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WPC Wall Panels and Ceilings and PU Stone Are Popular Trends in Wall Decoration


It can be seen from the rapid growth of wall panel sales in recent years that wall panels, which are longer lasting than wallpaper and more advanced than latex paint, have become increasingly popular among consumers.

Today, George Panel Co, Ltd will introduce you to the 3 most popular products in the wall decoration field and introduce their advantages and special features respectively.

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I. WPC Wall Panel Manufacturer in China: George Panel Co, Ltd

01-George-Panel-introduction-05 02-George-Panel-introduction-02

George Panel Co, Ltd was established in 2006 and is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is adjacent to the world financial center Hong Kong and close to Guangzhou, the host city of the Canton Fair. Our geographical location makes our export trade very convenient. Therefore, we have also met customers from all over the world and developed good cooperative relationships with them.

George Panel Co, Ltd has been engaged in commercial renovation and home decoration since its establishment. We provide a variety of products, including WPC wall panels, WPC ceilings, grilles, sound-absorbing panels and other environmentally friendly materials. We have also started research and development and production of PU stone panel, which has become popular in recent years.

George Panel Co, Ltd is a one-stop decoration solution provider. With design and quality as the core and driven by material and process research and development, we provide customers with original design, material selection and procurement, whole house customization, soft decoration, engineering construction and after-sales service.

Over the years, we have focused on the R&D and production of the wall panel industry, providing the market with the most innovative, lightweight, high-quality, easy-to-install products. These products are suitable for a variety of applications including showroom displays, interior and exterior design, hospitality, ceilings and commercial premises.

We are most proud of providing customers with free designs and samples to improve customer experience. Whether you’re a homeowner, designer or engineer, we’ll help you find the right product and you’ll find it an enjoyable buying experience.

Our Renovated Wall Panel Showroom Wall Panel Sample Area

03-George-Panel-showroom 04-George-Panel-sample

If you are interested in the before and after comparison of our showroom decoration, please watch this video:

II. 3 Popular Product Series Promoted by George Panel Co, Ltd

1. WPC Wall Panel

– What is WPC wood plastic wall panel?

WPC wall panel is made of recycled plastic, wood powder, foaming agent and other additives and bamboo fiber mixed with high temperature and high pressure. It is a new wall decoration material produced by surface film technology.

At present, wood-plastic wall panels are gradually replacing traditional wall building materials. The appearance of wall panels can be made into various shapes. Decoration technologies such as film and 3D printing are the most commonly used methods.

– What are the advantages of WPC wall panels? Why should we choose it?
1 Beautiful Appearance WPC wall panels are stable, will not produce cracks, deformation, etc., and have long-lasting texture effects and colors. The colors are very rich, almost every color you can imagine is available!
2 Excellent Physical Properties WPC wall panels have the advantages of anti-slip, wear-resistant, non-cracking, waterproof, anti-corrosion, insulation, anti-ultraviolet, and thermal insulation.
3 High Density WPC wall panels are made of high-density polyethylene and solid wood fibers, which will not crack and twist, and are suitable for outdoor use.
4 Lightweight WPC wall panels are easy to transport and install, saw, planed and drilled to present a variety of elegant designs and patterns.
5 Moisture-proof WPC wall panels are not susceptible to moisture and are an excellent material for kitchens and bathrooms.
6 Prevent Termites One of the main advantages of WPC wall panels over natural wood is that it provides the perfect solution for outdoor applications.
7 High Durability WPC wall panels are not affected by rain, chemicals, humidity and other environmental conditions.
8 Environmental Friendly WPC wall panels do not contain toxic substances and preservatives, so there is no need to worry about the emission of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances.
9 Recyclable WPC wood is biodegradable and it is 100% recyclable. WPC lumber is also reusable and most come with a buyback guarantee.
10 Easy to Process WPC wall panels can be subjected to secondary processing such as sawing, planing, bonding, and screw fixing and have a wide range of applications.
– What’s special about WPC wood plastic wall panels?

Look! WPC wood plastic wall panels can form curvature! What are the benefits of this, it means that the edge of the cylinder can be processed!

05-Wall-panels-can-be-bent 06-Curved-Design-of-Cylindrical-Decorative-Wall-Panels
Wall panels can be bent Curved Design of Cylindrical Decorative Wall Panels

If you want to know more about the special process of wall panel curvature installation, you can watch this video: Why Can Wall Panel Molding Be Made into a Curved Surface? The Secret of Special Craftsmanship!

Don’t think that only WPC veneer wall panels can have a curvature design, our rotating grille wall panel can do the same.

07-grille-wall-panel 08-grille-wall-panel

If you want to know more about the rotating grille wall panel, you can watch this video: Rotating grille wall panels can be made into any arc!

2. WPC Ceiling

– What is a WPC ceiling?

WPC ceiling is a composite material made of wood fiber and polymer resin, used for indoor ceiling decoration.

The WPC ceiling adopts primary and secondary keel structures, which are distributed in a crisscross pattern, giving the composite ceiling a clear three-dimensional structure and adding a novel style.


– What advantages does WPC ceiling have? Why should we choose it?
1 Water Resistance WPC ceilings resist moisture and will not warp or rot. Suitable for humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.
2 Durability WPC ceilings are resistant to wear, scratches and the stress of daily use, ensuring long-term use.
3 Aesthetics WPC ceilings are available in a variety of design and finish options to suit different interior styles.
4 Environmental Friendly WPC ceilings are made from renewable materials, reducing reliance on natural resources.
5 Easy Installation WPC ceilings are usually suspended installation, and the connection is firm, and all parts can be installed and disassembled repeatedly.
6 Convenient WPC ceilings make the placement of ventilation and fire sprinklers easier. It also makes the maintenance of air conditioning, fire protection, pipes and electrical on the roof very convenient.
– What’s so special about WPC ceilings?

In terms of processing performance, there is not much difference between WPC ceiling and traditional wooden ceiling. They can all be nailed, drilled, cut, glued or bolted. What’s more, the surface of the WPC ceiling is smooth and delicate, without the need for sanding and painting.

The new WPC ceiling has been welcomed by many decoration practitioners because it overcomes the shortcomings of traditional materials such as difficulty in disassembly and replacement and easy deformation of joists.

3. PU Stone Panel

– What is PU stone panel?

PU stone wall panels refer to simulated stone products that use polyurethane as the basic material and are processed through special processes. Polyurethane is a polymer compound with good weather resistance, impact resistance and flexibility.

PU stone can highly restore the texture, color and texture of natural stone in appearance, giving people an illusion and making it difficult to distinguish it from real stone.


– What are the advantages of PU stone panel? Why should we choose it?
1 Rich Colors PU stone wall panels come in many styles and colors.
2 Real Look The mould of PU stone is finely polished based on real stone, and its appearance is lifelike and delicate, just like real stone.
3 Lightweight PU stone is made of PU material and is lightweight.
4 Durable PU stone is made of polymer materials and sprayed with multiple layers of high-strength paint. It is acid-resistant, sun-proof, and UV-resistant and has a longer service life.
5 Versatility PU stone has passed professional waterproof, insect-proof, flame-retardant and wind-proof tests and can be used on almost any flat substrate indoors, in basements and outdoors.
6 Temperature Resistance The temperature resistance of PU stone is between minus 20 degrees and 120 degrees.
7 Environmental Friendly The synthesis of PU stone does not contain too many artificial materials, so it is environmentally friendly.
8 Easy Installation PU stone is designed as an internal card structure with reserved seams, and the installation time is much shorter than that of traditional cultural stone products.
– What’s special about PU stone panel?

As shown in the picture, a girl can easily move and lift the PU stone panel, which proves that the PU stone panel is very light! As we all know, traditional cultured stone is a real stone. Although it has the advantage of being extremely hard, it is also difficult to transport because it is too heavy. The advantage of PU stone panel is that it is very light, easy to transport and install, and saves you a lot of costs.


If you want to know more about PU stone, you can watch this video: Do you know? PU stone is very light!


As one of the leading wall panel manufacturers in China, George Panel Co, Ltd is a professional wood plastic wall panel manufacturer and wholesale wood plastic wall panel supplier for many global brands.

We have successfully served various wholesalers, manufacturers, building contractors, architects, designers and studios to complete their construction projects for wall cladding, backdrops, ceilings and many more surfaces.

Finally, thank you again for taking the time to learn about our company. We will continue to be committed to providing high-quality wall panel products to meet your needs. You are welcome to visit our showroom, learn more about our products, cooperate with us, etc. We can provide you with design solutions, please feel free to contact us!

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