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Create a Beautiful Look in Your Home with Wall Panel Designs

Decorative wall panels are a popular addition to wall coverings in recent years that can add an attractive design touch to your home while covering up joints, gaps and other surface imperfections on your walls. While certain types of wall decor panels feature simple styles, there are also a variety of options available with intricate details that will suit both traditional and contemporary homes.

In addition to installing different types of moldings, wall decoration can be easily customized by changing the color to match your home. White trim contrasts with dark walls, giving these rooms a formal, traditional look. On the other hand, dark accents can be used to create a bold, eye-catching contrast against light-colored walls.

I. How to choose the right slat wall panel for your home?

With so many types of wall panels on the market, which should you choose for your home? It all depends on the architecture of your space.

Choosing wall decor panels really comes down to your preferences, however, there are a few things to consider:

Does it fit the other functions of the property? Parisian avant-garde paneling is better suited to stately buildings than new construction, and similarly, modern paneling may not work well in an older cottage. If you want to install the paneling yourself, research paneling designs for the age of your property to see which wood wall panels are best for you.

Lemos, for example, installed simple board-and-batten paneling in a new-build townhouse and painted it dark green for a bold statement. However, when he and his partner moved into the 1930s home, they transformed the paneling into something more appropriate for the era.

“For our 1930s living room, I wanted to be a little more formal, so I used a decorative picture frame shape. I didn’t want the paneling to be too decorative, as homes of the period are moving away from paneling in favor of the more widely used wallpaper,” explains Lemos.

II. Is real wood paneling or MDF paneling best?

Solid oak paneling is expensive and often only reinstalled if it is a real option or to match existing elements, making it wise to work with a specialist.

Most wood wall panels on the market today are made from MDF with the intention of painting it. Once installed and painted, it can be difficult to distinguish it from solid wood siding.

MDF paneling is easy to install on a DIY basis if the walls are fairly level. If the wall is uneven, it can usually be secured with battens first. Before you invest, make sure the company you buy from offers good guidance.

III. Wall panel design ideas

1. Match wood with wallpaper



The best wallpaper ideas usually come on their own, but if you opt for an intricate or floral pattern, pairing it with classic slat wall panels can actually complete the look and add more zest to those traditional rooms that need it most.

2. Wallpaper paneling



Put wallpaper on your slat wall panels as another method to express your creativity with wallpaper and wall panels. If you need a quick fix for old, worn-out wood paneling and have inherited it, this DIY is excellent because the exposed grooves and trim will give every room a unique look.

3. Enhance the space with 2D paneling



To enhance a space with wall panels, says Simon Teer of Teer & Co, “unconventional wall panel layouts and combinations, like those achievable with our versatile 2D and 3D wall panels, and can also help preserve a sense of space in small rooms.”

These contemporary paneling solutions enable inventive feature wall installations that, when used sparingly, do not overwhelm but rather enrich small spaces and still convey the ambiance we should want to include into our rooms. health, acoustic, and climatic advantages.

4. Tall hallway wall panels



The half-wall paneling on the staircase matches the rest of the hallway, pulling together the tall look of this entryway.

5. Add character to new construction with planks and battens



Newer homes, like the townhouses in Lemos, come with modern conveniences but often lack the charm of older homes. The plank and batten paneling feels modern enough for a new home while still adding a touch of character to the space. Take inspiration from Lemos and paint the trim a bold color for added glamour.

6. Spice up the bedroom with an earthy scheme



A favorite of ours on the color palette, deep yellow exudes a fiery hue reminiscent of delicious saffron, cumin and turmeric.

These spices all have powerful antioxidant and mood-boosting properties. So, adding color to your diet and interior can make you feel better!

For a warmer master bedroom idea, combine wood wall panels with heavy fabrics in warm tones, or add intricate patterns on an accent wall. Mustard and ochre, in particular, will bring warmth to any room.

If the idea of ​​a feature wall is against you, a statement ceiling is another ultra-modern way to update your bedroom space. The sunny yellow hue goes well with most other colors – especially bold ones like blue or red.

7. Add yellow to paneling (or fake it with wallpaper)



Bedroom paneling adds sophistication to a period bedroom design. However, if your decorative wood panels for walls are white, it’s time to break with tradition by considering an unconventional color scheme, such as yellow!

But if your bedroom doesn’t have those features, knockoffs are the way to go. This wallpaper with wood paneling effect means you can combine the flexibility of wallpaper and create an atmosphere of classic Georgian elegance.

This quirky wallpaper has beautiful details perfect for creating a regal feel reminiscent of stately homes and classic English manor houses.

8. Art deco wall panels



We love art decor wall panel ideas, and this look is sure to refresh an old home or modern space. Gold accents add a touch of luxury and complement the fresh ivory color of the wood wall panels, making it a true decorative feature.

IV. Is wood paneling outdated?

‘Of course, we frequently see traditional-style darker wood wall paneling in older historic buildings that is complimentary to and simply “of its period,” which may be considered by some as out-of-date but should be honored, maintained, and mostly left in its original form.

Then, we see more cutting-edge, modern, and classic geometric designs for timber wall paneling that will assist us in developing a lighter, cozier, more distinctive interior aesthetic while enhancing acoustics and the microclimate and enhancing our physical, mental, and emotional health.

These modern paneling forms enable us the adaptability to design and install new feature wall installations that improve contemporary spaces, help us define and zone regions, and allow us to bring the outdoors in, organically.’ Adds Teer.

Having said that, it’s important to consider the home’s age while making interior improvements like installing paneling. In the UK, if you live in a listed building, you should ask the local conservation officer if paneling is an appropriate addition.

There are other aesthetic concerns in addition to making sure the design is appropriate for the era of your property. Although this may be altered by features like fireplaces or windowsills, paneling tends to look best fitted at either a third or two thirds of the room’s height (below) when it is not employed full height.

You should also think about the dimensions of each wall decor panel’s frame. Bigger frame sizes look nice in larger rooms, whereas reeded paneling works best in tight, difficult situations.

The above are some design ideas and design plans about wall panels. If you have any ideas and needs for wall panels, please feel free to contact us!

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