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Bathroom Wall Panel Ideas That Modernize a Classic Trend

Bathroom wall panels not only protect the walls, but also add to the aesthetics and personality of the bathroom. If you are tired of ordinary tiles or paint and want to add some creativity and freshness to the bathroom, then you can try some creative designs of bathroom wall panels, hoping to give you some inspiration and reference.

I. Is bathroom paneling a good idea?

Paneling may look great in a bathroom even though it is a wet area. Although there is a chance of warping or shrinking, as with most woods exposed to moisture or temperature changes, correct handling will safeguard the wood paneling and maintain it in good shape.

Make sure all the slats are coated and the backing is waterproof if you are creating a plinth on the wall and mounting panels on it. Unpainted planks should be stained or varnished to provide protection.

Use a wood primer first, followed by a professional-grade paint with a lasting finish, when painting wood paneling. Emulsions don’t hold up to scuffs and scratches as well, so if you want a matte finish, go for eggshell paint, a washable low-gloss alternative that works for both contemporary and classic bathroom designs.

Similar to satin, satinwood has a low to medium gloss but is slightly more reflective of light than flat matte finishes. Last but not least, gloss will offer a highly resilient paint finish for a sophisticated, high-gloss appearance. For quicker drying results, choose a water-based product rather than an oil-based one.

II. What kind of paneling can be used in the bathroom?

MDF paneling is the best material for bathrooms because it is moisture-resistant, so unlike wood it does not expand and contract with changes in air humidity. This will help you avoid cracks after installation, which means less maintenance on your part. However, you’ll want to limit wood paneling to areas that don’t come into direct contact with water, such as showers.

“Whether you choose a traditional symmetrical pattern, a simple and elegant tongue and groove, or a more modern geometric design, make sure you’ve thought through how your installation will work,” Benjamin Moore suggests Helen Shaw, UK Director.

“Careful planning is essential so you can ensure the connection works properly and that you’ve considered practical considerations such as how it will relate to your bathroom fixtures and fittings.”

In addition to wood paneling, panels made of modern composite materials such as Orac Decor can also be found in traditional paneling designs made of ceramics and tiles.

III. Bathroom wall panel ideas

1. Separate bold prints from bathroom paneling



Wainscoting is the best technique to pair creatively with other bathroom paneling. Mounted below the dado railing, it provides texture and character that can be complemented with patterned tile or wallpaper. Paneling is the perfect accompaniment to decorative wallpaper, allowing you to enjoy bold prints without overwhelming the room.

James Lentaigne, creative director at Drummonds, says: “Wallboard is a hot trend right now, and it’s easy to understand why—it’s a modern, easy-care, stylish wall covering that comes in a variety of styles and periods of choice.” Inlaid boards are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to create a personalized look in a bathroom, and can be repainted periodically for a different feel. From a practical standpoint, it also has the added benefit of hiding many problems—such as uneven walls and unsightly plumbing. It’s also easier to install than bathroom tiles.

2. Plan a place with paneling and a window seat



You wouldn’t think twice about wallpapering your bedroom or living room, so why not wallpaper your bathroom? An infusion of pattern can completely transform a tired space. For classic elegance, try Embracing Chinoiserie—a sinuous blue and white design that oozes historic charm. Pair it with traditional square bathroom paneling ideas in warm and neutral tones to keep prints from overwhelming the space.

“Typically, the paneling is painted or stained the same color as other architectural trim in the space, such as crowns, plinth moldings, chair rails, door and window frames. This provides continuity in the design of the room and provides a beautiful For a backdrop, do something creative “above the arm of the chair”, like installing a nice wallpaper or a fun color,” suggests Gail Jamentz, principal of Soul Interiors Design.

3. Embrace a rustic bathroom look with recycled weatherboard paneling



While not a traditional paneling choice, bathroom paneling made from reclaimed wood is perfect for rustic bathroom ideas, and it’s also a great way to improve the sustainability of your bathroom design. It’s also perfect if you want to incorporate beach bathroom decor into your scheme.

4. Add full-length panels for historically inspired spaces


Bathroom paneling ideas are a quick and affordable way to give your bathroom an upscale look. Saving on wall material gives you the opportunity to shine on the details that really make the space sing, like the marble vanity in this bathroom by Heidi Caillier. Marble bathroom ideas are a great way to give your bathroom a luxurious look.

Georgia Zikas, founder of Georgia Zikas Design, says, “I love paneling in powder rooms and smaller bathrooms, it can add a lot of design interest with very little budget and time.” Consider paneling that complements the size and height of your room, and don’t be afraid to have fun with color and style. It doesn’t always have to be white or cream. This is a great opportunity to have fun using a contrasting color in your overall design scheme, and you can use it in a bigger way than, say, painting your entire kitchen that color!

5. Invest in exposed wood panels for a spa-like vibe

05-Invest in-exposed-wood-panels-for-a-spa-like-vibe


Evoke the serenity of the natural world by incorporating raw materials into your designs. Unpainted wooden bathroom paneling ideas bring a natural beauty to the space, creating a spa-like vibe that’s perfect for complementing the rustic look created by farmhouse bathroom ideas.

6. Option to install wainscoting around the basin faucet



If your design goes beyond bathroom wall tile ideas, wainscoting is an effective option for use around vanities. Since paneling is usually painted with a harder finish such as eggshell, satin or gloss, it will withstand the effects of faucet splatter better than painted walls, even with bathroom paint used throughout.

Since wood wall paneling only covers the bottom half of the wall, you can combine it with other creative finishes throughout the bathroom and can be combined with tile, other paint colors, and more.

7. Combine bathroom wall panel and wallpaper



One of the other options is to combine wainscoting with your favorite bathroom wallpaper ideas. As a rule of thumb, standard wallpaper can be used in well-ventilated bathrooms, and in areas that won’t get wet directly from taps or shower heads.

The beauty of this wallpaper and bathroom siding idea is that the wainscoting keeps the wallpaper out of the splash zone.

“Wall panels are a wonderful design element for bathrooms where function often trumps form, but combining them with sophisticated and inviting wallpaper can add character and charm and make a room feel larger,” Sanderson, says stylist Emma Coles, is where this distinctive Terrarium wallpaper came from. ” Picking a color in the wallpaper to match the wall panels is a great way to achieve this look.”

8. Use wall panels for a durable powder room design



The durability of the wall panel means it’s worth considering for a busy bathroom, making it ideal for a guest powder room.

A powder room doesn’t have to be designed for everyday use like a master bathroom, so you can be more adventurous with the paneling in this space that you might dare to adopt when choosing your master bathroom ideas.

Bold color contrasts, unusual paint finishes, and plenty of patterns and prints—consider how paneling will work in a powder room design that will wow visiting guests.

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