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Indoor WPC Wall Panel

Indoor WPC wall panel is an emerging environmentally friendly wall decoration material.

Choose George Panel’s indoor WPC wall panels, choose quality and trust, and let us create a beautiful and comfortable life together.

Indoor WPC Wall Panel – GP-JT165YXGS

Indoor WPC Wall Panel – GP-JT159YXGS

Indoor WPC Wall Panel – GP-JT204BYGS

Indoor WPC Wall Panel – GP-JT170BYGS

Indoor WPC Wall Panel – GP-JT159BYGS

Indoor WPC Wall Panel – GP-JT169SGS

Indoor WPC Wall Panel – GP-JT169GS

Indoor WPC Wall Panel – GP-JT170HC

Indoor WPC Wall Panel – GP-KJ210XY

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With our indoor WPC wall panels, we pursue excellent quality and the right price to get your project completed perfectly.


WPC wall panels adopt a modular design, and the installation process is simple and fast. It can be cut and spliced as needed to accommodate a variety of wall sizes and shapes.


WPC wall panels come in a wide range of color and texture options and can be customized to suit personal preferences and interior decorating styles.

Fire Resistance

Excellent fireproof performance, can effectively prevent the spread of fire. This improves the safety of indoor space to a certain extent and provides residents with a more secure living environment.

Easy Maintenance

The surface of WPC wall panels is smooth and easy to clean, and it is not easy to stain and accumulate dust. Just wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it clean and beautiful.

Indoor Applications

Indoor WPC wall panels are versatile, durable and environmentally friendly, and can be flexibly used in various indoor scenes, such as restaurants, gyms, front desks and living rooms.

One Stop Services

Various Indoor Scenes

Whether it is home decoration or commercial space, WPC wall panels can be perfectly integrated into it, showing different styles and charms.

-In the home, it can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and other spaces to add fashion and taste to the home.

-In commercial places, such as offices, shopping malls, hotels, etc., WPC wall panels can also exert their unique decorative effects and create a comfortable and elegant atmosphere.

When you choose our WPC wall panels, you will have endless possibilities to create a personalized interior space.

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Indoor WPC Wall Panel FAQs

Can I get a sample?

We have a sample set, which contains samples of each series, which can be provided to you, and samples are provided for free.

Is WPC wall panel waterproof?

The waterproof performance of WPC board is excellent, and the waterproof performance of the wood-plastic layer is also very stable. At the same time, it also has the ability of flame retardant and termite repellent.

Is WPC wall Panel environmentally friendly?

George Panel not only provides customers with high-quality products, but also provides customers with free design and more value-added services. Allow customers to complete purchases in a more time-saving and convenient manner.

Is it possible to customize the size?

The grille and veneer are of fixed width and thickness, the length can be customized, and the length of the wall panel can be customized according to the height of the wall.

Want to know the effect after installation?

The designer team will help you design the wall panels, you provide us with the drawings, and we will help you with the design plan and match the corresponding wall panel styles.

What is the packaging of the wall panels?

We use wooden pallets + paper for the wall panels with wood veneer, and there are anti-collision corner packaging around them, and a layer of plywood is added on the top for protection. We use carton packaging for grille wall panels, and add a layer of foam film for protection, tightly packed.

Indoor WPC Panel – Like Timber, But Better.

Scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean

Moisture and water resistance, can be used in wet environments

Super wear resistance

Longer service life

Available in a variety of colors


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