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PU Rectangle Nine Grids Shape Panel

PU rectangular nine-square grid wall panel is a man-made material used for interior decoration.

Product Features:

Item: Specification

Type: PU Rectangle Nine Grids Shape Panel

Size: 600*1200mm

Color: 8 Colors Available

Features: Lightweight/Easy to Transport/Easy to Install/Fireproof/Waterproof

Fireproof: B1

Application: Interior Wall and Exterior Wall

Installation: Glue and Nail

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PU stone is a stunning synthetic material that mimics the look and feel of natural stone, but is lighter, more durable, and more environmentally friendly. PU stone has a realistic appearance and clear texture. If you are interested in innovative building materials and decorative elements, don’t miss this PU rectangle nine grids shape panel!

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Do you want to get more information and knowledge about PU stone? Welcome to read this article: What is PU Stone? The Most Comprehensive PU Stone Introduction!

Product Description


– Overview –

PU rectangular nine-square grid wall panel is a man-made material used for interior decoration. It has a rectangular shape and is usually divided into nine equal-sized square or rectangular areas.

These wall panels are usually made of polyurethane (PU) material, making them lightweight, durable and easy to process.


– Benefits –

+ Appearance: This type of wall panel is designed with nine equal rectangular areas between which can be a flat surface or with textured and patterned trim. This design style often adds a modern and decorative look to the wall.

+ Colors and Textures: These wall panels are often available in a variety of color and texture options to suit different interior decorating needs. Colors can be chosen according to the style and color scheme of the project.

+ Environmental protection: Most PU rectangular nine-grid wall panels produce relatively little waste during the manufacturing process, so they have less impact on the environment. Additionally, they can often be recycled and reused.

+ Versatility: PU rectangular nine-grid wall panel is suitable for a variety of applications, including living rooms, bedrooms, offices, commercial spaces, etc. They can be used to create modern, stylish and unique interior decoration effects.

+ Easy to maintain: PU rectangular nine-grid wall panel is generally easy to clean and maintain, just wipe it with a mild detergent and a damp cloth to maintain its beauty.

Design Effect


Modern and Stylish: The nine-square grid design of these wall panels often goes well with modern interior design styles. They bring a sleek and modern look to walls and are suitable for use in modern homes, commercial spaces, and some creative offices.

Unique Texture and Visual Appeal: The Nine-Gong Grid design allows for the creation of unique textures and visual effects. These textures can be concave and convex or have decorative patterns. This increases the visual appeal of the wall and makes the space more eye-catching.

Decorative and Creative: PU rectangular nine-grid wall panel allows designers to be creative in interior spaces. With different color and texture combinations, you can achieve a variety of decorative effects, from simple to ornate, from traditional to modern.

Space Division and Focus: The nine-square grid design can be used to create space division and focus. They can be used as decoration in specific areas, such as TV background walls, bedside walls, dining room walls, etc., thereby directing attention to specific areas.

Color and Coordination: PU rectangular nine-grid wall panels offer a variety of color options that can be coordinated with the color scheme of the interior space. This helps create a harmonious, unified decorative effect.

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