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The Latest Interior Wall Panel Design for 2022

When doing WPC wall panel design for interior decoration, people will consider environmental protection issues and try to choose environmentally friendly decoration materials. As a new type of environmentally friendly decoration materials, WPC wall panel has attracted the attention of many consumers. So, how about WPC wall panel?  Let’s take a look at it next.

WPC wall panel

I. First understand what is WPC wall panel

With the continuous improvement of interior decoration design, ordinary wall panels can no longer meet the aesthetic needs of the public, so a new type of decoration material ” WPC wall panel ” was produced. WPC wall panel is a composite regeneration product of bamboo and wood, which belongs to ABB’s use of bamboo and wood. It is a new type of decoration material formed by high temperature extrusion of fiber, polymer resin and other materials.

Generally installed on the indoor wall for decoration and protection. WPC wall cladding also combines the characteristics of wood and plastic and abandons the defects of both. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but its installation is also very simple and fast, and it can be directly installed on the blank wall.

It is precisely because of so many good performances that it is highly respected in the market and is the most suitable WPC interior wall panel for whole house decoration. WPC interior wall panel leads the new direction of fashion, environmental protection and green home furnishing.

WPC wall panel design

II. Ornamental and structure of WPC wall panel

WPC wall panel is one of the decorative wall panels. From the appearance point of view, WPC wall cladding is rectangular in shape, with a length of three meters. A piece of EEE can be laid from the ceiling to the ground. The integrity is very good, and there will be no horizontal joints.

The surface coating of WPC wall cladding is also very diverse. It has the same color patterns as wallpaper and paint. There are a large number of styles such as wood grain series, marble series, wallpaper series, etc. The decorative wall panels are decorated with convex rectangles.

It has a very clear sense of lines and a variety of colors, which can shape the appearance of different styles with a very strong sense of visual impact, which is very beautiful. Better than the three-dimensional sense of wallpaper and paint patterns. It can be used for any indoor wall to have a very good decorative effect.

WPC wall cladding

WPC interior wall panel not only has a very good performance in appearance, but also has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, moth-proof, anti-corrosion, strong and durable in structure. In terms of appearance and material, WPC wall panel is generally an area of 3000mm in length and 300/600/800mm in width.

The overall thickness is designed to be 9mm, and the thickness difference between the bottom surface and the surface is 3mm, which can enhance the strength of the joint. The middle hole of WPC interior wall panel is conducive to the circulation and convection of indoor air, which can create a dry indoor environment; the WPC wall cladding can be double-layered, resulting in double-layer media protection, which is more conducive to the effect of sound insulation and heat preservation.

WPC interior wall panel

III. WPC wall panel Features Overview

1. Low carbon and environmental protection

WPC wall panel surface treatment all adopts environmental protection materials and does not contain paint ingredients. WPC wall panel supplier avoids the use of glue in the entire production process, which also ensures the environmental protection of WPC wall panel. The installed room has no peculiar smell, and there is no formaldehyde that is harmful to the human body.  It eliminates the disadvantages of home improvement pollution and cumbersome procedures.

2. Anti-corrosion and durable, moisture-proof and waterproof

water proor

WPC wall cladding has high strength, good resistance, light weight and shock resistance, no deformation, no aging, creep resistance, no corrosion, and long service life. Good moisture-proof function, water vapor and moisture are difficult to enter WPC interior wall panel indoor dry and comfortable, no water seepage and no water leakage, get rid of the trouble of mildew on the wall.



3. Dirt-resistant and easy to clean

easy to clean

WPC wall cladding has a good antistatic adsorption treatment, and general stains and dust are not easy to be adsorbed. The surface of WPC panels for walls can be wiped directly with water without foaming or deformation.






IV. Product material and size

Width: 300/400/600/800mm

Length: 3000mm

Customizable length: 2000mm-4000mm

Thickness: 9mm

Material: Bamboo fiber/WPC composite

Process: Laminate Surface / Hot and Cold Press / Side Slotting

Properties: waterproof, flame retardant, mildew proof, insect proof, formaldehyde free

Application: large area paving for home improvement/office/school/hotel/restaurant/shopping mall/channel wall and background

V. Decorative effects and application scenarios of WPC panel

WPC panels for walls

In addition to ordinary snap installation, WPC wall cladding can also be freely designed and matched according to personal preferences. You can also find a professional design team who can provide you with WPC wall panel design, Western European style, Athenian charm, Chinese traditional, Roman style, French style, high-end styles, different patterns, and color matching, providing more personalized choices for interior home decoration, creating a very good visual effect.

1. Home decoration can be used in the kitchen, living room, can make up for the openness of the wall, and can also enhance the visual sensory experience.

WPC wall panel supplier

2. Installation in bathrooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, elderly rooms, and gyms not only has decorative effects, but also has the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction.

WPC panel

3. It is suitable for large-scale paving of any tooling, shopping malls or passage walls and backgrounds, with a strong sense of design, highlighting the high-end atmosphere.

panel design

VI. Why are decorative wall panels popular?

The wallpaper and wall covering will start to have large and small problems after about 5 years of use, and it will take a lot of manpower, material, and financial resources to replace it twice, which is very uneconomical on the whole. If you use WPC wall panel, you don’t have to worry about the service life. Because of the particularity of the material, WPC wall cladding can be used for more than 20 years and has very good durability.

The wallpaper itself will release volatile compounds, and the glue used in pasting the wall also contains toluene, xylene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances that will endanger human health, especially children. However, WPC wall panel eliminates such pollution from the raw materials. It does not contain harmful substances. During the installation process, WPC interior wall panel does not need glue.

It can directly adopt the method of snap installation, which is comfortable to use and live. When the wallpaper is used for a long time, it will appear damp and mildew, degumming and cracking, fading and whitening, etc., and the waterproofness is poor and it is not resistant to dirt, while WPC panels for walls has good waterproofness, dirt resistance, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, moth-proof and anti-corrosion. Because of this, choosing WPC wall cladding is a very smart choice!

wall panel supplier

VII. Installation guide

First, fix the clip on the WPC wall cladding, and then fix the board on the flat wall, then the second WPC wall cladding can be directly inserted into the first installed interior WPC wall panel, just tap it with a rubber mallet to insert it.

You can also choose the installation method according to your own preferences. There is mainly vertical installation, horizontal installation, oblique installation, etc. and different styles can also be mixed and matched. Of course, you can also choose to find our WPC wall panel company for WPC wall panel design. WPC wall panel has strong machinability.

It can be sawed, nailed, planed, etc., and does not need to be painted on the surface. The co-extrusion edge is the unique fixed edge of WPC wall cladding Fast; the seam adopts a unique V-shaped interface or flat seam interface, which can cleverly avoid the problem of large gaps caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction, which affects the aesthetic effect. With installation instructions, the installation is convenient and fast according to the instructions, and it can be used after installation.

interior wall panel

Seeing this, I believe you have already learned a lot about interior WPC wall panel. If you are very interested in WPC wall panel, you can contact George Panel. As a very good WPC wall panel supplier in China, we have successfully provided various wholesalers, manufacturers, construction Contractors, architects, designers and studios provide services to complete their construction projects for walls, backdrops, ceilings and more surfaces.

George Panel has a professional design team who can help you do WPC wall panel design, provide you with high-quality interior WPC wall panel, and provide you with the best product solution with high-cost performance to save costs and allow customers to obtain the most ideal products at the most favorable price. Your consultation is welcome!

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