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PU Stone: The Trend of Future Decorative Materials

Recently, customers always ask me whether PU imitation stone is expensive? When I think about it, whether the materials are expensive or not depends first on your own style, needs and budget. As a new material, PU imitation stone has indeed become more popular recently, so I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you.

We should have a certain understanding of PU stone. It is an anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, flame-retardant, and UV-resistant wall decoration plate that has a visual effect that is just like the real thing. At the same time, the cost is much lower than that of original ecological stone. Therefore, starting from 2022, PU stone will become popular and become the new favorite of the material industry. PU stone is one of the many styles of PU stone, so it has the same material properties as PU stone.

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I. What are the excellent properties and shortcomings of PU stone?


1. Environmentally friendly

Whether the material is environmentally friendly or not should be a consideration for most families. PU stone uses a polyurethane formula. The synthesis process is green, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, non-toxic and tasteless. It does not use too many artificial materials and uses plant fibers and other raw materials to produce it. The process will not produce waste gas and will not pollute the environment, and the waste residue can also be degraded through landfill. PU stone maintains its own environmental protection. Compared with wallpaper and wall coverings, it contains a lot less industrial glue and is relatively more environmentally friendly.

2. Easy to install

The simplicity mentioned here refers to the convenience of installation. The PU stone material itself is relatively lightweight and does not require the cooperation of other machinery. The product is designed with an internal card structure, with tongue edges, stagnation grooves and reserved seams. Most of the work does not require Caulking is required, and installation can be completed directly with screws and nails.

PU stone paving is very convenient and only needs to be applied on a flat rough wall. And because of its lightweight nature, it can be cut at will according to the design effect on site, as long as the flatness is ensured, making collage more convenient. In fact, there are significant labor and time savings compared to the installation times of traditional cultural stone goods, both for the direct installation and the whole project.

3. Durable

Using PU as the main material, adding anti-corrosion polymer materials, and spraying multiple layers of high-strength paint, it is acid-resistant, sun-proof, and UV-resistant, and will last longer. Plus a layer of self-developed coating, which has water-repellent and flame-retardant functions.

4. Texture

As a material that replaces natural stone, PU stone is carefully made according to the texture of real stone and special technology. It can basically achieve the effect of being fake and real. And it must have some advantages that natural stone does not have. On the basis of these advantages, the texture is delicate and lifelike, which is really a major advantage of the material itself. At the same time, different colors, textures and shapes can be customized according to needs.

5. Strong and safe

It is installed in a prefabricated manner or adhered to the wall with matching glue. It has a high safety factor and has certain fire-proof performance. It has good temperature resistance and can be used in the temperature range of -20 degrees to 120 degrees.

6. Wide range of application

PU stone has a wide variety of shapes and realistic textures. It has passed professional waterproof, insect-proof, flame-retardant and wind-proof tests and can be used on almost any flat substrate indoors, basements and outdoors. Now it has been widely used in airports, hotels, building materials, automobile factories, coal mines, cement plants, high-end apartments, villas, landscaping, colored stone art, parks and other places.

7. Lightweight, strong and highly malleable

The weight of PU stone is only 6 kilograms per square meter, and it has good elasticity and toughness, and is not easy to deform, fall off, or crack. On the basis of being light and strong, PU stone can withstand all kinds of polishing: it can be nailed, sawed, washed, etc.

8. Diversified styles

PU stone is suitable for all natural stone styles. It also has a variety of colors and textures. However, compared to slate and marble, its texture may be more rough and simple, and it is more suitable for natural-style wabi-sabi style, modern style and industrial style. wind. The dark minimalist style is also very suitable, imitating the state of natural materials to achieve a decorative effect on the space.

9. High cost performance

PU stone has a long service life. Because of its long service life, its cost is much lower than that of natural stone, so it is very cost-effective.

10. Stable structure

The polymer chemical structure derived from the PU material polyurethane formate is very stable and is not easily affected by chemicals in the air, hot and cold temperatures, etc. to react and change its properties.



1. High budget

Compared with some cultural stones, the price of PU stone is still significantly higher. If it is a home or public space design that attaches great importance to budget control, PU stone is not highly recommended even if the construction is convenient.

2. Difference from real stone

Although PU stone skin is made by completely imitating natural stone, it is different from real stone after all. Its tactile texture is still different when you touch it carefully.

II. Application of PU stone

When the relationship between man and nature is mentioned again, we will inevitably have to conduct new sensory guidance on space and use natural elements to reconstruct a more ecological space experience. In the interaction between nature and space, wood brings a sense of healing affinity, while stone is just the opposite. PU stone is used as a facade material on the wall decoration of the living room, and a slight sense of distance actually has greater energy. , can make the entire space more eye-catching, majestic and grand.

Whether it is used on the entire wall, spliced at random, or matched with other boards, the concave and convex sections of PU stone can easily control the heavy space aura, making it low-key and luxurious. The finishes with different textures and colors are presented with casual natural design rules, bringing a youthful and uninhibited attitude to the space of the mansion that lacks style, texture and uniformity.

Applying PU stone to the wall, using a staggered splicing technique, it has a rough natural fracture surface. It is carefully made according to the texture of real stone and special technology. The texture is lifelike and delicate, and the texture levels are rich, which can make the space more noble and noble. Heaviness.

The wild luxury trend driven by industrial style and wabi-sabi style has been more concretely presented with the arrival of PU stone surface. The deep and uneven decorative elements combine with the lighting to output a simpler visual decoration and a more domineering tactile expression, allowing people to transform the noisy outside world into a more soothing emotional release, and enjoy a quiet, pure and undisturbed space experience. .

In its function as a bedside wall guard, PU stone not only displays outstanding expressive power, but also has inclusive creative transformation capabilities. Combined with the lighting, the surface texture changes with the light and dark light, allowing the bedroom to switch to two different modes: fresh or warm; combined with the cabinet, it brings a simple and efficient storage presentation, which is visually advanced and artistically beautiful. The space is both natural and casual, and has the style of a mansion.

A general indoor and outdoor decoration building material, PU stone has been widely used in airports, hotels, building materials, automobile factories, high-end apartments, villas, landscaping, colorful paintings, parks, etc. PU stone is more like a new cross-border material. Apply familiar materials to decorating materials that restore authentic stone.


III. Product types and sizes of PU stone

There are many types of PU stone, and it can clone almost all cultural stones, such as the traditional concept of Great Wall stone, tile slabs, flowing water stone, etc. In addition, there are also more distinctive concrete cement boards, mushroom stones, flowing water stone, etc.

The sizes of conventional models such as Great Wall Stone and Liushui Stone range from 1115 to 1200 in length and 180 to 310 in width. The conventional sizes of concrete cement board and mushroom stone are 1200*600 and 1200*450. The conventional sizes of PU stones are There are 2400*800, 2400*300 and 1200*600.

The regular sizes of PU stone: 120*60 (common), 240*80, 240*30 (large size), 30*30 (small size).

The thickness is between 2-10cm, mostly 4 or 8cm.

IV. Production process and installation

Production Process

In terms of technology, the raw materials are pressed through molds and colored inside the molds. Usually 2 to 4 molds will be developed for PU stones with the same appearance. The shapes of all molds are modeled according to real stones to achieve more realistic splicing. To achieve the desired effect, the surface is sprayed and protected with exterior wall waterproof water-based environmentally friendly paint.

– Step 1: Replicate Nature’s Rocks with Silicone

– Step 2: Use the clay mold to make the mold

– Step 3: Pour the aluminum mold for PU foam

– Step 4: Foaming in the mold

– Step 5: Spray on anti-corrosion and anti-aging decorative paint


The installation process of PU stone is relatively simple, and it only needs to be constructed on a flat rough wall.

① The more common one is the thermal insulation snap-on structure. After being installed on the wall, it has certain waterproof function and thermal insulation performance. It can be cut at will according to the design effect on site.

② In addition, structural glue or nail-free glue can be used to directly paste the exterior wall. The exterior wall can also be directly installed with nails. It does not need to be installed in the form of dry hanging or mechanical operation. It can be completed by one person.


V. Conclusion

As an innovative construction and decoration material, PU stone has demonstrated advantages and potential in many aspects. Its light weight, durability, simulation and easy processing make it an indispensable part of the contemporary architecture and decoration fields.

This material has been widely used in exterior wall decoration, interior decoration and landscape design. It simulates the appearance and texture of natural stone. Compared with natural stone, it has the advantages of lower cost, easier installation and simpler maintenance. At the same time, its environmental protection also meets the requirements of modern society for materials.

Looking to the future, as people’s demand for green and environmentally friendly materials increases, the application prospects of PU stone will be broader. Its continuously innovative processes and technologies will further improve its simulation and application scope, allowing it to continue to play an important role in the construction and decoration fields.

Therefore, PU stone will become one of the most popular materials in the field of construction and decoration now and in the future, providing designers and architects with more possibilities to create more creative and artistic spaces. If you need to get a quote for PU stone, please feel free to contact us!

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