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Are You Looking for Wall Panels to Add Character and Style to Your Bathroom?

Waterproof bathroom wall panels not only preserve the walls but also add to the bathroom’s attractiveness and personality. If you are bored of plain tiles or paint and want to add some creativity and freshness to your bathroom, you can try some innovative designs of bathroom slat wall panels, which we hope will provide you with some inspiration and references.

I. Is paneling in the bathroom a smart idea?

Although a damp area, wood paneling can be effective in a bathroom. As with most woods that come into touch with water or temperature fluctuations, there is a chance of warping or shrinking, but proper handling will maintain the wood paneling and keep it in good shape.

If you’re attaching the panels to the plinth from the wall, ensure sure all of the slats are coated and the back panel is watertight. Any untreated planks should be protected with a stain or varnish.

When painting wood paneling, use a wood primer first, followed by a professional paint with a long-lasting finish. Emulsions don’t hold up as well to scuffs and scratches, so if you want a matte finish, go for eggshell paint, a low-gloss alternative that’s washable and suited for both modern and traditional bathroom decor.

Satinwood is similar in that it has a low to medium sheen, but the light reflection characteristics offer it a slight advantage over flat matte finishes. Finally, Gloss will produce a highly durable paint finish for a stylish, high-gloss finish. For speedier drying, choose a water-based product over an oil-based one.

II. What should I paint my bathroom paneling with?

Bathroom woodwork can benefit from a finish that is slightly more water-resistant and easier to scrub than paneling in the rest of the house.

“Traditionally hardwearing gloss paints have been the finish of choice for bathroom paneling and millwork, but with the breakthrough smart water-based paint, it’s completely washable and can be used with confidence on most surfaces including plaster, wood, Even radiators, it has become a matter of taste rather than simple function,” explains Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene.

“For bathroom paneling, choose a hard-wearing, washable finish such as smart satinwood, which can withstand the humidity and knocks of a busy family bathroom, ensuring your walls hold up in spaces where condensation is common and cleaning is frequent Beautiful.”

III. Ideas for bathroom wall panels

1. Install three-quarter paneling to enhance the proportions of your bathroom



Three-quarter wall panels will flatter the proportions of a home with high ceiling heights, and they can help simplify the overall bathroom level.

Wainscoting tends to be low on the wall where you’ll find it intersects with other elements of the bathroom, from towel racks to cabinets, which can create an awkward junction.

Three-quarter-height paneling keeps this horizontal line above your head and out of the way. In this small bathroom, this allows the mirror and bathroom sconces to also be framed by the paneling.

2. Choose a bold color for your bathroom wall panel



The warm undertones of this coral pigment steal the show in this bathroom layout. Use the same color for trim and moldings—a designer-approved trick—to bring more style to a space.

When painting bathroom paneling, you may find yourself drawn to a particular color. White is a popular choice for bright and airy schemes, but dark, rich jewel tones are also common when looking for bathroom color ideas.

The appeal of these shades stems from their traditional roots, but the panels can be painted any color to match your scheme.

“Choosing the right color to adorn them is key; if you prefer a subtle yet elegant aesthetic, consider a color scheme that matches the wall color to the panel decor, or for a more impactful finish, choose a complementary color or Use accent colors to catch the eye,” says Helen Shaw of Benjamin Moore.

Here, Euphorbia, a vibrant chartreuse wall color from Paint & Paper Library, brings life to this bathroom design.

3. Pair painted ceilings with paneled walls


Painted ceilings are an important trend in bathrooms right now, and this can also be extended to paneled bathrooms in unique ways. This combination of three-quarter paneled walls and painted ceiling creates a rich contrast that elevates the sense of luxury while bringing a cozy vibe to the space, making a stay in the tub even more inviting.

However, while the high ceilings in this home can bear the burden of this deep blue-black, be aware that painting the ceiling a darker color will visually reduce the height of the ceiling, especially if it is also used on top of the walls. Fortunately for this space, it creates a more intimate bathroom that complements the otherwise dark tones in the room.

4. Add new texture to your bathroom design with paint



The bathroom paneling finish you choose will affect the final scheme.

“In addition to choosing the perfect color for your bathroom, it’s also important to consider the finish, are you looking for a matte finish or a high-gloss finish?” asks Andy Greenall, head of the Design, Paint and Paper Library.

“Different finishes create different end results, with gloss for a more traditional feel to woodwork or paneling, and eggshell or satinwood for a more contemporary finish.”

While this may be true overall, experimenting with finishes can bring a new twist to a classic bathroom scheme. For example, this dark bathroom idea uses a mix of matte wall paint and glossy wood paint to bring a modern twist to a traditional design.

5. Use wood paneling to simplify bathroom plumbing



If reconfiguring plumbing is too much trouble, or when you want to install sleek, modern bathroom accessories like wall-mounted faucets or cisterns, paneling can give you a design alternative to simplify your space.

In this design by Janet Hanson of Studio Hanson, build carpentry is the obvious solution, but more than practicality, it becomes a key feature of bathroom design.

“The wall-mounted tank needed to be hidden, so a gap above seemed the obvious choice,” explains Janet. “I designed the cabinetry to hide the tank and associated plumbing, while also creating a ledge to hold toiletries and decorative items.”

The wall shelf has a quartz top that can be used in conjunction with a vanity, making it a practical surface for a wet shampoo bottle. The cabinets are painted Crimson by Farrow & Ball; we tried several options before settling on this shade, which is the perfect deep, soft fuchsia that complements the petal pink tiles on the opposite side of the room.

6. Shipshape bathroom wall panel



Shiplap wood paneling looks great in a bathroom. Here the wood textures complement the classic old world style plantation shutters.

Choose dark colors to add warmth and luxury, or keep it bright and airy with pastel shades. It’s easy to install—most lap panels have tongue and groove edges so they snap together easily. It’s also a great way to disguise secondary plumbing.

Top the panels with matching wainscoting rails, which also give you a neat shelf for candles or decorations.

7. Half-wall highlights

07-Half-wall highlights-bathroom-wall-panel


Using wood wall paneling on the bottom half of a wall is a great way to add detail without becoming overpowering. Painting it a dark color will solidify your design scheme and add a touch of luxury.

Here, the color echoes the sides of the bathtub and the frame of the wall clock. It brings the look together without feeling contrived.

Paneling can also work well with quirky features. Check out the oversized mirrors and novelty light pulls.

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