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Wall Panel

Wall Panel Installation Guide

Indoor WPC wall panels can not only be used for indoor internal wall decoration but also for the ceiling.

1. Fix the solid wood strip to the wall with screws with a joist spacing being 35 cm.

2. Install the first wall panel and fix it with nails.

3. Install the second wall panel, then connect and fix them with nails.

4. Install the L corner.

Ceiling Installation Guide

1. Fix the joist on the roof with screws.

2. Install the first ceiling panel and fix it with nails.

3. Wall panels need to be split jointed at the chute sequentially and fixed with screws.

4. Install the L corner.


Indoor Ceiling Installation Guide

George Panel® indoor WPC ceiling panels can be installed either with or without hangers. Choose the hanger with suitable length so that you get a preferable height of the ceiling!

1. Fix the joist to the ceiling with screws if you prefer not to use hangers.

If you prefer to use hangers for the installation, please fix the hanger to the ceiling first.

2. Connect the ceiling panels to the joists.

3. Install the L corner.

Construction Detail Drawing

Ceiling Installation Cross-sectional Schematic Diagram.


Indoor Timber Tube Installation Guide

1. If there is a beam inside the timber tube, it is necessary to hollow out a part of the reinforcing beams at both ends.

2. Fix the small wooden blocks with expansion screws at the corresponding places on the ground and the roof.

3. Insert the timer tube into the small wooden block obliquely, then debug it from the left and right sides of the wall.

4. Fix the small wooden blocks with expansion screws at the corresponding places on the ground and the roof.

Construction Plan

Decorative Trim

Indoor Decorative Trim Installation Guide

George panel® decorative trim series includes top trims, waistlines, and baseboards. Make sure you select the one that matches the panel you prefer!

1. Install the U&Z base on the wall panel.

2. Install the decorative trim.

Border Decoration Trim

Border Decoration Trim


Top Decorative Trim

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