are not easy to fade. However, long-term direct exposure to strong sunlight may cause slight color changes.

Is it waterproof and moisture-proof for outdoor use?

Yes, WPC material has good waterproof properties. The plastic component of its structure makes it effectively resistant to moisture penetration, making it ideal for use in outdoor environments.

Can WPC wall panels used outdoors withstand heavy loads?

WPC wall panels have a certain load-bearing capacity, but the specific load-bearing capacity depends on the thickness of the wall panels, installation method and supporting structure.

What should you pay attention to when installing WPC wall panels?

When installing WPC wall panels, you need to ensure that the wall surface is smooth, dry, and free of oil stains. The gaps between wall panels should be even and fixed with special glue or screws. Also, pay attention to the direction in which the wall panels are installed to ensure consistency in texture and color.

How long is the service life of outdoor WPC wall panels?

The service life of outdoor WPC wall panels varies depending on material quality, installation method and maintenance. Generally speaking, high-quality WPC wall panels can be used for many years without obvious damage or deformation under normal use and maintenance.

Will there be thermal expansion or contraction when used in outdoor environment?

All materials are affected by temperature changes to some extent, and WPC wall panels are no exception. However, due to its special material combination, the thermal expansion and contraction of WPC wall panels is relatively small and usually does not have a significant impact on use.

Will there be thermal expansion or contraction when used in outdoor environment?

WPC wall panels are made of a mixture of plastic and wood. The plastic component can effectively resist insect erosion. Therefore, WPC wall panels are less susceptible to insect damage than pure wood wall panels.

Outdoor WPC Panel – New Favorite for Outdoor Decoration

Strong durability and long lasting

Environmentally friendly materials, using renewable resources

Modular design, easy to transport and install

Low maintenance and easy to clean

Waterproof and fireproof, providing safety guarantee

Available in a variety of climates and architectural styles

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