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What is PU Stone? The Most Comprehensive PU Stone Introduction

Material collision has always been a visual sensory impact effect pursued by designers. In the past two years, concave-convex stone veneer has appeared in many classic cases, but most people’s choice is to stay away. After all, problems such as raw materials, cost, transportation, and construction are difficult to solve, but there is actually a kind of imitation stone veneer—PU stone, which can be real, has been widely used in many countries. Because many buildings are mainly wooden structures, PU stone is widely used in the decoration of building exterior walls. Well, what kind of material is such a realistic imitation stone veneer—PU stone?

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From the perspective of a professional designer, the most prominent thing is that the material is flexible and lightweight, which can meet different individual needs. It seems ordinary, but it conveys a kind of beauty that needs to be found in detail. Follow me today to learn more about PU stone!

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I. What Is Pu Stone?


We first analyze its original components. The Chinese interpretation of PU is polyurethane, the full name of polyurethane, which is the general name of macromolecular compounds containing repeating carbamate groups on the main chain. It is composed of organic diisocyanates. Polyisocyanate and dihydroxy or polyhydroxy compound polyaddition to form polyurethane material, PU stone is very versatile and can replace rubber, plastic, nylon and other products.

II. What Kinds of Products Are There in Pu Stone?

All cultural stones have the shape of PU stone, such as the great wall stone, tile board, flowing water stone, etc. in our traditional concept, in addition to the more distinctive concrete cement board, mushroom stone.


2023 New Trend PU Artificial Mushroom Stone

The most distinctive style is the stone skin, which is designed with uneven stone shapes. We all know that the comprehensive cost of the original ecological rubble is very high. In addition to the material itself, it is also necessary to build a steel frame structure during construction, which consumes huge manpower and material resources. In some areas with high floor heights, there are still certain safety hazards.

Then, PU stone has become the preferred substitute at this time. The size of the great wall stone, flowing water stone and other conventional models ranges from 1115 to 1200mm in length and 180 to 310mm in width. The conventional sizes of concrete cement board and mushroom stone are as follows: 1200*600mm, 1200*450mm, the conventional sizes of stone skin are 2400*800mm, 2400*300mm, 1200*600mm.

III. What Are the Characteristics of Pu Stone?

From the perspective of raw materials, PU stone is more like a new cross-border material, applying well-known materials to the decoration materials that restore the real stone. In terms of craftsmanship, the raw materials are pressed through the mold, and at the same time, the color is applied in the mold. Usually, 2-4 sets of molds will be developed for the PU stone of the same appearance. To achieve the effect, the surface is protected by spraying with water-based environmental protection paint for exterior wall waterproofing.

1. Simulation appearance

The product mold of PU stone is finely polished according to the real stone, and with special processing, the appearance of the product is realistic and delicate, which is indistinguishable from the real stone.

2. Long lasting


PU stone has a long service life and saves costs. The PU stone is composed of polymer materials and sprayed with multiple layers of high-strength coatings to make it resistant to acid, sunscreen, and ultraviolet rays, and to last longer.

3. Excellent temperature resistance

The temperature resistance of PU stone is minus 20 degrees – high temperature 120 degrees.

4. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free

Polyurethane products are non-polluting, non-toxic and tasteless. Due to the properties of the raw materials, the synthesis of PU stone does not add too many artificial materials.

5. Keep warm function

PU stone integrates the advantages of an external thermal insulation system and has thermal insulation function.

6. Easy to install

The installation of PU stone does not require high technical requirements for construction personnel, and non-professionals can also construct according to the drawings. PU stone can be used on almost any dry flat substrate indoors, and the direct installation time and the time period required for the entire project are far less than the installation time of traditional cultural stone products. PU stone products are designed with an inner card structure, with tongue edges, full grooves and reserved seams. Most of the installation work does not require caulking, and can be installed directly with screws and gun nails.


Thin Faux Veneer PU Wall Decor Simulation Stone

7. Novel appearance

The PU style can be adapted to random designs, with strong texture and various shapes, and can be customized according to special requirements.

8. Firm and safe

PU stone adopts prefabricated installation or matching glue to bond to the wall, with high safety factor.

9. Water-proof

PU stone plus a layer of self-developed coating, with waterproof and flame retardant functions.

10. Lightweight

PU stone is made of PU as the main material, and anti-corrosion polymer materials are added, and the weight per square meter is only 6 kg. Since the PU stone is made of high-tech materials, it is light in weight and does not require the cooperation of other machinery, and can be installed by a single person.

IV. The Construction Process of Pu Stone

1. Treatment of the grassroots


Before construction, clean the impurities on the surface of the base of the wall to ensure that the wall is basically flat.

2. Wipe the leveling layer

The leveling layer is to use cement mortar in a ratio of 1:3, and fiber cement board or wood plywood is used as the base for indoor use.

3. Arranging bricks, dividing grids, and elastic lines

In principle, the width of the brick joints is 8mm, and the whole bricks must be used for dividing and arranging bricks. If the whole brick cannot be used, the ash joint should be adjusted. If it cannot be adjusted, the whole brick should be cut.

4. Paste PU stone

The PU stone should be inlaid from bottom to top, and the bonding thickness should be between 4 and 8mm.

5. Pointing

According to the material and depth required by the design, the jointing is carried out horizontally and then vertically to ensure the effect of continuous, straight, smooth, no crack and no hollow.

6. Clean the surface

When the surface is dry and the cement slurry is dry quickly, wipe the whole with dry cotton yarn, and then rinse the paved PU stone with clean water.

V. The Application of Pu Stone- Infinite Possibilities to Create Space

On the basis of light weight and firmness, PU stone can withstand all kinds of grinding: it can be nailed, sawn, washable, etc. As a cross-border material, PU stone has its own characteristics that make it appear and widely used In the wall decoration of different scenes in the interior.

Now PU stone has been widely used in airports, hotels, building materials, automobile factories, coal mines, cement factories, high-end apartments, villas, landscaping, colored stone art, parks, etc.


2023 New Trend PU Artificial Mushroom Stone


Thin Faux Veneer PU Wall Decor Simulation Stone

In the living room, PU stone is used as an indoor TV background wall. Its malleability enables it to replace cultural stone and adapt to various styles and colors, bringing a sense of design to the space.


PU Stone Wall Panel Culture Mountain Rock

In the bedroom, the bedside background wall of the bedroom is also decorated with PU stone, which brings a more natural and calm rest environment while decorating the wall.

In the study room, the scholarly study space is the collision of diverse knowledge and diversity, and the wall shape endows the space with more possibilities.

In the bathroom, the dark bathroom is matched with the PU stone with its own three-dimensional texture, which shows the dark and glamorous texture vividly.


PU Stone Wall Panel Culture Mountain Rock

The use of mixed materials in contemporary art is not only more and more common, but also has infinite possibilities to represent future trends.

VI. Conclusion

Through the above analysis, it seems that PU stone seems to be full of advantages, so does it have any disadvantages? For example, some traditional categories overlap with cultural stone, even if construction is more convenient, the price of PU stone is much higher, but if the project is very focused on material budget, then PU stone has no advantage.

Another example, for example, Taiwan imitation leather stone is the most distinctive category, even though it can restore the real stone effect very realistically, and can greatly reduce various costs, but this is not real stone after all, and some surfaces do not feel as good as real stones are heavy. Overall, PU stone is considered to have a high safety factor, a more realistic imitation stone finish, and a high price/performance ratio.

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