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Your Best Choice for Wall Decoration: WPC Wall Panel

Wall panel is a green and environmentally friendly decorative material. It is a kind of decoration material that can be reused, and now it has become a favorite decoration material. However, many people are not very clear about the types and differences of wall panel Let’s take a look at the specific introduction of wall panel.

I. Materials and Properties

WPC wall cladding

George panel is a wall panel manufacture in China, manufacture for two kinds of wall panel: one is WPC wall cladding, the other is solid wood interior wall panel, WPC wall cladding is made of wood as the base material, plastic, and processing aids, etc., and then heated and extruded by the mold after mixing evenly. of. It is a new high-tech decorative material, green and environmentally friendly, with the dual performance and characteristics of wood and plastic, WPC interior wall panel has the advantages of protecting walls, sound absorption and noise reduction, thermal insulation, safety and environmental protection, and convenient maintenance.

solid wood interior wall panel

Solid wood interior wall panel is made of natural oak. There is a layer of film on the surface to increase the decorative effect and play a certain moisture-proof effect. The surface layer can prevent water from infiltrating the internal wood in a short time. The solid wood interior wall panel is environmentally friendly and has a strong three-dimensional sense and Extensibility, formaldehyde-free, green, and healthy, not easy to deform, compressive, impact-resistant, high-quality texture, can well ensure indoor comfort and can be used for a long time. The following is an overview of the WPC wall cladding and Solid wood interior wall panel products owned by our George Panel.

II. WPC wall cladding performance characteristics

1. Waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof and ant-proof

WPC interior wall panel is durable, and its biggest feature is waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof and ant-proof, so it effectively solves the problem of easy decay, expansion and deformation after absorbing water and damp in humid and watery environments.

WPC interior wall panel

Waterproof Display

2. Strong ventilation

The direct advantage of WPC interior wall panel is that it has strong ventilation. Generally, WPC wall cladding will be made into a grid or vertical strip, with a hollow shape in the middle, so it has excellent ventilation.

3. Reduce direct sunlight

Using WPC wall cladding in balconies or corridors can reduce the direct sunlight to the interior to a certain extent, reduce the heat radiation of sunlight to the interior, and achieve the effect of energy-saving.

4. Colorful selection and strong plasticity

The colors system of WPC interior wall panel is very rich, so there is a lot of patterns for users to choose from, and at the same time, they can customize the color matching according to their own preferences, fully reflecting the personalized style, especially some young people, they like this decoration very much.

The solid wood interior wall panel

III. Specific advantages

1. Formaldehyde-free environmental protection, sound insulation and noise reduction

2. Fire and flame retardant, waterproof and moisture-proof, non-corrosive

3. Thermal insulation, air purification

4. Anti-insect and mothproof

George Panel

IV.WPC interior wall panel Specifications and Options

Width: 150/158/169/202mm

Length: 3000mm

Thickness: 15/20/26/27mm

Material: Wood plastic composite

Process: Laminated Surface / Hot and Cold Pressed / Side Grooving

Application: Indoor background wall, indoor ceiling

Most of the protruding parts of the wood-plastic board are vertical bars, and the middle part is hollow. Different shapes and styles have the following pictures.

wall cladding

Rectangle WPC Wall Cladding


Waterproof display

Color Selection


office scene - wpc wall cladding

Office Scene – WPC Wall Cladding

Wave-shaped color options - WPC wall cladding

Wave-shaped Color Options – WPC Wall Cladding


Wave shape display effect

 Wave Shape Display Effect


opposite sex

The decoration is very good, which can well highlight the personal character.


Display of colors and renderings

Display of Colors and Renderings


Solid wood

Inner round – Give people the natural warmth of home and enjoy a beautiful life in the warmth of shelter from wind and rain.

If you choose WPC wall panel as the interior decoration wall, it can enrich your interior elements, show your taste, and the environmental protection is also very good, which is in line with the green life advocated by the society.

WPC wall panel

V. Solid wood interior wall panel performance characteristics

1. Good quality

Solid wood interior wall panel has the strong bearing capacity and weight-bearing capacity, good toughness, not easy to deform.

2. Easy to clean

The surface is covered with a water-based film, which is dust-proof and dirt-resistant and can be wiped directly with a damp rag.

3. Green environmental protection

Judging from the materials currently selected by the public, most of them pay more attention to the environmental protection performance of the products, while Solid wood interior wall panel is made of natural oak, a pure natural product without benzene.

4. Advanced texture

Solid wood interior wall panel retains the wood grain of oak, the texture is unique and advanced, and the wood is delicate, which can enhance the overall style of the interior. The grille plate is matched with the square column design, which can mix and match various decoration styles, which not only increases the sense of space hierarchy, but also makes the interior decoration more perfect and more visually impactful!

Solid wood interior wall panels

Solid Wood Interior Wall Panel

VI. Advantages of Solid wood interior wall panel

1. Hard texture, anti-deformation, can be used for a long time

2. Environmentally friendly, healthy, and comfortable

3. Strong decorative, high-quality texture, natural wood feel

4. No peculiar smell, moisture-proof

VII. Solid wood interior wall panel Specifications

Width: 150mm

Length: 2750mm

Thickness: 20mm

Material: Oak

Process: Laminated Surface / Hot and Cold Pressed / Side Grooving

Application: Indoor background wall, indoor ceiling

There is only one specification of Solid wood interior wall panel, of course, you can choose to customize, the following pictures are for reference.

Style- Solid wood interior wall panel

Solid Wood Interior Wall Panel


Selection of color

Selection of Color


living room- solid wood interior wall panel

Living Room – Solid Wood Interior Wall Panel

If you choose solid wood wall panels, you can enhance the overall style of your interior. The texture of solid wood makes people more comfortable. The pure natural wood does not contain formaldehyde and is green and healthy.

VIII. Applicable scene

The application scenarios of WPC cladding panels and solid wood interior wall panels are the same. It can extend the infinite imagination space for the home and enhance the indoor atmosphere.

Kitchen - WPC wall cladding

Kitchen – WPC wall cladding

Foreground-background effect

Wall Panel Applications for Reception Desks

Combined with the cabinet, it has a rich sense of hierarchy in visual display. The connection between the wall and the cabinet is very extensible. The fresh and natural colors and lines always give people a natural warmth of home, and they have been enjoying the beautiful life of sheltering from the wind and rain in the warmth.

bedroom -solid wood interior wall panel

Bedroom – Solid Wood Interior Wall Panel

TV backdrop- solid wood interior wall panel

TV backgroup Wall – Solid Wood Interior Wall Panel

WPC wall cladding (2)

WPC Wall Cladding

IX. Wall panel installation

Before starting, first check whether the model and size of WPC wall cladding sent by WPC wall panel supplier are wrong, and whether there is damage to the surface, and then prepare relevant tools for installation. According to the installation diagram, when installing WPC interior wall panel, measure the size first, and then cut it. After the back of WPC interior wall panel is glued to the wall with glass glue, it is fixed with nails. Solid wood interior wall panel needs to be floored before installation, and the subsequent installation steps are the same as WPC wall cladding.

WPC wall panel design Buying advice






X. Buying advice

The introduction of WPC wall cladding, and solid wood interior wall panel is over here. George Panel hopes to help you choose WPC wall cladding or Solid wood interior wall panel. If you have purchase needs, you can consult us, and a professional design team to provide you with WPC wall panel design to meet your purchase needs.

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