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A wall panel is single piece of material, usually flat and cut into a rectangular shape, that serves as the visible and exposed covering for a wall. Wall panels are functional as well as decorative, providing insulation and soundproofing, combined with uniformity of appearance, along with some measure of durability or ease of replaceability. Wood-plastic composite (WPC) are composite materials made of wood fiber or wood flour and thermoplastic.

When this wood-plastic composite material is used to manufacture wall panels, which is what we call WPC wall panel, it has incomparable advantages, and this cutting-edge technology for manufacturing WPC wall panel has been mastered by our WPC wall panel manufacture.


WPC composite board is one of the categories of WPC wall panel. The full name of  WPC composite board is double-panel all-ceramic panel. WPC composite boards are made by cutting pure natural wood or technical wood planer into certain thin and thick sheets, adhering to the surface layer of the wood plank, and then pressing together through multiple processes such as cold pressing and hot pressing. WPC composite boards can also be called WPC wall panels.

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As the  top WPC wall panel supplier in China, we will give you a detailed introduction of WPC wall panel and why you should choose to use it in interior design from the following perspectives: the features of  WPC composite board, the appearance of WPC composite board, and the advantages of WPC composite board, practical application scenarios of WPC composite board, the installation guideline of WPC composite board, the maintenance skills of WPC composite board. WPC wall panel design, what kind of benefits can WPC wall panel bring to our home design?

I. The features of WPC composite board

Wood-plastic composite (WPC) wall panels are made from grounded bamboo or wood thoroughly mixed and heated with thermoplastic resins mixed with additives for imparting superior qualities. WPC composite board is a hybrid product that got the qualities of wood and easiness and water-resistant properties of plastic. WPC composite board is a long-lasting, eco-friendly, durable, and extremely high water and moisture resistant product than plywood.

II. The appearance of  WPC composite board

1. The structure of WPC composite board

The solid structure wall panel has excellent stability, the surface is covered with laminate, the area of each wall panel is generally large, and it is easy to be cut into various shapes.

WPC composite board

WPC composite board has a three-layer structure, the first layer is base material layer, the materials included in this layer are high densify bamboo and wood. The second layer is composite layer, the materials included in this layer is PUR hot melt adhesive, and the third layer is finishing layer, the materials included in this layer is PP film, EPL film, or Leather & VEL/VET or Skin feeling

2. The patterns of WPC composite board

There are many patterns of the laminate covering the WPC composite board, which are novel and beautiful, including the texture pattern imitating wood grain, the texture pattern imitating marble, and the texture pattern imitating the texture of cloth, which is better than using real wood, stone, cloth is more convenient and durable, this is the value of WPC wall panel, the appearance can be selected and customized according to customers needs, the surface technology is mainly laminating, and some customized products will be added with spray painting and UV technology.

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3. The parameters of WPC composite board

WPC composite boards are delivered in standard sizes, can be adjusted on site, and can also be customized according to customer requirements.

4. Metal edge profiles for edging WPC composite board

WPC composite boards can either be connected side by side or with decorative metal profiles which are available in multiple colors. The metal profiles will also protect the panels from wear and tear. For the metal edge material of the WPC wall panel there are also a variety of colours to choose from: dumb black, matte titanium, brass, dumb grey and so on.

WPC interior wall panels

III. The advantages of WPC composite board

1. Stable and reliable quality

The raw material of the WPC composite boards are made of high-quality hard miscellaneous wood as the basic material. The solid structure has excellent stability and is not easy to deform. The laminate on the surface of the WPC composite boards can not only play a decorative role, but also protect the interior of the wallboard from external erosion. Compared with solid wood panels, WPC composite boards have better moisture-proof and mildew-proof effects. If you use high-quality WPC wall panels to decorate your home, they can have a lifespan of 20-30 years.

2. Easy to process, good decorative and beautifying effect

WPC composite boards are different from solid wood. It is a kind of light-weight and very easy-to-process board. In terms of shape design, it does not have too many limitations and can meet various personalized customization needs of customers. Moreover, WPC composite boards are more conducive to large-scale modeling, and it looks more atmospheric and beautiful. If your home is a large-sized unit and pursues a generous overall style, you can consider using WPC wall panel when designing your home, which will make your home design more beautiful. As a WPC wall panel company, we can provide customers with many WPC wall panel designs.

3. Variety of styles and patterns

The colours and patterns of WPC composite boards are very rich, with a variety of patterns, colors and textures, which can present different styles and charms, and can meet the needs of different styles and designs in the customized home of customers. If you have no initial idea in home design, but are very pursuing personalized home decoration, WPC composite board may be your best choice, because its rich texture and color allow you to achieve free matching and combination.

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4. Price advantage

Compared with the use of real stone, wood and cloth, the WPC wall cladding price is lower, more practical and more cost-effective. If you don’t have enough budget at the moment, but want to create high-end effects at a cost-effective price, using WPC wall panel can achieve the effect that is comparable to real materials such as stone, wood, and cloth.

IV. Practical application scenarios

1. WPC composite board as background wall

In home decor design, the use of WPC composite boards to create TV background walls, sofa background walls, hotel reception background walls and bedroom background walls can give people a atmospheric and high-grade luxury, make the space appear more natural and delicate, and enhance the warmth of the bedroom space, which is favored by many people.

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2. WPC composite boards as ceiling

WPC composite boards are installed on the ceiling and look high-grade luxury, and are often used in Chinese and Japanese styles.

wpc wall paneling

3. WPC composite boards as door

wood plastic composite wall panel

The very subtle design of WPC composite boards and invisible doors retains the continuity of the background wall and makes the integrity stronger.In particular, the wall area is not large enough, and there are doors in the apartment, the overall vision looks simple and beautiful.

V. Installation guideline

WPC composite boards is easy to install and maintain, and it is very worthwhile to choose it as the material for decoration design. The first condition for installing the wall panel is to check whether the wall is flat. If the wall is flat, you can directly glue the back of the wall panel, stick it to the wall, and insert the metal edge profile to fix it. Install the next wall panel in order, and so on, the installation is completed successfully.

VI. Maintenance skills

During the use of interior WPC wall panel, due to the accumulation of dust over time, it is best to use a clean soft cotton cloth or a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the surface of the WPC interior wall panels, and the WPC composite boards achieve a new look.

VII. How to choose the suitable WPC composite boards?

1. Considerations for home style

If the style of your home is biased towards the simple Japanese style, you can choose WPC composite boards with light-colored wood grain and light-colored cloth grain, and the texture of the WPC wall panel is very good. The wood texture is fresh and natural, which can make people feel very warm and relaxed and make the whole space more natural.

If the style of your home is biased towards the European pastoral retro style, you can choose dark wood grain and other WPC composite boards that are more inclined to dark colors, and you can also choose patterned WPC wall panels for mixing and matching. It will be more European style. Anyway, no matter what style your home is, it is best to keep the color and texture of the WPC wall panels to match the decoration style, so as to maintain the overall coordination and maximize the effectiveness of WPC exterior wall cladding.

2. Considerations for Layout design

(1) Overall paving

Replacing traditional painted walls with WPC composite boards is the most common layout. The WPC composite boards covering the walls seems to connect all the spaces in a special way, so smooth and simple, revealing its best side invisibly.

wpc panels for walls wpc interior wall panel






(2) Partial composition

When covering the wall limits the design possibilities, try the design thinking of partial composition. The design method focuses on embellishment aesthetics. Selecting a suitable wall space, outlining the desired shape and laying the WPC composite boards is the complete context of the partial composition. This kind of design makes the WPC composite boards escape the protagonist. The WPC wall panel design has become a transitional existence, not dominant or publicized. Although it is a supporting role, it still has its own charm to show.

composite boards WPC wall panel design







Precautions :

– The overall pavement pays attention to the composition of unity. Therefore, in the design process, it is necessary to clarify the style, texture and color of the WPC composite boards based on the overall design style, It can avoid the misalignment of style in the later stage.

– Although partial laying is a transitional design, it does not mean that it can be assembled at will. Its laying position, shape, color, etc. need to be planned and matched to ensure the best presentation of the overall effect after the WPC composite boards are installed.

3. Identify if the quality is good enough

(1) Flatness of WPC composite boards

When you are buying WPC composite boards, you must pay attention to the flatness of WPC wall panel. If the surface is not flat, or the color difference is very large, you better not to choose it. From this point, it also shows that the craftsmanship of this brand is not enough, for example, the corners are not neat or the degree of viscose is not up to standard. But as WPC wall panel manufacture, we have the mature craftsmanship and experience in making WPC composite boards, and we are worthy of your trust.

(2) Adhesion of WPC composite boards

First of all, the laminate on the surface should be attached to the base material. The color difference of the same style of WPC composite boards should not be too obvious. For example, degumming and delamination of the panel will not work. At the same time, the board with moisture content between 8%~12% can be selected to prevent cracking and warping.

(3) Thickness of WPC composite boards

Generally speaking, the thicker the WPC composite boards, the better. Especially the laminate of WPC composite board. The thicker it is, the more natural it will be. The wood grain, stone and cloth texture will be very clear, natural, and it will look more upscale.

composite board

If you have any doubts about the selection of interior WPC wall panels, and do not know how to design the combination of home and wall panels, you are welcome to contact us at any time, the professional WPC wall panel manufacturer, we have a professional design team, which can provide you a complete and perfect interior WPC wall panel design solution. If you have any questions about the purchase of WPC wall panels, we can also provide you with professional advice on the selection of WPC composite boards.

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