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Outdoor WPC Wall Panel – 174W21

Product Features:

Width: 174mm
Length: 2900mm
Weight: 2.03kg/m
Thickness: 21mm
Material: Wooden & Plastic Composite

Product Description


– Overview –

The exterior walls of buildings are exposed to sunlight for a long time, and the exterior materials are easily deformed and peeled off. Many new buildings now use outdoor WPC wall panels to prevent cracks in the exterior walls of office building walls. Outdoor Wood-plastic wall panels are beautiful in appearance outdoors. It is mainly for the exterior wall practices, such as villa exterior walls, high-level hotel and chamber decoration.


– Benefits –

+ Outdoor wall panels are durable, lightweight, high quality and will stand the test of time. They are also fireproof, waterproof, soundproof and more, making them a great choice for your home, office or business.

+ It effectively reduces the reflection of sunshine, absorbs the radiation of UV and infrared rays. It is also good in water-drainage and air-permeability.

+ Outdoor wall panels protect your walls from dents, scratches, and even if your wall cladding panel starts to show signs of wear and tear, cleaning or replacing parts of your wall cladding is easier than repairing drywall.

+ The outdoor wall panels are made of non-toxic materials such as bamboo and wood fiber layers through high pressure, which are healthy and pollution-free.

Design Effect

When the outdoor wood-plastic wall panel is beautiful outside the building, it can best reflect the taste of the building. It can be cut into different shapes and divided into different patterns according to the requirements of the builder.

Simple use and flexible installation are the biggest features of outdoor WPC wall panels for exterior walls, and they are the best decoration for building exterior walls.

The outdoor wall panel decoration has outstanding ability to resist cracking. Traditional wall decoration materials will be deformed when exposed to direct sunlight and affected by the environment.

There are even cracks on the exterior walls of some buildings, so the crack resistance of wood-plastic wall panels has been affirmed by the industry. Now the outdoor wood-plastic wall panels manufactured by George Panel do not crack at all, and the use effect is satisfactory.

Therefore, WPC outdoor wall panels are more and more widely used in crack-resistant buildings and have been widely installed in many countries around the world. At present, wood-plastic wall panel manufacturers are also working hard to promote the anti-crack function.








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