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Indoor WPC Wall Panel – GP-KJ1220

Product Features:

Width: 1220mm

Length: 2600mm

Thickness: 5/8mm

Material: Bamboo Fiber/Wood-Plastic Composites/OSB

Process: Lamination Surface/Hot & Cold Pressing/Side Slotting

Performance: Waterproof/Flame Retardant/Mildew Proof/Insect Proof/Formaldehyde Free

Application: Large area paving of passageway wall and background

– Video Display –

These wood panelings come with a smooth wood veneer finish that renders an enriched and luxurious color quality. Let our decorative wall panels take center stage in your modern home, these timeless pieces will transform your interior spaces with their luxurious texture and architectural detailing.

Product Description


– Overview –

The acoustic slat wood panelings are ideal for all interior applications. Offering an easy to install, all in one solution.

Thedecorative wall panels deliver a visually eye-catching wallcovering application and bring the added benefit of acoustic dampening qualities to any project.


– Benefits –

+ This decorative wall panel has thermal properties, making this wall cladding panel the perfect choice for rooms where you want to stabalise the temperature.

+ Comparing installing wall cladding versus having to apply multiple coats of paint and wait for it to dry. It also means you don’t have to wait long to use your room again.

+ Using wall cladding panels can improve the impact and moisture resistance of walls. At the same time, using fire-retardant wood can help protect your space from catching fire.

+ Can be used to “cover over” walls which are in a poor condition — without the requirement for masses of filling and making good before-hand.

Design Effect

The wall cladding panel can be used for creating beautful slat walls and ceilings which adds a modern look to the room. The fluted panel is sound dampening and removes reverberation within the room, which drastically improves the acoustics within the room.

Contemporary oak veneer slats complement a range of interior styles. Easy to install to transform any residential or commercial space.

Beautifully applied to an entire wall or as a feature. Alternatively choose the classic natural oak veneer on a dark core for extra depth and shadowing.

Offer added contrast and character to enhance all kinds of interior spaces. All wall claddings will have natural features and slight color variations.

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