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2023 New Trend PU Artificial Mushroom Stone

PU stone provides highly realistic simulation effects, allowing people to enjoy the beauty of natural stone without bearing its high cost and weight.

Product Features:

Item: Specification

Type: PU Stone Panel

Size: 600*1200mm

Color: 11 Colors Available

Features: Lightweight/Easy to Transport/Easy to Install/Fireproof/Waterproof

Fireproof: B1

Application: Interior Wall and Exterior Wall

Installation: Glue and Nail

– Video Display –

PU stone is a stunning synthetic material that mimics the look and feel of natural stone, but is lighter, more durable, and more environmentally friendly. PU stone has a realistic appearance and clear texture. If you are interested in innovative building materials and decorative elements, don’t miss this mushroom stone!

– PU Stone Guide –

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Product Description


– Overview –

GEORGE PANEL focuses on developing and manufacturing high-quality PU Stone synthetic stone products. PU Stone is a stunning synthetic material with outstanding look, feel and performance characteristics.

Our products are manufactured through advanced processes and technologies to mimic the beauty and solidity of natural stone, but are lighter, easier to work with, and more environmentally friendly.


– Benefits –

+ Realistic Appearance: PU stone is known for its lifelike grain, color, and texture that is nearly indistinguishable from natural stone. It provides highly realistic simulation effects, allowing people to enjoy the beauty of natural stone without bearing its high cost and weight.

+ Lightweight: PU stone is relatively lightweight, much lighter than most natural stones. This makes it more convenient during construction and installation, reduces labor and transportation costs, and allows for use in more applications, including on walls, ceilings, floors, and more.

+ Durability: PU stone has excellent durability and is not easily damaged, worn or faded. It resists the effects of daily use and environmental factors and remains beautiful for many years.

+ Easy to Process and Install: PU stone is easy to process and cut, so it can be customized according to the needs of the project. Its lightweight and flexibility make installation simpler, reducing engineering time and expense.

Design Effect


PU stone products are coordinated between each other, so different PU stone elements can be easily combined to create a unified and consistent design effect. This helps ensure that the entire project looks coordinated and complete.

Due to its high-quality appearance and durability, PU stone is often used to create luxurious interior spaces and decorative elements. It adds texture to the space and creates a sense of class and quality.

PU stone is not only suitable for traditional style designs, but can also be used in modern and futuristic projects. Its smooth surface and wide range of color options make it ideal for contemporary design.

For designers and architects who are environmentally conscious, choosing PU stone is a wise choice. It is often made from environmentally friendly materials, contributing to the sustainability of the project.

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