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A Detailed Explanation of the Wall Panel Production Process

The term wall panel can be traced back to the time of Solomon, the son of King David of the Kingdom of Israel, in 970-930 BC. After Solomon succeeded to the throne of David, he built a temple for the supreme god. The main body of the temple was built of rock, and the interior was wrapped entirely with high-quality cedarwood, with no stone exposed, and called the wall panel .

The wall panel is not a modern product but has a profound cultural history and significance. The wall panel has suitable constant temperature and noise reduction, effectively protecting the building walls and having excellent decorative properties, covering the initially uneven stone walls on the back of the wall panel. And with the development of the times, wall panel design is more diversified. Therefore, wall panel has always been loved by people.

A detailed explanation of the wall panel production process

Nowadays, the building structure has been dramatically improved. In a market with many decorative materials, wall panels are no longer necessary for decoration. However, the wall panel can still attract the most successful people’s eyes because of its noble symbol and luxurious temperament. And with the rapid growth of the domestic economy, the people are satisfied with material pursuits and tend to pursue spiritual pursuits. In this way, the wall panel has once again entered people’s field of vision.

I. what is the wall panel?

Wall panel is a new wall decoration material that evolved from the ceiling. The same splicing and installation method dramatically simplifies the process and process of wall decoration. It is convenient and environmentally friendly from the rough embryo to the finished product.

what is the wall panel

II. Types of wall panels?

There are many types of wall panels on the market. The wall panel is mainly divided into WPC, PVC, SPC and solid wood in terms of materials.

1.   WPC

WPC wall panelThe material is primarily light yellow, which has the characteristics of waterproof, flame retardant and insect-proof. At the same time, WPC panels for walls has muscular flexibility, is easy to cut and process, and has a moderate weight. It is the best choice among many materials. It can produce all the board types currently on the market. The surface technology of WPC panels for walls is mainly lamination, and some customised products will be added with spray painting and UV technology.


2. PVC

PVC wall panelPVC wall cladding price is the lowest among all materials and has the material properties of waterproof and mildew resistance. However, it cannot achieve the effect of fire and flame retardant. PVC wall cladding is highly lightweight and easily broken when squeezed and cut. The thickness of the material can identify it, and the substrate is generally white or beige. PVC wall cladding’s surface technology is mainly based on printing, and some customised products will add spray painting and UV technology. Only hollow, elongated, narrow products can be produced.


3. SPC

SPC wall panel

SPC panel is made of stone powder mixed with PVC. SPC panel price is medium to high for all materials, and has the characteristics of waterproof, flame-retardant, insect-proof and mildew-proof. SPC panel is hefty and difficult to cut. The substrate is generally light grey or off-white. The surface technology is also mainly printing, and some laminations and some customised products will be added with spray painting and UV technology. Only hollow, long, narrow products can be produced or thin SPC panels.


4. Solid wood

solid wood wall panel

The solid wood wall panel is a more traditional decorative material, limited by processing machines, and its size is relatively fixed. The styles are less and backward, mainly wood grain. It is rarely used in the direct decoration of walls. Now it is mainly used for the decoration of furniture and cabinets.




Wall panels are loved and sought after by more and more people because of their green, environmentally friendly and easy-to-install features. The most significant volume on the market should be SPC panels, because the SPC panel is relatively cheap, but the main force of home improvement should still be WPC panels for walls, so that I will focus on WPC panels for walls.

III. The manufacturing process of the wall panel.

1. Raw materials are essential.

Raw materials are essential

WPC wall panel uses natural bamboo powder, wood powder, calcium carbonate, polymer resin and other auxiliary materials for stirring. All of these ensure that the quality of the product is stable and green.



2. High-temperature extrusion process.

temperature extrusion process

This process is divided into three stages: feeding, melting and metering. Extrusion at a temperature of more than 200 degrees is used to avoid the generation of harmful gases such as formaldehyde.



3. Cooling technology.

Cooling technology

Wall panel extruded at high temperature must be cooled with water to ensure that the product will not peel and crack.




4. Plate lamination.

After cutting and dust removal, the wall panel can be thermally coated according to the customer’s customised needs and special surface treatment. The wall panel has various colors and patterns and acts as a protective layer, making the product life longer.

Plate lamination(1)Plate lamination(2)




5.Inspection shipment.

After product inspection and packaging, the green, environmentally friendly and colorful wall panel can be delivered to the location designated by the customer. The process is simple, but it involves precise process technology. Only when the above links are strictly checked can everyone use them confidently.

Inspection shipment(1)Inspection shipment(2)

IV. How do we identify the quality of WPC wall panels from the material?

1.   Look

Looking at the color, thickness and structure, high-quality wall panels are generally beige, which is biased towards the color of bamboo and wood, and there are no black spots or particles at the incision. If the color is dark or there are spots, it may be made of recycled materials, or the formula is wrong, not environmentally friendly, and the service life is not long; if the color is white, too much calcium powder is added, and the toughness of such wall panels is not enough. In addition, it depends on the thickness and structure. The thickness is generally 10mm, and the plate-shaped structure uses grooves combined with soundproof holes. At the same time, it has a co-extruded edge and presents a V-shaped groove when splicing. Such a wall panel is a standard and qualified structure.

2. Smell

Standard wall panels smell a touch of bamboo wood near the nose. Using fire to burn the board, no open flame, accompanied by a faint smell of bamboo and resin. Poor quality wall panels smell like a distinct plastic smell.

3. ask

Ask the merchant or company whether they can issue patent certificates, production licenses, and product quality inspection certificates. Whether a national authority issues these documents. At the same time, ask the other party whether the after-sale warranty method, after-sale time and after-sale scope are indicated.

4. Check

Measure the weight of the wall panel by hand. If it is too light, it will be seriously foamed. If it is too heavy, too much calcium powder will be added. When purchasing, we can take a piece of the wall panel with a length of 3m and try to bend it. If it can form a circle at 360°, the toughness and quality are up to the standard, and the inferior wall panel will be too brittle and broken. In addition, see if the wall pane in the exhibition hall can be folded at a 90° angle during installation. The high-quality wall pane can be folded at a 90° angle, and the inferior wall pane can be folded at a 90° angle, which will cause cracks.

How do we identify the quality of WPC wall panels from the material


1. Select the wall panel to see the three essential details.

The base material selection should be new; The surface layer of lamination is more than 14 filaments; the better the quality of lamination, the higher the fidelity of the wall panel; The choice of wall glue should be high temperature environmentally friendly lamination.

2. Select the brand to see the details.

When consumers choose wall panels, they often only pay attention to the mainboard part and ignore the internal materials misleading the merchants. This part of the auxiliary materials is equivalent to the building’s foundation, beams, and columns. It is easy to rust and deforms by cutting corners, causing the wall panel to sink or collapse. Therefore, consumers must observe when purchasing, and none can be sloppy.

3. Pay attention to practicality and quality.

Practicality is the most basic requirement of a product. If it is not practical, the decoration will lose its original meaning. The market price of wall panel products ranges from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan per square meter. The price is different, and the quality is also poor. There are many wall panel modules of low-priced unique products made of waste materials, which are light and thin and have a short practical life. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers not be greedy for small and cheap products when purchasing products and pay more attention to their quality.

4. Pay attention to health and environmental protection.

Bedroom decoration must pay attention to the quality of decoration materials, incredibly toxic substances such as formaldehyde have great harm to human health, and the release period of formaldehyde can even be as long as more than ten years. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the environmental protection of the board when purchasing wall panels. My country’s standard for environmental protection boards is 10-30mg/100g, equivalent to the E2 standard.

5. Use the service with confidence.

When choosing wall panels, you should also pay attention to pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services. With three materials and seven points of service, high-quality service can ensure the regular use of the product in the future. The front-line service personnel have received professional installation training. Consumers must observe the quality of these personnel when purchasing to enjoy high-quality after-sales service purchases.


V. China’s top ten wall panel brands

No matter which wall panels, the production process is similar, but in terms of raw materials and detailed processing, it reflects the strength of their respective brands. With so many brands on wall panels, you may be confused about which brand is best for you, which is of good quality, and which is the most affordable?

Here we list the top 10 brands of the best quality wall panel in China:

ranking brand headquarters
1 LESCO Guangzhou
2 MADANI Dongguan
3 George Panel Foshan
4 SENKING Jiangsu
8 Haolee Shenzhen
9 MostHome Dongguan
10 KOJO Hangzhou

wall panel brands(1)

wall panel brands(3)wall panel brands(2)





1.   LESCO

company background

LESCO is a high-tech enterprise jointly established by Kingfa Technology Co., Ltd. and Singapore Greinke Technology Company. The LESCO brand has been registered in many countries and regions worldwide for more than ten years.

Factory information

LESCO is located in Guangzhou Science City, with a registered capital of 66 million yuan. The company has a solid technical team composed of postdoctoral fellows, doctors, masters and senior engineers, and 30 sets of automated production lines jointly developed and manufactured with foreign and domestic universities, with an annual production capacity of 15,000 tons. And together with the Wuhan University of Technology, a key university of 211, we established the Green Ecological Wood Product Design and Development Center.

main products

LESCO focuses on research, development, production, and sales of wood-plastic composite materials and green ecological wood profiles. Products include interior decorative panels and profiles; outdoor architectural decorative panels and profiles; outdoor garden systems; building shading systems; balcony product systems.

Recommended reason

LESCO’s wall panel has anti-corrosion characteristics, is flame retardant, waterproof and recyclable in performance. Various product performance indicators and environmental protection requirements can meet international standards and national authoritative testing agency certification.

wall panel brands(4)


company background

Madani is a leading brand in China’s solid wood customisation industry. Madani is from the United Kingdom and entered China in 2004, launching high-quality solid wood customised products for China’s high-end private customisation market. The products cover seven significant European and Chinese American styles, “Buckingham Palace, Elyps, Fontainebleau, Georgia, Edinburgh, Fashion Notes, Breeze and Bright Moon”. They have become the preferred brands of high-end customers in China.

Factory information

Madani has established four large-scale modern production bases in Dongguan, Guangzhou, Beijing and Tianjin. Madani regards Dongguan as its brand operation center in China. Madani has advanced production equipment and is a modern production enterprise with a solid technical force and an extensive factory area in the domestic custom home furnishing industry.

main products

Madani mainly promotes solid wood customisation for the whole house, and its products include solid wood doors, stairs, wall panels, wine cellars, overall wardrobes, furniture, soft furnishings and other whole houses solid wood customised homes.

Recommended reason

The company has nearly 100 brand flagship stores, and its marketing network has been deployed in major first- and second-tier cities in China. The company’s scale has expanded rapidly year by year, with an annual sales growth rate of more than 60%. The market share of high-end solid wood furniture ranks at the forefront of the industry.

wall panel brands(5)

3.   George Panel

company background

Founded in 2006, George Panel has a solid history of 14 years as a wall panel material manufacturer in China.

George Panel is a company specialising in reputable wall panel manufacturers and custom wall panel design solutions. Worldwide delivery of a large number of custom sourced wall panels. George Panel solves customers’ challenges in wholesale wall panels and construction projects with cost-effective solutions.

Factory information

The production capacity of George Panel is one of the largest in China. It has seven manufacturing plants in Foshan with a total of 2.3 million square meters. The high quality of its products starts with its raw materials. They also have well-trained, expert-level professionals to manage their machining workshops.

main products

George Pane specialises in producing high-grade environmentally friendly materials such as ecological wood panels, Great Wall panels, ceilings, grilles, and sound-absorbing panels. Over the years, it has focused on the research and development and production of panels. With the development and expansion of the enterprise, the improvement of sales, design, logistics, installation and other modules has become a one-stop supplier.

Recommended reason

George Panel manufactures high-quality wall panels for residential, commercial and industrial use. By integrating a competitive supply chain value from material to finished wall panel and delivery, George Panel stands out to solve the challenges of our global clients’ architectural or design projects and reduce their risk of sourcing from China.

wall panel brands(6)


company background

SENKING has been focusing on the cork industry for more than 20 years and has now developed into a significant global cork flooring supplier and one of the benchmark enterprises in China’s cork flooring industry.

Factory information

In 2006, SENKING acquired 50 acres of land and built a new factory with a construction area of 20,000 square meters. It was the first company in China to obtain authorisation from Unilin to use its patented lock technology to produce cork flooring, cork wall panels and other products on a large scale.

main products

Production and sales of cork building materials such as cork rolls, cork wall panels, cork flooring and other cork building materials under SENKING.

Recommended reason

SENKING has developed and produced a series of new products with independent intellectual property rights, such as solid wood multi-layer cork flooring, natural slate, with an in-depth understanding of cork and its properties and keen market insight cork wall panels, leading the development of cork trim.

wall panel brands(7)


company background

WICANDERS products are positioned as “healthy boutiques”. Their products cover mid-to-high-end healthy furniture such as floor decoration materials and wall decoration materials, imported floors, and imported wall panel products.

Factory information

All the environmental protection products of WICANDERS are imported and sold under the original brand. Each imported brand selected is an environmental protection manufacturer that can represent the development level of the industry. There are many monopolistic enterprises in the industry and industry-standard setters and drafters.

main products

At present, the floor decoration materials of WICANDERS agents include Finnish three-layer solid wood floor, Belgian high-tech solid wood composite floor, Belgian art wood floor, and Portuguese cork floor.

The wall decoration materials represented by WICANDERS include Japanese SANFOOT solid wood wall panels, Portuguese cork wall panels, ITALARTE art wall panels, FRENCH STYLE wall panels and American NEXT WALL panels.

Recommended reason

WICANDERS has established a good brand image in the hearts of domestic and foreign industries and consumers. It has been recognized as a famous trademark in Qingdao, a famous trademark in Shandong Province, and a well-known international brand. It has won the “Healthy Home Furnishing International Quality Award” honor.

wall panel brands(8)


company background

DEGAS IMPRESSION is one of the top ten whole wood home improvement brands. It is a subsidiary of Xinruncheng Group. It is an enterprise engaged in log doors/solid wood composite doors/ wall panels /wine cabinets/wardrobe doors and whole wood furniture and other related wooden products.

Factory information

DEGAS IMPRESSION is a diversified wood industry company under Xinruncheng Group. Its production base is located in Nan Zhuang Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of more than 500 acres.

main products

DEGAS IMPRESSION’s products are mainly log doors, solid wood composite doors, wall panels, wine cabinets, wardrobe doors and related wooden products for the whole wood home.

Recommended reason

DEGAS IMPRESSION develops more deeply in the field of wood. It is based on wooden door and wall panel products, and gradually meets the needs of consumers for real wood home improvement.

wall panel brands(9)


company background

Since its establishment in 1998, after 14 years of deep accumulation in the industry, JILINK has successfully broken through technical problems such as cork floor production technology. It has achieved great success by using the rich wild oak bark resources in the Qin ling area of ​​my country, which has dramatically reduced the number of cork floors in my country. The gap with international counterparts.

Factory information

The JILINK factory covers an area of 70 acres and has a dedicated cork flooring research laboratory. After years of development, JILINK has become a veritable cork flooring manufacturer and service provider in China, and one of the world’s major cork flooring suppliers.

main products

JILINK has developed into a cork deep processing enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands and has researched and developed cork products, including cork flooring, cork wall panels, cork stoppers, cork paper, cork advertising boards, cork mats, cork pellets and other cork products.

Recommended reason

JILINK has broken through the technical bottleneck of cork production in China, making the production technology of Chinese cork products reach the advanced international level.

wall panel brands(10)

8. Haolee

company background

Haolee was established in 1996. At the beginning of its establishment, the company was mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of log set doors after more than ten years of development and precipitation. Haolee has grown into a group enterprise integrating log custom furniture, log set doors, log stairs, log suite furniture, log cabinets, log bathroom cabinets, log wall panels, log ceilings and other log home products.

Factory information

After rapid development in recent years, Haolee has muscular production strength. The four production bases of the group are located in Shenzhen, Chongqing and Dongguan, covering a total area of more than 150 acres, with more than 2,000 regular employees and an annual output value of over 500 million. Each production line is equipped with international advanced woodworking equipment. A complete set of mature log product technology has been introduced from Italy, which fully guarantees product quality, processing accuracy and production efficiency, and provides firm support and point-to-point services for dealers across the country.

main products

So far, Haolee’s main products include six series: court French style, classical European style, classic American style, traditional Chinese style, rustic pastoral style, and simple European style. Each series of products can achieve unified style, overall matching, and whole house customization.

Recommended reason

Haolee has always been leading the industry trend, relying on a professional R&D design team, first-class technical team, and excellent management team, always insisting on the original design, continuous innovation, and pursuit of excellence. In addition to excellent quality, each product has a profound cultural heritage and unique artistic charm. It has developed hundreds of products that have applied for national patents.

wall panel brands(11)


company background

MostHome was founded in 1991. It has developed into three subordinate companies from a small enterprise focusing on processing and exporting wood carving decorative accessories. It is a group company with four major brands, spanning the three significant fields of building materials, home furnishing and real estate.

Factory information

MostHome has production bases in Liaobu Town in Dongguan and Longxi Town in Huizhou, with more than 200 acres and more than 1,200 employees.

main products

The rapid development of MostHome stems from the company’s advanced brand awareness. Since 1993, it has established APS, DECHOME, MOUSIA, MOST, and PALAMANOR.

Recommended reason

As a one-stop, customised home furnishing brand, MostHome has established nearly 40 large-scale brand image stores in Suzhou, Nanjing, Changsha, Xian, Hangzhou, Taiyuan, Kunming, and other large and medium-sized cities in China.

wall panel brands(12)

10. KOJO

company background

KOJO is currently the most significant domestic enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales, focusing on developing wood-plastic materials for interior decoration.

Factory information

KOJO is located in Chi Zhou City, Anhui Province, with an intense cultural atmosphere. It is a manufacturing center, covering an area of more than 120 acres and a workshop of more than 60,000 square meters.

main products

KOJO has four major manufacturing sectors:

  1. The finishing processing center is specialised in creating various kinds of new environmental protection materials with wide varieties and excellent quality for customers.
  2. Wood-plastic base material extrusion production center, specializing in carefully creating various types of environmentally friendly new materials with wide varieties and excellent quality for customers.
  3. The WPC finished door production center can provide high-quality WPC painted doors and a wide range of WPC woodgrain doors.
  4. The WPC wall roof system manufacturing center has more than 70 varieties and more than 30 types of decorative wall roof system products.
Recommended reason

KOJO has more than 80 patents, has undertaken many national, provincial, and various university scientific research and industrialization tasks, has passed ISO9001, ISO14000 and other certifications, and is recognized as a leading enterprise in indoor wood-plastic materials.

wall panel brands(13)

Suppose you need to use a wall panel for decoration. In that case, it is best to know more about the production process of wall panels before choosing and knowing how to distinguish the quality of wall panels, to avoid buying inferior wall panels effectively. The above popular science of wall panel hopes to be helpful to all readers.

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