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Wall Paneling Ideas for Aesthetic Appeal in 2023

We think wall paneling is cool and fantastic, and we love it. It is the focal point of every well constructed home and the embodiment of “form-meets-function” in architecture. Continue reading to discover about our fantastic half wall paneling ideas if you want to instantly make your home’s interiors appear opulent.

I. What is a wall panel?

Slat wall panels are the interior design method of installing wood panels on the walls of your home. Decorative wood panels for walls can instantly elevate your interior decor and increase the value of your property. Siding styles range from straight vertical panels to more intricate millwork. There is something for everyone.

In addition to being attractive for design purposes, wood wall panelings are a great choice for extremely practical reasons. Wall panels have a knack for turning a cold room into a cozy space. Immediately after you install interior decorative wall panels, your living room walls will feel like a warm embrace.

Wall decor panels also add a layer of protection to thin walls. When your walls are reinforced with cladding, you can rest assured that it won’t break easily – even if you have energetic kids playing.

II. Wall panel ideas that have been popular in the past

Wood wall panels are one of the hottest trends in interior design right now, but did you know it’s been around for centuries? You’ll find stately homes with wood siding dating back to the 1400’s.

If your home has more of a classic or traditional architecture, the following wood wall paneling ideas from any era are a great place to start. Here are some famous period designs that you can take inspiration from:

1. Linenfold wall panels



If you thought wood carvings of folded linen were a bit of a modern taste, you’re not alone. The centuries-old design was once hailed as a favorite of European aristocrats, but it became obsolete in the 16th century.

Fast forward to the present and we see linen siding starting to make a comeback in the interior design world. Modern woodworking is improving upon the once quintessential Gothic style, giving folded linen a cleaner, more elegant look.

Modern homeowners are looking for linen folded wall panels to add texture to otherwise flat and austere walls. If you want to add a touch of history and stately character to your home, the old-school look of linen siding is the design for you.

2. Tudor style wall panel



Tudor-style slat wall panels are for homeowners who appreciate symmetry, precision, and repetition. If you’re someone who likes predictability, you’ll find this wall decor panel design is just what you’re looking for.

Tudor-style slat wall panels feature small squares or rectangles that put geometric millwork on full display. Despite its repetitive design, this type of decorative wall panel has the potential to make any room look grand.

Place these wall panels in your living room for an interesting contrast to the stone fireplace. Libraries and offices will also benefit greatly from Tudor style wall decor panels.

3. Georgia wall decor panel



If Tudor siding is simple, Georgian design is even more austere.

Georgian wall panel is more common than we think. Many modern homes actually use this type of paneling because of its clean lines and classic look of the panels. Compared to other interior wood siding styles, Georgian wood wall paneling is easy to coordinate with any home design.

Georgian wood wall paneling inspired interest in dado-level paneling, in which the lower part of the wall is designed differently than its top. For homeowners who are just starting to experiment with siding in their homes, Georgia siding designs are a smart and attractive enough choice.

Styling tips: Wood wall cladding might land you royalty, but if done poorly, it can feel overwhelming. To make your wood siding look more William than Henry, try installing oak plank wainscoting at ⅓ to ⅔ the height of the room. Choose natural wood colors over dark ones. This will bring your wood wall paneling design into the 21st century while still retaining old world charm and mystery.

4. Seas the day



Want to replicate the relaxed vibe of a Queenslander home in your own home? The quickest way to achieve this is to install VJ panels on the interior walls. VJ boards are “vertically joined” boards that are joined together using the tongue-and-groove method.

VJ paneling will bring a cozy, textured look to plain walls. Paint the walls an off-white or eggshell shade for the breezy, casual vibe Queenslanders are known for.

5. The benefits of wallpapering

When you combine wainscoting with wallpapered walls, your home won’t look like a wallflower. Add woodwork to the lower portion of the walls to provide a solid color base for your wallpaper design.

Styling tips: To be successful, choose wallpaper with a smaller print. Paint the planks the same color as your wallpaper to give your walls an interesting look without being overwhelming.

III. Wall panel ideas

1. Sustainable wall panel design

With many homeowners looking to enhance existing spaces while keeping sustainability in mind, color and pattern enthusiast Amy Vroom of The Residency Bureau uses reclaimed wood bricks to create textured wall panels.

‘For this basement in Seattle, I wanted to add depth and texture to give an otherwise long room, dimension. By using reclaimed wood tiles at one end of the space, it creates a focal point for the room and adds warmth to the cozy TV and reading area.’

2. Shaker wall panels in bright colours

05-Shaker wall-panels-in-bright-colours


Modern wall panels are all about vibrant colors. We love this hot turquoise shaker wall panel for a bedroom that you can totally DIY.

If your wood wall paneling is pristine, beautiful, and in good condition, don’t paint it impulsively.

First, make sure you are sure the paint will give you the look you want. Then, if you are 100% sure that painting is the way to go, make sure to prep your surface properly.

Depending on how it’s done, that could mean sanding or deglazing (or both), and then wiping it clean with a damp towel and a dry microfiber cloth.

Likewise, carvings or intricate panel designs can be difficult to paint as paint can easily accumulate in crevices, so use light hands or hire a professional.

3. Painted tongue and groove wall panels



For a cohesive look in a bedroom or living room space, paint the half-wall panelings the same color as the upholstered furniture and other decorative elements around the room. This Morandi green tongue and groove paneling adds all the relaxed vibe to this bedroom space.

Where paneling is not used at full height, it is often best to install it at one-third or two-thirds of the height of the room, although this may be affected by features such as fireplaces or window sills.

4. Complementary white slat wall panel

07-Complementary-white-slat-wall panel-wall-trim-that-instantly-dresses-up-your-house


Add personality to white wainscoting wood wall paneling with mirror ideas for a gallery-style finish. Not only does it look cool and clean, but it also enhances the space.

You should also consider the dimensions of the individual panel frames. Larger areas look great with larger frame sizes, while small, awkward spaces tend to lend themselves to reed paneling or bead board.

5. Floor to ceiling oak decorative wall panel

For a dramatic and almost gothic finish, consider half wall paneling ideas from yesteryear with floor-to-ceiling oak paneling. This look is more expensive, but will add charm to your property and possibly even increase your home’s value.

6. Framed ply panels

Decorative wall panels are also the perfect backdrop for gallery wall ideas. Choose white or another color that will best complement the rest of your interior, as well as the artwork you’ll be displaying, for a truly modern look.

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