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When Doing Panel Business

Low prices but small-sized factory with unstable volume productivity.

Poor management and often delay production lead time with excuses.

Have to spend a lot of time to find and swift new supplier now and then.

Products quality is unstable due to material, specification vary too much.

Unprofessional packing skill keep causing damaged problems.

Bad after-sale service, no technical support, no instruction guideline.

How We Can Help You

GEORGEPANEL® is the latest design trend, the ultimate out of the box wall solution. Aesthetically and environmentally friendly decorative wall panels empower you to turn your dream home into a reality!


Our designer team can provide you with an easy-to-install all-in-one interior wall panel design solution. Any style and design you want, we make it happen.


Our experienced team will provide you with installation instructions as well as installation videos, and ready to answer all your queries and related questions.


Provide with free sample kits with each collection of wall panels, these products are carefully crafted from sustainable materials, making them not only visually appealing but also environmentally friendly.


Combined packaging form of wood pallets and paper skins, surrounded by anti-collision corner packaging protection, and a layer of plywood protection is added on the top. Carton packaging for grille-type panels, and add a layer of foam film protection.


True gold fears no fire, our products have passed tests and inspections. Fire test certificate, formaldehyde test report, sound insulation test certificate, compressive strength test certificate available.


Can be customized to size according to the actual conditions of your house. The grid and veneer panels are of fixed width and thickness. The length of panels can be customized according to the height of the wall.

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George Panel offer easy to install and durable indoor and outdoor panel solutions. Our indoor WPC wall panel is authentic, unique and modern. All of our wall boards are made from responsibly sourced materials and are carefully crafted by experts. We are passionate about art and nature, and strive to promote these long-term value.

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Commonly Asked Questions About WPC Wall Paneling

What is WPC wall paneling and how does it work?

Our range of wall panels come in a wide variety of textures and colours, but we know you may have a style and design that you like. So we can customize products according to your project needs and design vision.

Is WPC wall Panel environmentally friendly?

George Panel not only provides customers with high-quality products, but also provides customers with free design and more value-added services. Allow customers to complete purchases in a more time-saving and convenient manner.

How much does WPC wall paneling cost?

WPC wall panels (Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panels) are made from a mix of recycled plastic and wood fibers. The use of recyclable plastics can effectively prevent excessive felling of trees and protect our living environment

Is WPC wall Panel high quality?

WPC wall panel is a high-performance material, made of hardwood fiber and recycled plastic, which has excellent waterproof and corrosion resistance, and perfectly combines the natural texture of wood and the durability of plastic.

WPC Panel – Like Timber, But Better.

Do the walls of your home look bare?

As the two largest surface areas in a house, plain walls and ceilings can feel dull and boring!

Mr. Manoj came to China this time to purchase decoration materials for his villa. He hopes to bring rich effects to the walls of his house, and likes the color of wood grain, then intended to use decorative wall cladding.

The wall cladding selected by Mr. Manoj is the best product for interior wall decoration. There is relatively easy to apply and can also hide many surface imperfections, such as fine-line cracks and dents in walls.

Creative ideas for decorating your home with decorative wall panels!

We offer fixed width wall cladding panels, each consisting of a series of thin individual slats, George Panels look great and are easy to install. In addition, its unique feel like a backing also has insulating properties, providing excellent sound absorption.

Mr. Manoj was very satisfied with our wall design solutions and said that choosing George Panel to purchase fluted panels was a wise decision.

We offer rustic and contemporary wall cladding panel, and available in a range of wooden shades, there is sure to be a panel for you! And, if you’re in any doubt as to which one is right for you, our sampling service allows you to see before you buy!

Spice up your bedroom with colored panels!

Soft home furnishing will soften the overall feel of the bedroom, adding both texture and tone on tone accents, but fundamentally, the bedroom walls need to spice up! Wall claddings are a great alternative to traditional painted walls.

For Mr. Manoj’s bedroom design, we used beige wall claddings to create the ambience, and the neutral interior colour scheme ensures relaxation in a calm environment for a good night’s sleep.

As well as being beautiful and tactile, our fluted panels are materials that are warm to the touch, and wall-mounted wood panelings create a veneer that matches the wall, is stable, and won’t warp over time.

George provide you with a wide range of wall cladding options, a variety of wall cladding types, and unconstrained design concepts to meet your full-wall or interior applications. And it has the characteristics of high durability, low maintenance, and beautiful appearance.

Wall cladding is arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly wall solutions available, looking great both indoors and out. Inspired by the natural grain of solid wood, the unique grain of each wood panel helps give your home a unique finish.

Wood paneling is a great way to freshen up your bedroom. For a fraction of the cost, you can create a sophisticated look and feel, whether it’s a rough-hewn cottage style bedroom or a sleek, modern bedroom, wood panels are one of the best options. Wooden paneling give the bedroom attractive texture and depth.

Designed for the dream house, blending modern design and construction materials, color and texture are everything. George Panel uses wall cladding to provide realistic natural color blends and wood grain textures that perfectly mimic the beauty of natural wood grain.


To start your project, browse our photo gallery for style and design ideas to get you inspired.

The gallery is filled with inspiring images to suit any taste and personal style.

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