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Indoor WPC Ceiling – 40*45 Ceiling Strip

Product Features:

Width: 40mm
Height: 45mm
Material: Wood-Plastic Composites
Process: Lamination Surface/Hot & Cold Pressing
Performance: Waterproof/Flame Retardant/Mildew Proof/Insect Proof/Formaldehyde Free
Application: Ceiling Decoration

– Video Display –

These WPC ceiling strips come with a smooth wood veneer finish that renders an enriched and luxurious color quality. Let our WPC ceiling strips take center stage in your modern home, these timeless pieces will transform your interior spaces with their luxurious texture and architectural detailing.

Product Description


– Overview –

WPC ceiling panels are new age materials for exotic wood-alike creations in villas, farm houses, hotels, temples and many more applications.

WPC Ceiling panels are replacing conventional practices with Aluminum, PoPs, Cement sheets and costly wood panelings. This is a formaldehyde free and dust free material having waterproof and termite proof properties. Importantly, it can be painted, polished and varnished in exotic wood tones and solid colours.

Adopting new bamboo and wood composite materials, hot glue covering technology, high hardness, good plasticity, environmental protection and health.


– Benefits –

+ The WPC ceiling strips decrease the space between the floors and ceilings which makes it easy for you to clean the ceilings and maintain them.

+ The decor looks stylish in home.

+ WPC ceiling panels can hide the pipes and wirings which make the space look clean and beautiful.

+ You can fix a lamp, frame, or elegant lights on the false ceilings.

+ Not only are WPC ceiling strips affordable, but they also have the performance advantage of preventing fires from happening.

Design Effect


The ceiling series is a perfect substitute for solid wood ceilings and aluminum ceilings. Its simple installation, good thermal insulation performance and good fire performance make it stand out from the traditional suspended ceilings.

Ceiling strips can be used to create beautiful ceilings in interiors, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication to your home. The grooved panels dampen sound and eliminate reverberation in the room, greatly improving the acoustics of the room.

Contemporary oak veneer slats complement a variety of interior styles. Easy to install to transform any residential or commercial space.

Since it’s painted, polished and lacquered in wood tones, it can fit any design style, including classic, rustic, industrial, modern and chic.

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