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The Best 6 Matching Strategies for Wall Panel

What would your ideal home look like? Do you want it to be gorgeous, modern or fresh and simple? Different interior design styles can satisfy your different fantasies about your home!

The following data shows that most people prefer interior decoration with a sense of design. In fact, the presentation of different interior styles can be presented through the matching of wall decoration. Wall decoration is an indispensable and important element of interior decoration. It includes wall panels, wall paint on walls, wallpapers, tiles and TV background walls etc.

What Style Do You Prefer for Your Interior?


Details: France; January 12-15, 2018; 1,017 respondents; 18 years and older; Omnibus survey

Source: Statista

From the above data from 10001, we can see that this graph illustrates the preferences of the French for interior design styles in 2018. It shows that 18 percent of respondents preferred the design style, while 13 percent preferred the classic style.

When decorating, 80% of the attention is basically focused on the living room. What kind of background wall is designed to look better? Which color is more comfortable to choose? Which material is more atmospheric? Speaking of the wall decoration of the background wall, in addition to the traditional latex paint and wallpaper, more and more owners began to use wall panels.

Wood plastic composite wall panel is a decorative material that protects walls. It is mainly made of natural wood. After special processing, the wall will be brighter, no peculiar smell after installation, healthy and environmentally friendly. The most popular light luxury style in the past two years, many people think that the wall panel is a new material, but this is not the case.

In fact, the application of WPC wall paneling has a long history and has been used as wall decoration materials as early as many years ago. In recent years, due to the popularity of light luxury furniture and light luxury design, wall panel decoration is the most effective, and people are increasingly pursuing a sense of progress. Now, the wall panel, as the latest popular material, has returned to the public’s field of vision and has become popular.

I. What Makes the Wall Panel Stand out for so Long?

Some people think that it is good to paint latex paint, or paste wallpaper and wall coverings on the walls of their homes. It is simple, hassle-free and cheap. If you use siding, the cost will be higher, and the style is only suitable for European-style and American-style large mansions.


In fact, with the popularity of minimalist style, wall panel materials have become more diverse, and many simplified wall panels have become popular again. Even in small rooms, wall panels can also play a very good decorative effect, personalized The decorative effect of the pattern is very obvious. In addition to the decorative effect, the wall panel has high compressive strength and wear resistance, which can effectively protect the wall surface. The wall panel also has the functions of anti-shedding and anti-wear. The WPC wall cladding is also resistant to impact and wear due to its high hardness. The wooden structure of the wall panel can slightly adjust the indoor air humidity, producing the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer, so it is loved by the people.

The sound absorption and noise reduction function of the wall panel is also very good. The wall panel can reflect sound, effectively buffer stress shock, absorb bad sharp waves, and achieve spatial noise reduction. Wall panels are easier to maintain and more durable than other materials. More importantly, the appearance of the wall panels should be high. Compared with latex paint and wallpaper, the decorative effect of wall panels is 100 times better.


WPC interior wall panel and decorative lines are the most perfect combination. Wall panels are mostly found in long strips. The vertical strips can stretch the floor height of the room from the senses. With the decoration of decorative lines, they are also very layered and colorful. When choosing, you can consider light colors, such as white, gray, blue, etc., which can better highlight the main furniture placed in the space.

Not only the strip-shaped, square-shaped wall panels are more individual, but also more suitable for small rooms. The square-shaped wall panels with textured patterns are more fashionable and textured than wallpaper, and are suitable for both living rooms and bedrooms. In the simple style of home decoration, it will be more fashionable to arbitrarily combine the wall panels into irregular shapes.

Moreover, when decorating, the installation of the wall panel is very simple, you can customize the finished wall panel and install it directly on the wood base, and the effect will be very good after completion.

II. What Are the Specifications of the Wall Panels?

The mainstream specifications of wall panels include flat wall panels (flat seam wall panels, V-seam wall panels), modeling wall panels and large wall panels.

1. Flat Wall Panel

04flat wall panel

Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

When flat wall panels are used in space, the color of the whole space will be more uniform, softer and more comfortable visually. The difference is that the splicing method is different, and it is the most widely used type on the market. When installing the flat wall panel, according to the installation method, it can be divided into dense type, split type and splicing type.

2. Close-fitting Wall Panel

05Close-fitting Wall Panel

Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

The wall panel is installed in a close-fitting way, so that the entire wall can not see the seam, and the integrity is stronger. Therefore, many people worry about the large gap, which is unnecessary.

3. Seam Type Wall Panel

06Seam Type Wall Panel

Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

The WPC interior wall panels can be installed by seam, which can be designed into different shapes, and there will be natural seams of 3mm~9mm between the seams. The right use of seams can also make the overall space more quality.

4. Splicing Type Wall Panel

07Splicing Type Wall Panel

Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

Splicing type refers to the splicing of wall panels with metal, marble, grille, soft package and hard package to achieve different decorative effects.

5. Modeling Wall Panel

08Modeling Wall Panel

Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

Molded wall panels are subdivided into WPC wall cladding, great wall board, etc. The designer can use it with flat wall panels according to customer needs. At present, WPC wall claddings are used more. The most prominent feature of the WPC cladding is its concave-convex texture. This concave-convex texture can bring a strong visual impact on the visual sense, so that the whole space looks more layered.

6. Large Wall Panel

09Large Wall Panel

The large wall panel is a solid wood wall cladding, which needs to be used with metal lines during installation. The application of WPC interior wall panels is very wide. In addition to being able to be installed on the whole house wall, it can also be combined with different materials to design different styles of effects. For example, in the design of the background wall, TV wall, sofa wall, bedside background wall, etc., the whole surface is paved or spliced ​​with other materials.

III. How Are Wall Panels Used in Home Design?

Try these gorgeous wall panel matching ideas for architectural accents in any room.

1. Flat Wall Panel & Door

10Flat Wall Panel & Door

Invisible doors are a popular design in the home industry in recent years. The door and the wall can be considered as a whole, and the WPC composite board can be combined to make an invisible door, so that the door can be perfectly invisible in the wall panel. This is a way of dealing with wall panels and doors in a minimalist style. The invisible design can make the connection between the wall and the door opening smoother without destroying the overall beauty.

2. Flat Wall Panel & Custom Cabinet/Ceiling11Flat Wall Panel & Custom CabinetCeiling

Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

In addition to invisible doors, wall panels can also be combined with custom cabinets, ceilings, half wall paneling, etc. For example, the cabinets use the same finishing material as the wall panels, use the wall panels as the ceiling and install it to the top, etc., which can achieve a unified visual effect , to make the space more holistic.

3. Flat Wall Panel & WPC Wall Cladding

12Flat Wall Panel & WPC Wall Cladding

Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

The well-proportioned lines and full visual effects of the WPC wall cladding are favored and used by many modern styles and light luxury styles. The vertical wooden WPC wall cladding can effectively make up for the openness of the wall, enhance the sense of space, and enhance the visual sensory experience.

4. Wall Panel & 3D Painting

13Wall Panel & 3D Painting

The wall panelings can also be printed with 3D technology to perfectly integrate the decorative pictures into the wall panels.

5. Bedside Background Wall Panel

14Bedside Background Wall Panel

The bedside background of the bedroom uses various WPC wall panel combinations, different blends of line curves, color blocks, three-dimensional and other elements, reflecting exquisite craftsmanship, ingenuity and natural warmth.

6. TV Background Wall Panel

15TV Background Wall Panel

The marble background WPC composite board is matched with the wood grain color grille, which is simple and meaningful, calm and soft, with a low-luxury natural wood grain texture, combined with the white marble texture, to feel the leisure life of the living room in tranquility.

7. Dining Room Background Wall Panel

16Dining Room Background Wall Panel

The dining room is a happy gathering space after work every day. It is the happiest moment of the day when the family gathers at a table. The WPC wall panels of wood grain color are calm, calm and soft, which makes people relax and makes people believe that home is the warmest harbor.

8. Study Decorative Wall Panel

17Study Decorative Wall Panel

The study room is a place of retreat. The contrast of brown and white cabinets, the fusion of white cabinets and white WPC exterior wall cladding, natural grain textures, warm lighting, and textures in detail.

 9. Sofa Background Wall Panel

18 Sofa Background Wall Panel

Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

The combination of composite wall cladding of different widths, the fusion of marble textured wall panels and solid-colored wall panels, is clean and relaxed, and the soft light strips deposit the soft layer of the wall.

IV. How to Design the Wall Panels with Different Colors and Styles?

Different wall deisgn ideas, different home styles and different color combinations, interior WPC wall panels can have different effects.

1. Advanced Gray & Light Luxury Style

19Advanced Gray & Light Luxury Style

High-grade grey custom background wall panels, with their own elegance, enhance the temperament of the entire home. Perfect for a modern minimalist style or a light luxury style.

2. Pure White & American Style

20Pure White & American Style

Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

The color system of pure white WPC composite boards will brighten the color and freshness of the entire space, expanding the visual experience. Especially suitable for American or French style, full of gorgeous feeling.

3. Brown Modern Minimalist Style Wall Panel

21Brown Modern Minimalist Style Wall Panel

Brown WPC wall claddings are noble and a very popular color, which brightens the brightness of the whole space.

4. Mint Green Natural Style Wall Panel

22Mint Green Natural Style Wall Panel

Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

Mint green wood plastic composite wall cladding gives a feeling of energy, freshness, style and relaxation.

5. Darkness & Industrial Style

23Darkness & Industrial Style

If you like cool industrial styles, you can try dark wall panels and decorate with new materials like metal and glass to give the interior a strong artistic feel.

Summary: Wall panel design, fresh and fashionable, full of advanced senses. It’s also a great option compared to wall paint and wallpaper.

V. What Are the Design Categories of Wall Panels?

1. Whole Wall Panel

24Whole Wall Panel

Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

The overall visual effect of the whole wall panel is very good, which brings us a strong sense of beauty. It will be more harmonious with the whole home decoration style. The whole wall panel is used as the background wall, and there will be more hidden doors.

2. Half Wall Paneling

25Half Wall Paneling

Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

Half wall paneling refers to the decoration of the entire wall, only half of which are used for wall panels. Different from the whole wall panel, the common half wall paneling is grounded at the bottom, and there will be a gap between the top and the bottom, and the waistline will be used to close the edge. Under normal circumstances, there are many bumps under the wall, and the half wall paneling can play a basic protective role, which is a relatively cost-effective design method.

V. Conclusion

The wall panel design of the wall panel is beautiful, the splicing is free, and it has a strong decorative effect. It is responsible for the appearance of all wall materials. A good-quality WPC interior wall panel will have high compressive strength and flexural strength. It is an upgraded product of latex paint. Its wear resistance and damage resistance are far better than ordinary paints and wallpapers. It is more suitable if there are children at home. The TV background wall, sofa background, restaurant background and bedside background in the home can protect the wall well.

The above is the introduction of various skills and strategies about the collocation of different wall panels, we hope you like it. If you are interested in wall panel design, you can contact a house wall design company near you to provide a custom wall panel design for your home!

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