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Indoor WPC Ceiling

We are a leading manufacturer of WPC ceiling and we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled durability and stability,

ensuring your ceilings remain beautiful for years to come.

Indoor WPC Ceiling – 60*70 Ceiling Strip

Indoor WPC Ceiling – 60*40 Ceiling Strip

Indoor WPC Ceiling – 40*45 Ceiling Strip

Indoor WPC Ceiling – 40*45 Ceiling Strip

Why Choose WPC Ceiling

Durable and stable, with diverse designs, environmentally friendly and healthy, experience it immediately, let beauty start from the ceiling.


Compared with traditional ceiling materials, WPC ceiling installation is easy and quick, reducing construction time and cost.

Diverse Design Options

WPC ceilings offer a wide variety of design options, including different textures, colors and shapes. This allows it to meet the needs of various decorative styles.

Excellent Fire Resistance

The WPC ceiling has been specially treated and has good fire resistance. It is not easy to burn and can effectively prevent the spread of fire, providing an important guarantee for the safety of your home.

Excellent Durability

WPC ceilings combine the advantages of wood and plastic, providing excellent durability and stability. It resists deformation, cracking and decay, ensuring it retains its beauty and performance over time.

Ceiling Design Inspiration

Want to make your ceiling the highlight of your interior space? We can design your ceiling, using a variety of creative and novel ideas to perfectly combine beauty and practicality.

Ceiling design services

Unique Ceiling Design Solutions

We provide interior ceiling design services, listen carefully to your needs, and create a unique ceiling design plan for you.

What’s more worth mentioning is that you can visually preview the overall effect of the completed design through the renderings we provide. In this way, you can not only experience the surprises brought by the design in advance, but also provide valuable opinions during the design process and work with us to improve the plan.

When you choose us, you will receive considerate and professional services that will rejuvenate your home and make it the ideal space in your mind.

Samples Service

3D Customized Design

Professional OEM/ODM Customization

Regular Product Update

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Indoor WPC Ceiling FAQs

Is WPC ceiling installation complicated?

The installation of WPC ceiling is relatively simple, we provide detailed installation guide and professional installation suggestions. As long as you follow the steps, even your first installation can be completed smoothly.

What design options are available for WPC ceilings?

WPC ceilings are available in a variety of design options, including different textures, colors and shapes. You can choose a suitable ceiling design based on your personal preferences and interior decorating style.

What is the sound insulation effect of WPC ceiling?

WPC ceiling has good sound insulation performance and can effectively reduce the spread of noise. After installation, you will find that the interior is quieter, creating a comfortable living environment for you.

Can WPC ceilings be adapted to humid environments?

Yes, WPC ceilings are moisture-proof and can adapt to humid environments. It maintains its stability and beauty even in areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

What is the price of WPC ceiling?

The price of WPC ceiling varies depending on factors such as brand, design and specifications. We offer a variety of price options. You can choose the suitable product according to your budget and decoration requirements.

What is the fire resistance of WPC ceiling?

WPC ceiling has been specially treated and has good fire resistance. It resists the spread of fire to a certain extent and provides additional security.

How durable is WPC ceiling?

WPC ceilings have excellent durability and can resist deformation, cracking and decay. Its material structure is stable and not easily affected by the environment, ensuring long-term use.

Is WPC ceiling easy to clean?

Yes, the surface of WPC ceiling is smooth and not easy to collect dust. Routine cleaning requires just a wipe with a damp cloth, no special maintenance tools or cleaners required.

WPC Ceiling – Excellent Performance Decoration Materials

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Various designs

Sound insulation effect is good

Moisture-proof and mildew-proof

Strong fire resistance

Economical and practical

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