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How Many Kinds of Custom Background Walls Are There?  

If you like to break the monotonous atmosphere of the conventional big white wall, create a unique decoration style and create a unique atmosphere. Then choose customization is your best choice, different materials reflect different effects. As China’s top background wall supplier, we will provide you with a detailed introduction and application scenarios of background wall, and what benefits can background wall bring to our home design?

background wall supplier

I. An overview of the basic functions of wall mounted headboard

Wall mounted headboard is composed of bottom plate, sponge interlayer, decorative surface leather and shaping strip. The border is round, the touch is soft, and the color is soft, which can soften the overall space atmosphere, and the built-in three-dimensional sense can also improve the space level. In addition to beautifying the space, wall mounted headboard has the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation, anti-collision, and shock resistance.

Because wall mounted headboard adopts the sound-absorbing sponge, the sound-absorbing function is very good, and it has a great effect on reducing noise. The surface is generally made of PU fabric, flannel fabric, fabric, and a variety of options. If you like softer, you can choose wall mounted headboard soft material and texture to soften the entire space, making the environment gentler and more comfortable visually.

background wall

1. Features

(1) Because wall mounted headboard adopts the sound-absorbing sponge, it has a good sound-absorbing function and has a great effect on reducing noise.

sound-absorbing foam

Sound-Absorbing Foam

(2) For families with children, installing wall mounted headboard can effectively prevent children from being collided in life, and wall mounted headboard can also play a role in preventing mildew, moisture, and shock.

(3) The choice of styles is diversified, and the styles reflected by different splicing lines are also different.


(4) Using special craftsmanship, from material selection to craftsmanship, we pursue perfection, and the whole gives a particularly high-end atmosphere, allowing you to instantly feel the high-quality quality of life.

2. Scenario application

Using it on the TV background wall can save the cost of buying decorative paintings. The overall feeling is good.

TV background

Used on the bedside background wall, the soft material and texture will soften the atmosphere of the whole room, make people relax physically and mentally, and sleep better.

bedside background wall

Used on the sofa background wall, it can well match the color system and style of the sofa, the overall tone is unified, and the design is very good.


II. An overview of the basic functions of Headboard

The shape of the Headboard is first made of wood board or MDF, and the edge of the BBB is processed into a 45-degree oblique edge. There are PU fabrics, flannel fabrics, fabric, and other materials that can be used as fabrics, because the overall use of Headboard materials. They are all natural and pollution-free materials, belonging to an environmentally friendly material, with good wear resistance, easy maintenance, surface waterproof, noise isolation, green environmental protection, and other characteristics. Decorating Headboard at home in daily life can not only improve the overall grade, but also houses decorated with such materials are more suitable for children to live in.


1. Features and Performance of Headboard

(1) The texture is very hard and has high wear resistance. Compared with wall decorations such as wallpaper, soft-packed background wall, and diatom mud, the use of hard-packed background wall is longer.

(2) Some children are very naughty, and graffiti on the background wall is sometimes difficult to clean up. The surface of the hard-packed background wall is very easy to clean, just wipe it gently with a rag, and no special maintenance is usually required

(3) Headboard is different from other wall decoration materials; its environmental protection index is very high. The material used does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and installing a hard-packed background wall at home will not cause any harm to human health.

2. Application scenarios

Headboard is like a business card, and the shape, decoration and features of Headboard fully reflect the owner’s quality of life and taste. The decoration effect is very good for living room, sofa background, room bedside, commercial place, etc.

wall mounted headboard

Living Room Background Wall

TV background wall effect

TV Background Wall

III. An overview of the basic functions of background wall

The surface film of background wall is made of water-based film, and the bottom layer is made of wooden boards. Lamination styles include wood grain, stone grain, cloth grain, solid color, a variety of styles and color options. Different textures and styles reflect different styles.

An overview of the basic functions of background wall

Background wall is determined according to the design shape and size according to the room area. background wall has a very artistic pattern and color, and the picture is natural and pure, making the interior more high-end atmosphere, leading the new trend of home improvement design, showing the layered and advanced sense of space, very easy Cleaning, waterproof and moisture-proof, durable features. Scrub is also relatively simple, and more importantly, it is waterproof and moisture-proof.


1. Features

(1) Good decoration, this material has a variety of colors, and the graphics are also very exquisite, with distinctive prominent patterns and unique modeling textures, high-end, durable.

(2) The price is favorable. The surface of the wood grain has a solid wood texture, which is high-grade and natural, but the price is cheaper than the solid wood background wall.

(3) Easy to clean, anti-fouling, only need to wipe with a damp cloth when cleaning.

(4) Green and environmental protection, the environmental protection level reaches no harmful substances to the human body

2. Application scenarios

The TV background wall is a necessity for many homes decoration, and it is a kind of yearning and enjoyment. The living room is a private space for rest, and the decoration of the TV background wall plays a great role.

TV background wall

A good bedroom bedside background wall can not only create a comfortable and pleasant bedroom environment, but also bring a different flavor to the bedroom.

bedroom bedside background wall

IV. How to choose the right one

If you are more inclined to be comfortable and personalized, you can choose a background wall with imitation marble texture. The texture is full of tension, which not only brings comfortable visual effects, but also makes the space not too dull. You like simple and modern design, and you can choose wall mounted headboard if you like a softer touch. The soft touch can make the overall style of the interior soft and warm.

V. Installation Precautions

Since it is customized, the size can be customized according to your needs. If you encounter a place with a switch device, you need to carefully measure the specific area to avoid mistakes when you find that the size is not correct after customization. Custom series installation requires plywood, and then installed on the wall.

The above is about customization, George Panel hopes to help you choose products. If you are interested in custom background wall, you can contact George Panel, and a professional design team to make design plans for you, so that you can have your ideal home.

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