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What Types of Wall Panels Are There and How to Design Them?

If the wall decor panels are used properly, there will be many additional effects on the subsequent living experience. Because the slat wall panels absorb noise and protect against radiation and ultraviolet rays, the unevenness of the wood surface can scatter light and reduce eye strain and damage. The use of wood wall panels in the bedroom can improve the quality of sleep to a certain extent.

Compared with other wall decorations, the wood panelings for walls have smooth lines and unique textures, which can completely improve the overall visual experience and quality of the room. Not only can you choose rich colors, but also the patterns are realistic, the decoration effect is good, and the walls created are unique.

Quarterly Retail Sales of Paint, Wallpaper and Related Supplies
in Canada from 2014 to 2019

statista-Quarterly retail sales of paint, wallpaper and related supplies in Canada from 2014 to 2019

Details: Canada; StatCan; Q1 2014 to Q4 2019


From the above data from 10001, this statistic shows the quarterly retail sales of paint, wallpaper and related supplies in Canada from 2014 to 2019. Sales of paint, wallpaper and related supplies amounted to approximately 710.44 million Canadian dollars in the fourth quarter of 2019. It shows that Canada attaches great importance to wall decoration, and the market share of wall decoration is large and broad.

I. Classification of wall panels

According to the decoration design size of the wall decor panel, it can be roughly divided into three categories: the whole wall panel, the wooden strip dado and the hollow wall panel.

1. Whole wall panel

The whole wall panel is to make the whole wall with slat wall panels. A complete wall panel will include molding veneer, top line and baseboard.


In addition to being used in the living room, bedroom and other scenes, the whole wall panel is also often used as a background wall or invisible door.

2. Wooden wainscot

A wooden wainscot is a wall panel that only makes the lower half of the wall. The common style is to land on the bottom, and the area between the top and the roof will be left blank, and the edge will be closed with a waistline. And decorate the empty space with other materials.


Most of the wainscots are divided into uniform shapes, and are often used in public areas, such as corridors, stairwells and other spaces. The common height of the general wainscot is 900mm-1200mm.

3. Hollow wall panel

The design method of the hollow wall panel is not much different from that of the whole wall panel and the wainscot. The main feature is that other decorative materials are used to replace the wood veneer in the middle, and the overall effect will appear more transparent. The area without wall decor panels in the middle is also convenient to add other soft decorations to enhance the functionality and practicality of the area.


Commonly used in audio-visual room, bedroom and other spaces.
In addition, the wall decor panels are also different in shape, and different shapes are suitable for different design styles.

4. Strip type wall panel


Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

The vertical strip wall panels can stretch the visual vertical height of the space, making the interior look more open and atmospheric.

5. Striped type wall panel



Striped wall panels are more versatile and are the most used type. They are not only suitable for whole wall panels, but also for wainscot and hollow wall panels.

6. Grid type wall panel



The grid wall panels can increase the design sense of the room, and avoid the monotony of the wall through the three-dimensional effect. Especially when the design colors of the home are too close, the grid wall panels can add an eye-catching detail to the home invisibly.

These three types are not completely separated and independent, and can be mixed and matched after communicating with the designer according to one’s own preferences.

II. Material of wall panel

From the perspective of the type of substrate, wall decor panels are mainly divided into two categories: wood and PVC.

The surface of the wooden wall panel has a wood grain texture. Plastic veneer wall panels based on paper, impregnated with resin and made by hot pressing. The process of substrate processing is divided into three categories: solid wood composite board, medium density board and plywood.

The surface of the substrate will be processed. Because the base material of solid wood composite is more environmentally friendly, solid wood composite clapboards are more widely used in home decoration.

III. Precautions for installation

The installation of wall panels is not complicated, but the following points should be paid special attention to!

1. Moisture-proof layer

If the moisture-proof is not done well, there may be cracks, looseness and disobedience. You can first make a moisture-proof layer on the wall, paint waterproof and moisture-proof paint, and leave ventilation holes on the wall panel and below to keep the back panel breathable.

You can also give the wallboard a primer. Before installing the wallboard, stick a layer of woodworking board with a thickness of about 1.5 cm on the wall.

2. Skirting line



The skirting line and beading should be close to the wallboard without leaving too much gap. It is better to control the spacing between the nails responsible for fixing within 300mm, and use the same color oily mud to smooth the nail holes.

3. Gap size

Leaving a certain gap when installing the wallboard can improve the overall effect. Among them, the width of the seam between the wall panels should be consistent, and the size deviation should be controlled within 2mm. The diagonal length deviation of a single panel is controlled within 2mm, and the verticality deviation of the panel is controlled within 2mm.

4. Paint

Wall decor panels are painted in the same way as cabinets. You can wait for the panel to be fixed before painting and leave a certain amount of time for maintenance.

IV. 5 Wall Panel Ideas

1. Match open plan spaces to the style of panels and cabinets

In an open kitchen where one space ends and another begins, provide a sense of fluid continuity and unity by coordinating DIY Shaker-style paneling with similar Shaker-style cabinetry, finished in matching shades.



Your space will feel larger, and the difference in proportion between the wall decor panels and paneled cabinets will add a dynamic element for added impact.

2. Updating traditional paneling with modern tones

Refresh your entire scheme with wood paneling painted in the 2023 paint color trends for a contemporary twist.



You can also paint window and door frames the same accent shade for a defined aesthetic with a pop of color difference.

3. Select panels instead of tiles for quick updates

In addition to providing visual appeal, wall decor panels can be installed quickly and are low-maintenance, making them a popular alternative to bathroom tile ideas.



With bathroom wall panels, large wall areas can be covered in a short time, much faster than applying tiles. You can easily install the panels directly to an existing surface, eliminating the need for grout and also making the surface easy to clean – a real benefit for those with busy lifestyles.

4. Add Personality with bold color

Use color bravely! Paneling doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with texture or interesting paint. Horizontal wood paneled walls also help balance out the bolder reds, oranges and bright blues.



Paneling is an easy way to bring character and dimension to a boring room, as well as add insulation and protection to walls. Use paneling to set a piece of art in the center of one of the rectangles, or give your space a more elegant look with contrasting wall decor panels in a luxurious texture like marble.

5. Brings a natural touch to walls

Bring nature into your home with raised textures on walls that add comfort, organic patterns and a reassuring touch. Shoshanna Shapiro, owner and chief designer of Sho and Co, said: “Spring Decorating Trends will bring more Woven textures and natural materials. The client recognized the importance of natural design and the nature-inspired color scheme created a warm and contemporary look.”



Design experts at Magnet say: “Homeowners are also capitalizing on the tactile trend and experimenting with texture as well as pattern and color in their interiors. Getting creative with materials, from wood-paneled walls to cozy rugs, can completely change the mood of any room.”

If you have other ideas and ideas on the design of wall panels, please contact us to communicate your ideas with us, we look forward to colliding with your ideas.

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