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About the knowledge of the WPC wall panel

About the knowledge of the WPC wall panel

The current popular material – the WPC wall panel, has become the darling of the decoration industry due to its good stability and unique shape.

The versatile shape of the WPC wall panel, rich color selection and a variety of texture styles make it possible to match various decoration styles. Modern or European style WPC wall panel design with metal lines can even dress up the interior into the hot light luxury style!

WPC wall panel

As China’s top interior WPC wall panel supplier, we will provide you with a detailed introduction of the interior WPC wall panel and the application scenarios of interior WPC wall panels, and what benefits can interior WPC wall panels bring to our home design?

I. What is the Great Wall panel?

WPC wall panel is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride and wood powder, calcium carbonate plus functional additives such as foaming agents and stabilizers. It is called the Great wall panel because its cross-section is like the Great Wall. The length of the WPC wall panel is 3000mm, the width is between 150-195mm, and the thickness is generally determined according to the requirements of the shape.

wpc panel

II. Features of WPC wall panel

1.Diverse colors and rich materials

WPC interior wall panel is rich in color matching, including dark green, red sandalwood, teak, coffee, log, mahogany, ochre, ultramarine, and other colors. WPC interior wall panel surface has various styles, with wood texture, copper material and other styles to choose from, which can be electrophoresed, polished, and painted. Different decoration styles are matched with the WPC wall panel design, and the visual effects are very good. At the same time, the WPC interior wall panel has a variety of colors and rich materials, no matter what the decoration tone of your home is, you can find a suitable WPC interior wall panel style to match.

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2.Good decorative

WPC interior wall panel has no connecting port, no screw holes, and the appearance of building decoration is complete. No chemical joint glue is required, which eliminates the problems of pollution and ageing. At the same time, the concave and convex cross-section makes the WPC interior wall panel unique in appearance, so whether you are decorating at home or tooling, the WPC interior wall panel has a good decorative effect.

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WPC interior wall panel is oil-resistant, stain-resistant, easy to clean, and has a service life of more than 30 years. In line with national environmental protection standards and European standards, and formaldehyde-free, suitable for living environment, recyclable, green and environmental protection, the wall does not need maintenance. Therefore, WPC interior wall panel is especially suitable for families with small children.

wpc interior wall panel

4.Strong stability

WPC wall panel has the advantages of anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, acid and alkali resistance, anti-insect, antibacterial, antibacterial, and overall waterproof performance. WPC wall panel contains unique wood fiber, which is cured by polymer and has good physical and mechanical properties such as compression resistance and impact resistance, and good reprocessing properties.

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III. Application Scenarios

half wall paneling

WPC wall panel is widely used in home improvement, hotel, engineering, and other aspects. The application scenarios of WPC wall panels are not limited to indoor ceilings and walls, garden landscape design and architectural appearance will be involved.

In the WPC wall panel design application scene, the most common one belongs to the home decoration scene. Whether it is for ceiling modelling or wall modelling, a WPC wall panel with metal edge banding can easily create a light and luxurious home decoration environment.

Interior WPC wall panel has a wide range of applications and good decoration, so how is interior WPC wall panel used in practical cases?

1.Using interior WPC wall panel as the main body and using it in a large area has the effect of stretching the vision.

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TV background wall-WPC wall panel design


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sofa background wall-WPC wall panel design


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bedroom-WPC wall panel design


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reception background wall-WPC wall panel design


2.Interior WPC wall panel is used as a local decoration, and the rhythm of a small area can enhance the flexibility and vitality of the space.

wpc wall cladding

restaurant-WPC wall panel design


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partition space-WPC wall panel design


wpc outdoor wall panel

meeting room-WPC wall panel design


wpc exterior wall cladding

bedroom-WPC wall panel design


4.Interior WPC wall panel is applied to the top ceiling to increase the interest of the space.

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corridor-WPC panel design


wpc slatted claddingdining room-WPC panel design


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dining room-WPC panel design


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smallpox-WPC panel design

IV. Compared

1.Compare the scope of application

Tiles are mainly used for floors and walls. At the same time, due to moisture problems, they can only be used locally in home decoration. The walls of bedrooms are not conducive to tiling, which will increase indoor moisture.

And interior WPC wall panel can be used for wall and ceiling, suitable for whole-house space decoration.

wpc exterior cladding

2.Compare labor costs

Traditional tile-laying adopts wet sticking construction, which requires the use of cement mortar auxiliary materials, the construction speed is slow, and the tiles and construction layer has a certain weight and thickness.

The interior WPC wall panel adopts a one-process, standardized and integrated prefabricated decoration, which is directly installed in the rough room, and the construction is fast and convenient.

WPC wall cladding price is about the same as tile. But the installation time of interior WPC wall panels is shorter than that of ceramic tile, so the labor cost of interior WPC wall panels is lower than that of ceramic tile.

wpc panel design

3.Compare with environmental health

Under normal circumstances, after the tiles are decorated, it takes several months to be ventilated before moving in, but after the interior WPC wall panel is decorated, you can move in directly after you have done a good job of sanitation.

cladding wpc

V. Installation guide

The installation of the WPC panel is actually very simple. Most of them are made of the wood board on the original wall, and then the WPC panel is nailed and spliced.


1.Be sure to prime the wall with plywood before using the WPC interior wall panel.

2.If multiple plate types are required to be installed in combination, plywood must also be used for primer treatment, and the thickness of the substrates of different plate types must be superimposed during construction.

3.It is necessary to confirm the installation order of the materials, and be careful not to affect the size measurement of other customized materials, such as door frames and window frames, anchor lines and corners, cabinets, floors, etc.

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The above is the detailed science of the WPC panel. If you want to know more about the WPC panel, you can consult us. Or if you have any ideas about the WPC wall panel design, you can also contact us. We are an excellent interior WPC wall panel supplier in China. As a professional WPC wall panel company, we can provide consumers with one-stop solutions for program design, product customization, and construction and installation guidelines.

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