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Exploration of 2023 Bedroom Wall Panel Design

Bedroom wall panels are a great way to add interest and texture to your room without overwhelming the space with patterns or bright colors. When it comes to the latest bedroom ideas, there has been a surge in wall paneling ideas over the past few years, with interior designers throwing out the rule book and introducing brand new ways of using this age-old technique.

While paneling began as a means of insulation, we now use it as an art form. And it has more uses than you think. We often think of paneling as a way of injecting period character into a house, giving it more character and creating a sense of nostalgia. While we all love history, the latest panel designs are bold, fun, and modern. So whether you want to pay homage to the past or want a dramatic geometric feature wall, bedroom paneling is your answer.

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I. Key elements of bedroom wall panel design

1. Material selection of wall panels

The choice of material for bedroom wall panels is crucial as it affects not only the appearance but also the ambience of the bedroom. Wood siding often brings a warm and natural feel, while metal siding may add a modern feel. In addition, wallpaper wall panels can be provided in a variety of different patterns and colors to meet the needs of different styles.

2. Use of color

Wall paneling color choice is a key factor in bedroom design. Pale wall panels often add a sense of space and brightness, making them suitable for small bedrooms. Dark wall panels bring warmth and coziness, suitable for larger bedrooms or for those who wish to create a sense of intimacy.

3. Creative design

Bedroom wall panel designs can be a creative highlight. You can choose decorative elements on the wall panels such as patterns, sconces, mirrors or decorative paintings to enhance the personalization of the bedroom.

4. Geometry and Patterns

Geometric patterns and patterned wall panels are a hot trend in bedroom design. They can create a modern and artistic look through simple geometric shapes or complex patterns.

5. Maintenance and cleaning

Maintenance and cleaning of bedroom wall panels are also something to consider. Different materials of siding require different care, so make sure you know how to maintain its beauty and longevity.


II. Why is it popular to install paneling in bedrooms?

1. Decoration and comfort

Paneling adds decorativeness and texture to bedroom walls, making the room look more welcoming and cozy. This decorative element creates a unique charm and makes the bedroom a pleasant space to relax.

2. Personalization

Paneling offers personalized decorative options. You can create a unique bedroom by choosing from different paneling styles, colors, and designs based on your aesthetic needs and preferences.

3. Wall protection

Paneling can be used to cover blemishes, cracks or imperfections in a wall, providing an effective method of wall protection.

4. Sound and insulation

Some types of paneling can provide some sound insulation, reducing the spread of noise within a room. This is very helpful for creating a peaceful bedroom environment.

5. Increase layering

Paneling adds depth to a bedroom by adding extra detail and depth to the walls, making the room richer and more dramatic.

6. Value improvement

Installing paneling in bedrooms can increase the value of your home because it adds a high-quality decorative and design element to the room. This may be attractive if the home is for sale or rented.

In conclusion, the popularity of paneling in bedrooms is due to its decorative properties, personalization, wall protection and various other benefits. It can create a variety of different decorative effects for the bedroom to meet the decorative desires of people with different styles and needs.

III. Ideas for bedroom wall panels

1. Bold colors

The choice of color for your bedroom wall panels is an important part of creating a personal, unique and pleasing bedroom. Bold color choices can add energy, passion and artistry to a bedroom, bringing an unprecedented visual impact to your private space.

2. Paint your siding

Painting siding is a traditional painting method commonly used on interior walls. This technique can add color to your walls while preserving the texture of the wallboard or drywall. Start by diluting your paint with water, then you need to brush on, wipe immediately, and repeat until you get the color you want.

3. Choose a unique type of wood

Black walnut custom paneling softens the crisp white walls and edgy concrete floors. Not to mention, it’s one of a kind! Everyone is using white oak, which is very popular in our day and age, so I try to avoid it.

4. Match furniture

If your bedroom has wood wall panels, play with the theme by introducing an eye-catching wooden headboard. Paint them white so our eyes can focus on the custom bed frame.

5. Add cutouts

Want to make sleeping in your bedroom a fun, magical experience? So wood paneling was a natural part of it. Special cutouts in the paneling make the space feel more whimsical.

6. Color blocking and adding tiles

Add extra style to your kitchen walls by color-blocking wood paneling and then adding a tile backsplash on top. This will create geometric dimension and make it easy to decorate dark areas, such as behind an oven.


7. Pair panels with warm colors

A bedroom with raspberry pillows, tan walls and soft bedding can create the ultimate cozy atmosphere, balancing cool-toned woods with warm tones.

8. Combine wood paneling with murals

Wood paneling brings warmth and texture to the space, while hanging paintings are decorative masterpieces that add an artistic vibe to the walls. Combining wood paneling with hanging paintings can create unique and eye-catching interiors to impressive effect. You can hang a piece of art over the background of wood paneling to make it a focal point while the wood paneling provides a nice background texture. This combination can bring a richer layering to the space, making the hanging paintings blend into the space rather than just hanging on the wall.

9. Decorate things with marble

Contrasting wall panels with luxurious textures like marble always makes things look and feel more upscale. Also note the thinner wood siding here. Choose narrower slats for a low-profile twist.

10. Unfold the wall panels

The paneling is strategically painted with dark slate gray paint as a beautiful border to the lighter painted portions of the wall. It emphasizes the ridge while also creating a geometric pattern.

11. Separate it from other materials

There is power in material mixing, especially in spaces where surfaces matter. The back wall is wood paneled, as are the lower cabinets, but they’re painted different colors to break things up visually. The character of the different materials as well as the different woods create a dynamic and unique whole.

12. Camouflage wall panels with bookshelves

Camouflaged Wall Panels with Bookshelves is a subtle design element that combines wall panels with built-in bookshelves, providing both a decorative aspect and space for you to store and display your books and decorative items.

The paneling is partially concealed by built-in bookcases, which are made prettier by adorable accessories. But if you really despise those lines, just pile books in front of them until nothing is left of them.

13. White wall panels

Fresh and bright, white wall panels reflect light and make a bedroom look more spacious and open. The use of this color on bedroom wall panels can bring a fresh and inviting feel, making you feel refreshed every day when you wake up.

White wall panels give you a wide range of matching options. You can choose to match white wall panels with various colors of bedding, curtains, furniture and decorations to create different atmospheres. From fresh blues to warm wood tones, from elegant grays to bright golds, white wall panels can coordinate with them all.

14. Choose classic square paneling

You can’t go wrong with a simple square design for wall panels. The symmetry of this design makes it perfect for any type of bedroom, whether it’s a large master bedroom or a smaller children’s room.

Paneling will add character and reflect the period style accentuated by the light. As the sun moves throughout the day, its reflections create shadows and textures, and with thick paneling the cast shadows are even more intense, creating a more dramatic feel.

*Important hint:

If you plan on painting the paneling this dark color, don’t paint the paneling all the way to the wall. Keeping ceilings and wall tops white will visually trick the eye, making the room feel larger and airier than it actually is. Installing shaker-style DIY wall panels is easier than you think, too.

15. Use vertical stripes to lengthen the space

This is a great design if you are new to DIY and want to try paneling. These simple vertical stripes are super easy to replicate. They consist of vertical strips of plywood that are cut to size and then glued and nailed to the wall. You can fill any gaps with caulk and then paint them in a color of your choice.

This simple idea means you can style your bedding however you like, mixing and matching textures and colors however you see fit.

16. Paint the paneling pink for a modern look

Draw attention to the paneling and make it a standout design feature by painting it a different shade from the rest of the space. Pink bedroom wall panels represent romance, warmth and femininity, it adds unique charm and personality to the bedroom. This design choice is suitable for all styles of bedrooms, from modern to traditional, classic to trendy. Consider using pink wall panels in your bedroom to inject a romantic and sweet vibe into your retreat.

17. Keep it traditional with moldings

If you’re going for a truly classic look, or you’re keen to bring your period property’s decor back to its original lines, consider opting for siding with moldings.

The design of decorative lines focuses on the texture and sophistication of the lines. This design approach can bring elegance to bedroom walls and make you feel like you are in a classic or ancient interior.

Wall panels with moldings come in a variety of different design options, including materials such as wood, plaster, polymer, and more. You can choose moldings that suit the style of your bedroom, whether it’s classic wooden moldings or a contemporary, multi-material design.


18. Choose tongue and groove paneling

Bedroom tongue and groove paneling is a sophisticated and textured design element that adds texture and layering by creating tongue and grooves or grooves in the wall, bringing unique charm and decorativeness to the bedroom.

Part of the appeal of tongue and groove paneling in the bedroom is its grain and texture. Tongues and grooves can be of varying depths and widths, creating a variety of textural effects. This design approach can make the wall richer and more eye-catching. Tongue and groove can be used to create separation between different areas, such as a bedside wall or sitting area, adding structure and depth to a bedroom.

19. Use finer paneling in smaller spaces

If space is tight, reduce the size of the paneling. Bedroom paneling is an elegant and sophisticated decorative element for small spaces. It adds texture and decoration to the bedroom by adding small decorative panels to the wall without taking up too much space. This sophistication adds a decorative touch to a small bedroom, making it look more sophisticated.

Small-scale paneling can create decorativeness and texture on bedroom walls without overly compressing the sense of space. This makes it ideal for small bedrooms, adding a decorative touch while maintaining an airy feel to the space.

20. Herringbone paneling gets modern

Herringbone paneling is designed with a focus on geometric patterns. This design element, often featuring a herringbone concave and convex pattern, brings a modern feel to bedroom walls. Geometric design makes the bedroom look cleaner and neater.

How amazing is this? When creating your own paneling, you don’t have to stick to classic designs. Try modern shapes and new patterns that really pack a punch, like this oversized chevron effect. The best part is that the larger the pattern, the less cumbersome and faster the installation.

You can recreate this look using wooden boards. Just measure exactly and cut at right angles, then use Gorilla Glue or nails to secure it to the wall. For a smooth surface, apply filler where the boards meet. Then prime and paint with the color of your choice.

21. Display pictures and accessories on panels

Don’t think you need to leave the paneling exposed. A paneled wall can still serve as a blank canvas for gallery wall ideas. Displaying pictures and accessories on a bedroom wall panel is a design choice that makes a bedroom more personal and decorative.

From picture frames to tapestries and decorative lighting, carefully place them between panels or on top. This makes the feature wall idea full of interest, texture, and depth. Display pictures and accessories can help increase the visual appeal of your bedroom. You can make the display items on your wall panels the highlight of the space by creating visual focal points through clever placement, framing, and lighting.

This style of decoration can also be used to display personal memories and emotions. Family photos, travel photos, or special gifts and keepsakes can be displayed on a wall panel for you to look back on and cherish every day.

22. Create a shelf with low-level paneling

The bedroom is a private resting space, so its decoration should not only meet practical needs but also add beauty. Using versatile shelves with low-rise paneling in the bedroom is a unique design element that combines decorative low-rise paneling with functional shelves to bring a unique flavor and functionality to the bedroom.

Paneling at dado height provides the perfect opportunity to embed additional storage space. Place a shelf above the paneling and paint it the same color as the wall for a consistent look. Decorate with creeping plants and treasured items to create eye-catching bedroom shelf ideas.

IV. Conclusion

No matter which style you prefer, wall panel ideas can inject fresh design inspiration into your bedroom, making it a space unique to you. Whether you are redecorating your bedroom or just moved into a new home, consider exploring wall paneling ideas in your bedroom to add more charm and personality to your intimate space.

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