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How to Choose Suitable WPC Wall Panels?

I. With so many different types of WPC wall panels, what aspects can we consider and choose from?

WPC interior wall panels are a very popular wall decoration material in recent years. WPC wall panel design can also be customized according to customer needs. The application range of WPC cladding panels is also very wide, whether it is home decoration, tooling or commercial space, so are you still confused about the choice of the interior WPC wall panel? George Panel, a well-known WPC wall panel manufacturer in China, will provide you with some suggestions for choosing wall panels, hoping to help you!

WPC wall panels

1. How to choose the suitable WPC composite boards?

Considerations for home style

If the style of your home is biased towards the simple Japanese style, you can choose WPC composite boards with light-colored wood grain and light-colored cloth grain, and the texture of the WPC wall panel is very good. The wood texture is fresh and natural, which can make people feel very warm and relaxed and make the whole space more natural.

If the style of your home is biased towards the European pastoral retro style, you can choose dark wood grain and other WPC composite boards that are more inclined to dark colors, and you can also choose patterned WPC wall panels for mixing and matching. It will be more European style. Anyway, no matter what style your home is, it is best to keep the color and texture of the WPC wall panels to match the decoration style, so as to maintain the overall coordination and maximize the effectiveness of WPC interior wall cladding.

Considerations for Layout design
(1) Overall paving

Replacing traditional painted walls with WPC composite boards is the most common layout. The WPC composite boards covering the walls seem to connect all the spaces in a special way, so smooth and simple, revealing its best side invisibly.

WPC composite boards

(2) Partial composition

When covering the wall limits the design possibilities, try the design thinking of partial composition. The design method focuses on embellishment aesthetics. Selecting a suitable wall space, outlining the desired shape and laying the WPC composite boards is the complete context of the partial composition. This kind of design makes the WPC composite boards escape the protagonist. The WPC wall panel design has become a transitional existence, not dominant or publicized. Although it is a supporting role, it still has its own charm to show.

WPC wall panel design

Precautions :

– The overall pavement pays attention to the composition of unity. Therefore, in the design process, it is necessary to clarify the style, texture and color of the WPC composite boards based on the overall design style. It can avoid the misalignment of style in the later stage.

– Although partial laying is a transitional design, it does not mean that it can be assembled at will. Its lying position, shape, color, etc. need to be planned and matched to ensure the best presentation of the overall effect after the WPC composite boards are installed.

WPC composite board

Identify if the quality is good enough
(1) Flatness of WPC composite boards

When you are buying WPC composite boards, you must pay attention to the flatness of the WPC wall panel. If the surface is not flat, or the color difference is very large, you better not to choose it. From this point, it also shows that the craftsmanship of this brand is not enough, for example, the corners are not neat or the degree of viscose is not up to standard. But as a WPC wall panel manufacturer, we have the mature craftsmanship and experience in making WPC composite boards, and we are worthy of your trust.

(2) Adhesion of WPC composite boards

First of all, the laminate on the surface should be attached to the base material. The color difference of the same style of WPC composite boards should not be too obvious. For example, degumming and delamination of the panel will not work. At the same time, the board with moisture content between 8%~12% can be selected to prevent cracking and warping.

(3) Thickness of WPC composite boards

Generally speaking, the thicker the WPC composite boards, the better. Especially the laminate of the WPC composite board. The thicker it is, the more natural it will be. The wood grain, stone and cloth texture will be very clear, natural, and it will look more upscale.

composite board

2.How to choose high-quality WPC acoustic panels?

(1) Whether there is a test report for the performance of the WPC sound-absorbing panel

All WPC acoustic panels should have an official test report indicating the sound insulation effect of the wall composed of the WPC sound-absorbing panel. If a WPC soundproof panel advertises its sound insulation performance, but cannot provide a formal test report, you must be careful.

Secondly, pay attention to whether the WPC acoustic panels sold by the manufacturer and the samples submitted for inspection are the same product. If the samples submitted for inspection are thickened, heavier, made of different materials or specially treated, and the samples actually sold are different products, the products sold will obviously not reach the sound insulation value indicated in the test report. From this aspect, you should pay attention to distinguish the qualifications, credit and goodwill of manufacturers, and avoid being deceived as much as possible.

(2) Whether the installation method of WPC acoustic panels is simple

In order to achieve a good sound insulation effect, the installation method of the WPC sound-absorbing panel must be very simple, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the ideal sound insulation effect. The installation of WPC soundproof panels must be simple, otherwise the installation personnel on site are prone to mistakes, resulting in the sound insulation value of the wall not reaching the sound insulation target.

(3) Whether the strength, waterproof and fire resistance of the WPC sound-absorbing panel are good enough

When choosing WPC sound-absorbing panels, you must also pay attention to other properties of the wall to achieve the best effect.

For example, whether the strength after installing the WPC sound-absorbing panel meets the requirements, if you want to hang heavier objects on the attractive wall panel, such as flat-screen TVs, large oil paintings or photo frames, large decorative lights, etc. The WPC acoustic panels need to have a certain strength. Make sure it can hold a certain amount of weight.

WPC Acoustic Panel(1) WPC Acoustic Panel(2)

If there are many people in the room or the flow of people is large, the WPC sound-absorbing panel needs to have strong impact resistance and high strength, so as to prevent people from hitting the wall panel and causing the wall to crack.

If the wall panel is close to damp parts such as faucets and toilets, the WPC sound-absorbing panel needs to have good waterproof performance.

If the wall requires high fire resistance, such as the wall and ceiling of the kitchen and garage, etc., it is necessary to buy WPC acoustic panels that are both soundproof and fire-resistant.

(4) Whether the thickness and weight of the WPC acoustic panel are too large

There are some ordinary sound-absorbing panels on the market. In order to improve the sound insulation effect, the thickness and weight of the wall panels are increased. Although this method can improve the sound insulation effect to a certain extent, the sound insulation efficiency is not high, because according to the laws of physics.

If the surface density of the board is doubled, the sound insulation can only increase by a maximum of 6 decibels in theory, and the surface density of the wall board can be increased by four times, and the sound insulation can only increase by a maximum of 12 decibels.

3. How to choose high-quality fiber cement boards?

WPC acoustic panels WPC sound-absorbing panel
(1) Appearance

a. Fiber Cement fiberboard should have a uniform thickness, and the board surface should be flat and smooth, without stains, water stains and sticky marks.

b. The surrounding surface of the fiber cement board is fine, strong and free of burrs.

(2) Quality

a. Pay attention to the expansion rate of water absorption thickness. If it is not qualified, the fiber cement board will be deformed or even loosened by moisture during use, which will weaken its ability to resist moisture deformation.

b. It is used to strike the board surface, the sound is crisp and pleasant, and the uniform fiber cement board is of better quality. If the sound is dull, there may be a loose glue problem.

c. Find a nail and screw it on the fiber cement board a few times to see how well it holds the screw. If the screw holding force is not good, there will be structural loosening and other phenomena during use.

d. Take a sample of fiber cement board and break it with your hands or step on it with your feet to test the bearing capacity and resistance to deformation of the fiber cement board.

(3) Environmental health

Note that the amount of formaldehyde released exceeds the standard. The adhesive commonly used in the production of fiber cement board is produced from formaldehyde as raw material, and there will always be residual free formaldehyde in this adhesive, which is the main source of formaldehyde released in  fiber cement board products. Formaldehyde is highly irritating to human mucous membranes, especially the respiratory system, and will affect human health.

4. How to choose high-quality WPC wall panels?

WPC soundproof panels wall panel
(1) Odor

When you are choosing WPC wall panels, you can close your nose to the panel and smell it. If you smell the fragrance of bamboo and wood, it is genuine. When it is ignited, there is no open flame, and there is a smell of bamboo, wood, resin, etc., and it is also a genuine product. If it has an obvious plastic stench, it is an inferior counterfeit product.

(2) Appearance and Color

High-quality WPC wall panels have a beige color performance, which is biased towards the color of bamboo and wood. There are no black spots or particles at the incision. If the color is dark or there are spots, it may be made from recycled materials, or there is a problem with the formula, which is not environmentally friendly and not durable. If the color is white, it means that too much calcium powder is added, and the toughness of the plate is not enough.

In addition, it also depends on the thickness and structure. The thickness is generally 10mm. The version structure adopts grooves combined with soundproof holes, and has co-extrusion edges. When splicing, it presents a V-shaped groove.

(3) Weight

When you are choosing a WPC interior wall panel, you can weigh it by hand, if it is too light, it will be seriously foamed. If it is too heavy, too much calcium powder is added. Take a 3-meter-long plate and try to bend it. If it can be greatly bent, it means that the toughness and quality are up to the standard, and the inferior plate will be too brittle and broken. In addition, see if the panel installation in the exhibition hall can make a 90-degree angle. High-quality plates can be folded 90 degrees, and inferior plates will crack when they are folded 90 degrees.

(4) Quality inspection certificate

When you are choosing WPC wall panelings, you can also ask the manufacturer to see if there are product-related certificates, production licenses, patent certificates, and product quality inspection certificates. Whether these documents are issued by a national authority. At the same time, ask the other party whether the after-sale warranty method, after-sale time and after-sale scope are indicated in writing in the contract.

II. Why choose WPC wall panels as wall decoration materials?

1. Protect the wall

Compared with latex paint or wallpaper wall coverings, WPC panels for walls are more wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, the furniture will not wear and tear, and children can directly wipe clean if they get dirty, making it more convenient to clean.

fiber cement boards


2. Elegant and beautiful

WPC wall panels have a variety of styles and patterns, which can be matched according to different styles. Half wall paneling has a beautiful appearance and easy splicing. Through the warm and advanced WPC wall panel, the sense of space can be made more elegant and advanced.

Fiber Cement fiberboard


3. Sound absorption and noise reduction

The WPC wall panel also has a certain sound insulation function. If the requirements for the sound insulation effect of the room are relatively high, installing a WPC paneling can also improve the sound insulation function of the wall to a certain extent.

interior wall panel


4. Unified style

In addition to the most basic decoration and protection functions, WPC wall panels also have a good connection function, which can connect different spaces and optimize the unity of the overall design style.

WPC wall panelings


III. How to choose the WPC wall panel you want according to the style you want?

1. The advantages of WPC wall cladding

The grid can be arranged regularly, or it can change and jump, there is no fixed formula, and different effects are created in the change. It is not like a wall, which divides the space, and it is not like glass, which is unobstructed. The WPC wall cladding has many uses and is very versatile, bringing us a lot of visual enjoyment.

WPC panels for walls

As an element extending from outdoor space to indoor use, the decorative value of WPC wall cladding is continued and developed, with beautiful appearance, standardized design, ventilation and light transmission, giving people an overall smooth modern feeling.

The form of WPC wall cladding in space design is also diverse, focusing on color matching and the harmony between different materials, and the combination of WPC wall cladding and other material elements in space complements each other. The difference in the overall interval, color and shape of the WPC wall cladding makes the space elegant and quiet, refined and elegant or atmospheric.

The grid can be arranged regularly, or it can change and jump, there is no fixed formula, and different effects are created in the change. It is not like a wall, which divides the space, and it is not like glass, which is unobstructed. The WPC wall cladding has many uses and is very versatile, bringing us a lot of visual enjoyment.

2. The advantages of WPC composite board

Compared with the pure wood veneer, the surface of the WPC composite board is coated with paint, the laminate is bright, and it can also protect the veneer. The WPC composite board retains the natural and beautiful texture of the veneer, reflecting the natural taste of returning to nature.

Half wall paneling

Because the WPC composite board can change the shape of the decorative panel, including various textures such as bumps, carvings, arches and Roman columns, the wall surface is more three-dimensional and looks more upscale. The general traditional surface decoration materials cannot achieve this effect. Many hotels and shopping malls choose this decoration material.

The WPC composite board can also be decorated according to what style your family likes. You don’t need to consider other things at all. You can decide the color direction according to the style designed by the designer. There are thousands of colors of WPC composite board, which can fully meet the needs.

3. The advantages of fiber cement board

Old building materials will imprison the pace of architectural design, while new materials can promote the development and innovation of architectural design. Fiber cement board products are rich in variety, and different series of products have different appearance and functional characteristics, which can meet diverse architectural design styles and application needs.

wall panels WPC panelling

At present, the surface of fiber cement board commonly used for exterior walls on the market has a unique flax plant texture, slightly rough texture, rough but delicate, vivid and subtle, without carving, showing the beauty of nature. Whether it is viewed from a distance or a close-up view, it is intriguing. It has the common characteristics of one color throughout the body. It is naturally colored through the crystallization of natural mineral pigments.

4. The advantages of WPC exterior cladding panels

The natural concave-convex solid wood grain of the WPC exterior cladding panel is co-extruded by the machine. The elegant wood texture of the WPC exterior cladding panel combined with the rough display style gives the outdoor decoration a majestic atmosphere, highlighting the characteristics of leisure, environmental protection and stability.

WPC wall cladding

All kinds of building materials are perfectly matched, and the standard installation method can save more construction costs for users. Widely used in villa exterior walls, hotels, resorts, parks, large buildings and other areas..

5. The advantages of WPC wall panel

WPC wall panel integrated walls include marble series, wood grain series and wallpaper series, etc. Through appearance modeling, surface and pattern color treatment, it provides more humanized choices for interior home decoration and creates a good visual effect.

WPC exterior cladding George Panel

WPC wall panel integrated wall materials are manufactured by extrusion process, so the color, size and shape of the product can be controlled according to needs, so as to truly realize on-demand customization, minimize the use cost and save forest resources. With its rich texture and color effects, the WPC wall panel integrated wall brings a warm, natural and harmonious affinity to human beings.

Green and environmentally friendly

Modern people pay great attention to whether the decoration materials are environmentally friendly or not. Therefore, before purchasing WPC wall panels, you can first look at the product test report of the merchant, and then look at the effect of the panel after cutting. Take George Panel as an example, the sawdust after cutting is in the shape of natural sawdust in rolls, and there will be a natural wood fragrance.

Also pay attention to the quality of decoration materials, especially toxic substances like formaldehyde are very harmful to human health, and the release period of formaldehyde can even be as long as more than ten years. In this regard, George Panel has developed green integrated WPC wall panel products, using environmentally friendly materials, aiming to create environmentally friendly and healthy products for consumers.

The quality is good or bad



The quality selection of WPC wall panels can be identified from both internal and external aspects. The internal quality mainly tests its hardness and the firmness of the bonding between the substrate and the surface finish.

Good quality products have high hardness, impact resistance, and wear resistance. Scratch the surface with your fingertips without obvious scars. There is no detachment phenomenon. Appearance quality mainly tests the degree of simulation, good quality products, realistic patterns, uniform processing specifications, free splicing, and good decorative effect.

Installation Guidelines

Ask the merchant if they will be responsible for the installation of the board. Whether the installation is provided by the merchant or needs to be installed by the consumer himself. Generally, the merchants do not provide installation services, but if there are problems with the installation, they will send people on-the-spot guidance.

Therefore, the installation of the WPC wall panel also needs to be paid attention to. Only high-quality service can ensure the normal use of the product in the future. George Panel will provide perfect and professional after-sales service, so that consumers can buy with confidence.

IV. How to Source Products from China? Take China’s WPC wall panels as an example.

wall panel design 图片24


Once known as the world factory, China can now produce high quality and high-value goods. Before you start your google search for the best suppliers in China, you need to have a sound China sourcing strategy. This will help you avoid getting scammed, find a reliable supplier and negotiate the best deal.

1. Here is a quick guide to sourcing products from China:

Research suppliers carefully

Sourcing products from China is a complicated process for buyers who have the intention to purchase in China but have not yet been exposed to the Chinese market. Finding the right supplier that is reliable and that meets your quality specifications takes some thought, effort, and time.

Here are some of the most common platforms where you can find suppliers in China:
(1) Alibaba

Alibaba is a good place to start your search due to its sheer size. In fact, its size has prompted many to call it the Chinese Amazon. Founded in 1999, Alibaba had 960 million active customers in 2019 while close to 1.3 billion businesses are on the marketplace. To start searching for suppliers, you need to first create your Alibaba account. The next step is to go to “Sourcing Solutions” where you need to submit your request for quotations by filling in the relevant details.

(2) The Canton Fair

wall cladding price

This is the largest trade fair in China, held twice a year, covering various industries related to physical products. The three stages of the fair are: the first stage, where you can find building materials, chemical products, machinery and electronics; the second stage is about home decoration, gifts and consumer goods; the third stage is about office supplies, textiles, health and Premium skincare, shoes and medical products.

a wood plastic composite price list

Although the Canton Fair is huge, the same suppliers participate in the Canton Fair every year. You can check the show website in advance to find out the booth locations of the exhibitors you are interested in.

(3) E-commerce

wpc wall panel company

The cross-border e-commerce industry is constantly developing. Initially, large cross-border e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon and Ali Express were the starting point for overseas business, but this single sales channel operation failed to meet the development needs of the foreign trade industry. So apart from the platform, how should sellers expand their overseas sales? The answer is to use e-commerce.

An independent station refers to a website with its own independent domain name, space, and page in the field of e-commerce. Through the website, a series of transactions and services such as online promotion, sales, and after-sales of products can be carried out.

2. So, what advantages does shopping on e-commerce have for consumers?

wpc wall panel manufacture

(1)The information flow matches and meets the aesthetic needs of consumers. The independent station can judge and analyze the customer’s preferences according to the customer’s browsing stops or clicks, and accurately locate the customer’s preferences. Then the design team behind the independent station can continuously adjust and adapt to meet the needs of customers from research to design products according to customer needs.

(2)The products are new and fast, and the replacement is fast. Independent stations formulate their own rules, which can not be affected by the platform, and can update products according to their own frequency and scale, and can continuously bring fresh experience to customers in a short period of time.

(3)Supply chain advantages to meet customer one-stop shopping needs. There are many related ancillary products, which are helpful for matching purchases.

(4)Select the products you need more targetedly, instead of searching for the products you need aimlessly like going to a big platform.

3. How do consumers buy their favorite products on e-commerce? Take George Panel as an example.

(1)Search the website for the product you want to buy. If you see the item you like, you can go to the “Contact Us” page to find the contact information of George Panel, phone or email, and choose the contact you want according to your convenience. Ways to find siding companies.

(2)After sending an email or making a phone call, the salesman of George Panel will connect with you, discuss the products you want to buy, and improve the house plan and engineering list according to the company’s requirements, and then the team will confirm the style and size for you.

(3)After all the details of the goods are finalized, George Panel will sign a contract with you, then you need to pay a 30% deposit.

(4)When George Panel receives your deposit, it will produce customized products according to your needs.

(5)After all the goods are produced, you need to pay the remaining balance, and then load them into containers. The goods will be shipped from the place of production to the nearest port in your country by sea.

(6)After the goods arrive at the port, you need to go through customs clearance and delivery documents, etc. After completing the processing, you can take out the goods, and the goods will arrive in your hands smoothly.

wpc interior wall panel wpc interior wall panel

The above is an introduction to different WPC wall panel installation methods. If you want to know more about WPC wall panel design and WPC wall cladding price, please contact us by email or phone, we can send you a wood plastic composite price list and color selection.

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