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PU Feather Shape Stone Panel

The main trunk of the artificial PU feather stone panel gradually becomes thinner from thick to thin.

Product Features:

Item: Specification

Type: PU Feather Shape Panel

Size: 200*900mm

Color: 12 Colors Available

Features: Lightweight/Easy to Transport/Easy to Install/Fireproof/Waterproof

Fireproof: B1

Application: Interior Wall and Exterior Wall

Installation: Glue and Nail

– Video Display –

PU stone is a stunning synthetic material that mimics the look and feel of natural stone, but is lighter, more durable, and more environmentally friendly. PU stone has a realistic appearance and clear texture. If you are interested in innovative building materials and decorative elements, don’t miss this PU feather shape stone panel!

– PU Stone Guide –

Do you want to get more information and knowledge about PU stone? Welcome to read this article: What is PU Stone? The Most Comprehensive PU Stone Introduction!

Product Description


– Overview –

The main trunk of the artificial PU feather stone panel gradually becomes thinner from thick to thin, and the branches and leaves are arranged in sequence from the root, bending and stretching, showing a graceful arc.

The emergence of PU feather stone panel is completely rooted in the designer’s inspiration and artistic creation. It not only shows the graceful outline and clear veins of feathers, but also incorporates artistic imagination.


– Benefits –

+ Texture and color: The design effect of artificial PU feather shape stone panel is usually very realistic, imitating the texture, color and luster of natural feather stone. It can appear in featherstone’s characteristic green or blue-green color, as well as various other color variations.

+ Gloss and Transparency: Similar to natural feather stones, artificial PU feather stones usually have a certain degree of transparency and gloss, which increases their visual appeal.

+ Customizability: Artificial PU feather stone panel can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of specific projects. You can choose from different shapes, sizes and colors to meet individual aesthetic requirements.

+ Lightweight and Easy to Process: Compared with natural featherstone, artificial PU featherstone is generally lighter and easier to process and install, which helps reduce construction time and cost.

+ Durability: Artificial PU featherstone generally has high durability and is not easily affected by daily use and environmental factors, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration projects.

Design Effect


Can you see the coordination, regularity, and movement of the feathers? Feather stone panels are lightweight and small, making them easy to transport and install. Suitable for decoration in bedrooms, bedside, doorways, hallways and background walls. Walls made of feather stone can give people a feeling of quiet, peaceful, profound, orderly and leisurely.

Although PU feather shape stone panel is smaller in size, due to the higher precision of its individually supporting production equipment, the overall cost of a single product is higher than that of large-size imitation stones such as mushroom stone.

Another big difference is that the surface of imitation stone should have rough marks, while the surface of PU feather stone panel should be very smooth, which puts higher requirements on the silicone mold and polyurethane formula as well as the parameter adjustment of the production process.

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