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Green Bathroom Wall Panel Is the Hottest Trend

I. Is bathroom paneling a good idea?

Although a wet space, paneling can really work in a bathroom. As with most woods that come into contact with water or temperature fluctuations, there is a risk of warping or shrinking, but proper handling will protect the wood paneling for bathroom walls and keep it in good condition.

If you are building the plinth from the wall to attach the waterproof wall panels for bathroom, make sure all the slats are treated and the back panel is waterproof. Any unpainted planks should be painted with a protective stain or varnish.

When painting wood wall paneling for bathroom, start with a wood primer and then use a professional paint with a durable finish. Emulsions don’t take scuffs and scratches as well, so if you want a matte finish, choose eggshell paint, a low-gloss option that’s washable and suitable for both modern and traditional bathroom styles. Satinwood is similar in that it still has a low to medium sheen, but the light reflective properties give a subtle boost over flat matte finishes. Finally, gloss will provide a highly durable paint finish for a smart, high-gloss finish. Look for a water-based formula rather than an oil-based one for faster drying results.

II. Does paneling make a bathroom look smaller?

Paneling will eventually bring the walls in, but it can still be used to create an optical illusion and adjust the proportions of a room. For narrow bathrooms, you can use large lap panels horizontally to open up the space, as long as you stick to white or light-colored paint. Likewise, vertical tongue and groove can be used to elongate a room, especially if you extend them all the way to the ceiling.

Shaker-style or narrow-ribbed paneling will add intimacy, but painting in a lighter tone will help bounce light. That said, dark colors can also trick the eye, not that a small room has to be painted white to make the space appear larger, dark colors can create a similar effect by subtly giving the space more depth as color changes through the day. Light colors will emphasize the light in the room, but darker colors will blur corners and edges, creating the illusion of space.

Leading Colors Chosen for Master Bathroom Renovation in the United States in 2021, by Surface Type

bathroom color


Details: United States; Houzz; July 21 to July 27, 2021; 2,891 respondents; 18 years and older; Houzz users who had completed a bathroom remodel or addition project in the past 12 months, or homeowners currently working on one or planning to start one in the next three months.; Email survey

This statistic depicts the top choice of colors for master bathrooms renovated in the United States in 2021, by surface. The survey revealed that 58 percent of respondents chose white for their countertops as part of their master bathroom renovation. White is widely used in bathrooms, because white is the most conventional color that is not easy to make mistakes.

III. 8 bathroom wall paneling ideas

1. Create an immersive atmosphere



Dare to be dramatic with panels painted in the deepest ink blue or black. The addition of paneling elevates the entire space and adds instant lift by creating light and shadow on otherwise flat walls. Paint the baseboards the same color for a seamless flow and to ensure the walls look elongated.

For a fully immersive space, you can escape and go a step further and bring color to the ceiling, including painting any woodwork. Bring in polished metals like brass and chrome, gleaming mirrors and lush greenery to bring the bathroom to life.

2. Use paneling to create shelves





Boxer paneling protruding from the wall may be necessary to disguise any plumbing work, but you can use it to elevate the style of your bathroom. Add personality to a space and use the paneled top shelf like a picture shelf to display prints and artwork, vases and accessories.

Darren Allison, managing director of BC Designs, will see more modern versus traditional elements in 2022, such as paneling versus modern tubs and abstract prints explains: “This trend is about how Successfully combining two styles. The secret to making it work is in the mix. Remember, opposites attract! A traditional bathtub with a modern sleek faucet. An antique faucet with a modern shaped sink.

3. Update a bathtub



Reupholster bathroom panels by cladding them in wood. Natural wood grain brings a bit of serene vibe to an otherwise utilitarian space, and the minimalist, neutral-toned temperature is elevated through the use of this organic hue. “Wood, stone, marble and hemp, rattan, wicker and other materials will be widely used in bathroom design, not only as a way to bring the outdoors in, but also to soften the space, creating a warm and inviting room, the tone of a comfortable living room” , responded Barrie Cutchie, director of design at BC Designs.

4. Pretend with wallpaper



Want some shortcuts to period drama? Create floor-to-ceiling cream paneling with one of the latest wallpaper trends and trompe l’oeil effects. Not only is it an easy DIY task, but it’s also an affordable solution. Use it for an eye-catching feature wall, or take it about half-height, top and tail, and use wood trim painted in the same shade for a neat finish. Vinyl wallpaper like this has water-repellent properties, so it’s perfect for a wet bathroom, and it’s easy to wipe clean.

5. Add drama to a small cloakroom



Small bathrooms can be beautiful too, there’s no need to limit your design options to a downstairs cloakroom, if you have one, it’s the perfect place to get creative and experiment. Whether using tongue-and-groove or wainscot panels, allow space at the top and half or two-thirds of the way up the walls for visual balance. Going full-color drenched in such a deep shade is a bold move, but it only adds to the impact. Brass taps, lights and mirrors create a rich, shiny contrast and give the overall look a modern edge.

Paul of Sanctuary Bathrooms says, “Gold is definitely making a comeback in 2022. Customers come looking for brushed brass work, but then see gold fixtures and fittings and prefer them.”

6. Decorate your bathroom with green paneling





Contrary to what you might think, wall panels aren’t just for traditional bathroom ideas and conservative period designs, chic cladding can be applied to any bathroom design.

Notice again how the pop of gold works in enlarging this washroom, this time in a dark green bathroom.

7. Infused with fresh lime-like greens




For a lively vibe, choose this bright and breezy shade! Green comes in many shades, and this refreshing green is like a breath of fresh air and complements the white tub and mosaic floor. It also works well with pastel pink, so use it as an accent color.

8. Two tone combination



For a modern, rustic feel, choose a vintage-inspired sink with painted tongue-and-groove walls. This style combines traditional aspects with modern design ideas—we love the bold pattern of cubist floor tiles paired with two-tone green walls and pops of white. Use black for decor as it brings a bold edge to the overall bathroom.

IV. Is green a good color for a bathroom?

Victory Plum stylist Nicky Kingston says: “Green bathrooms are the hottest trend! If you’re a fan of nature, this is a great option for you, it breaks up the space from the outdoors. barrier to the interior, creating an earthy and calm appearance.”

And Tash Bradley, color expert at Lick Home, adds: “Green, with most shades reminiscent of lush meadows, trees and foliage, has an earthy quality that brings the outside in, in the process distract us from our phones and devices.”

Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director, Little Greene comments: “The bathroom is a space where we seek relaxation and serenity, so it’s important to choose soothing colors that radiate serenity.

Louisa Morgan, Director of Marketing, Mandarin Stone added: “Green is all about nature, renewal and vitality.”

Whether you opt for more muted tones or gorgeous, darker shades, green is always a great choice for a bathroom, bringing nature and creating a cozy ambiance.

For added depth, use two or three shades of green with the lighter green above drawing your eye to the ceiling, or consider painting the ceiling the same shade for a more enveloping and saturated scheme .

You can be bold with your bathroom design choices knowing it won’t affect the rest of your interior, but please remember to always choose a palette with warmer, natural undertones to keep the space from feeling too cold and stark.

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