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Top 10 Wall Panel Manufacturers in China: How to Source Wall Panels from China?

Across the world today, China has become a popular destination for wall panel sourcing. As one of the world’s largest manufacturing and exporting countries, China has attracted the attention of global buyers with its abundant resources, advanced production technology and diversified product categories.

Whether it is traditional wooden wall panels, modern composite wall panels, or decorative wall panels with traditional Chinese cultural characteristics, you can find high-quality and diverse choices in China.

This article will discuss the top ten wall panel brands in China and how to purchase wall panels in China, starting a new decoration journey for you.

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I. What factors need to be considered when purchasing wall panels?

1. Material

Wall panels mainly include four categories: solid wood wall panels, fiberglass wall panels, plastic veneer wall panels and hot-pressed plastic-coated wall panels. No matter what kind of wall panels they are made of, the surface is processed by special processes to form a variety of patterns such as imitation solid wood, imitation ceramic tiles, and imitation stone. Among them, the most commonly used in home decoration are solid wood wall panels and WPC wall panels. and MDF wall panels.

2. Quality

We can assess the product’s quality when buying wall panels by looking at both its interior and external features. Internally, we primarily examine the ornamental board’s surface for firmness and hardness. Good quality decorative panels are wear-resistant, have good thermostatic properties, noise reduction properties, can prevent radiation, are wear-resistant and impact-resistant. When looking at the appearance, we mainly check the degree of simulation of the pattern. For good-quality products, the patterns are realistic and unified, with good three-dimensional and layered effects.

3. Style

If the style of your home prefers a simple Japanese style, you can choose wood veneer panels with light wood grain and light cloth grain. The texture of the wood veneer is very good. The wood texture is fresh and natural, which can make people feel warm and relaxed. , making the whole space more natural.

If the style of your home leans toward European pastoral retro style, you can choose wood veneer panels with darker wood grains or other darker colors, or you can choose patterned wood veneer panels to mix and match, which will give you a more European flavor.

In any case, to maintain overall coordination and optimize the efficacy of WPC interior wall cladding, it is best to retain the color and texture of the wall panels matching the décor style, regardless of the design of your home.

4. Color matching

Take note of how your home’s decorating style’s colors all blend together. If your house is a cool color overall, then the selection of wood veneer panels should also be based on cold colors. You can choose cold-toned wood grains, stone grains, and cloth grains. Other wooden veneer panels create a simple and modern atmosphere.

If the overall color of your home is warm, then the selection of wood veneer panels should also be based on warm tones. You can choose warm-toned wood veneer panels such as wood grain, stone grain, and cloth grain to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. sense of atmosphere.

5. Brand

There are many brands of wall panels on the market now, with even more varieties and varying quality. When purchasing, try to choose big brands that you are familiar with that have been certified by international quality standards.

II. Top 10 wall panel manufacturers in China

Ranking of the Top 10 Wall Panel Brands in China

Wall Panel Supplier
1 LESCO Guangzhou
2 George Panel Foshan
3 MADANI Dongguan
4 SENKING Jiangsu
7 Haolee Shenzhen
8 MostHome Dongguan
9 Sansheng Meijia Zhejiang
10 KOJO Anhui

Let me introduce the reasons why these companies are on the list:


Headquarters: Guangzhou

LESCO Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 66 million yuan and is based in Guangzhou Science City. The company employs top engineers, doctors, and masters to make up a strong technological team. It has jointly developed and manufactured 30 sets of automated production lines with foreign and domestic universities, with an annual production capacity of 15,000 tons.

04WPC Wall Panel - George Panel


LESCO adopts patented technology and is a high-tech new environmentally friendly composite material composed of high-tech processed wood powder and a small amount of polymer materials. LESCO’s raw materials adopt a high-tech special formula and add processing aids such as light and heat stabilizers, anti-UV agents and impact modifiers, so that LESCO wood products have better weather resistance and resistance to UV damage.

2. George Panel

Headquarters: Foshan

George Panel was founded in 2006 and is located in Chancheng, Foshan, China. George Panel offers Indoor Custom Wall Panel, Indoor Solidwood Panel, Indoor WPC Ceiling, and Outdoor WPC Wall in line with its company goal of “providing customers with satisfactory one-stop building materials solutions”. Panels and other Panels options, with 16 years of distribution experience, provide professional customized services.

03WPC Wall Panel Product Line


So far, it has more than 200 employees and 15,000 m² of 5S factory area, equipped with 6 advanced production lines, and has 16 years of distribution experience. George Panel‘s goods are presently exported throughout Oceania, North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia as a one-stop bespoke home furnishing company.


Headquarters: Dongguan

MADANI launches high-quality solid wood customized products, covering seven styles of European, American and Chinese styles: “Buckingham Palace, Ellips, Fontainebleau, Georgia, Edinburgh, Fashion Notes, and Qingfengmingyue”. In China’s customisation sector, Maidani is a modern production enterprise with a vast factory area, strong technical force, and advanced production equipment.


In the domestic customized home furnishings market, Maidani is a modern manufacturing firm with a vast factory area, strong technical force, and state-of-the-art production equipment. Maidani mainly promotes whole-house solid wood customization, and its products include solid wood doors, stairs, parapets, wine cellars, integrated wardrobes, furniture, soft furnishings and other whole-house solid wood customization.


Headquarters: Jiangsu

SENKING uses cork imported from Europe as raw material to produce and sell cork rolls, cork wall panels, cork flooring and other cork building materials products. It is the only company in China to have been granted permission by Unilin to use its proprietary lock technology for large-scale production of cork wall panels, flooring, and other products.


With its in-depth understanding of cork and its properties and keen market insight, SENKING develops and produces a series of solid wood multi-layer cork flooring, high-definition wood grain, carpet grain and marble grain cork flooring, natural slate, cork wallpaper, etc. The cork decorative material development trend is being driven by new items that possess autonomous intellectual property rights.

05WPC Wall Panel - George Panel


Headquarters: Qingdao

The products operated by HISTEP cover mid-to-high-end healthy home and imported flooring products such as floor decoration materials, wall decoration materials, health care products, etc. Each imported flooring brand selected is an environmentally friendly flooring manufacturer that can represent the development level of the industry.


The wall decoration materials represented by HISTEP include: Japanese SANFOOT solid wood wallpaper, Portuguese WICANDERS cork wall panels, Italian ITALARTE art wallpaper, French FRENCHSTYLE style wallpaper and American NEXTWALL wallpaper. All products are sold by original brands.


Headquarters: Xi’an

JILINK Cork Flooring Co., Ltd., after 14 years of profound accumulation in the industry since its establishment, has successfully broken through technical problems such as cork flooring production technology, using the rich wild oak bark resources in the Qinling region of China, and achieved major success and breakthroughs. The technological bottleneck of cork production is that the production technology of cork flooring has reached the international advanced level.

Reason: The factory covers an area of 70 acres and has a dedicated cork flooring research laboratory. After years of development, JILINK has become a veritable cork flooring manufacturer and service provider in China and one of the world’s major suppliers of cork flooring, with 80% of its products sold abroad. European Union, United States, Canada, Japan, Russia and other countries.

06WPC Wall Panel - George Panel

7. Haolee

Headquarters: Shenzhen

In the early days of its establishment, Haolee was primarily involved in the creation, manufacturing, and marketing of log set doors. After two decades of growth and hardship, Haolee has developed into a business that combines handcrafted log furniture, log cabinets, log wainscots, log ceilings and other log home products. As an integrated group enterprise.


Each production line is equipped with international advanced woodworking equipment and a full set of mature log product technology, which fully guarantees product quality, processing accuracy and production efficiency.

8. MostHome

Headquarters: Dongguan

Mosthome Company has grown from a small enterprise specializing in the processing and export of wood carving decorative accessories to now a group company with three subsidiaries and four major brands, spanning the three major fields of building materials, home furnishings and real estate.


Mosthome company has a total factory area of more than 200 acres and currently has more than 1,200 employees. With a solid name in the global market, Mosthome has always concentrated on the design and manufacture of decorative wood carving parts. With yearly sales of more than 500 million yuan, it currently has more than 20 sales outlets worldwide.

07WPC Wall Panel - George Panel

9. Sansheng Meijia

Headquarters: Zhejiang

Sansheng Meijia company is mainly engaged in the design business of villas, clubs, large-scale projects, etc. The company invested in building a complete wood home decoration production base in Zhejiang, with a production plant of more than 30,000 square meters, and currently has more than 370 employees. It has gradually formed a complete organization and management system.


All of the company’s directly run stores now generate more than $10 million in sales annually, and the products are supplied to the nation’s largest cities. The items’ raw materials are imported from Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and other nations.

10. KOJO

Headquarters: Anhui

KOJO New Materials Company focuses on the R&D, production, promotion and application of wood-plastic environmentally friendly materials for interior decoration. The company relies on more than ten years of rich wood-plastic research and application experience and increasingly mature wood-plastic production technology, combined with deep processing technology of decorative building materials. Advantages, it has become a wood-plastic material enterprise for interior decoration in China integrating R&D, production and sales, with rich varieties and strong technical strength.


KOJO provides new environmentally friendly wood for supporting use in various industries, and at the same time vigorously develops new environmentally friendly prefabricated interior products. The products cover prefabricated wall tops, floors, various storage cabinet series products, etc.

III. How to import wall panels from China?

Step 1: Determine the products you want to purchase

The first step to successful importing is choosing the right product. Guidelines that should be followed when selecting products include:

– Choose a product you love. Purchasing goods from other countries requires many tedious procedures and a period of waiting. It requires true love and enthusiasm to persist.

– Consider shipping costs. Products that can be shipped in large quantities are likely to be much cheaper than those that cannot be shipped in large quantities. Carefully consider the size of your product and how much you can carry in one shipment.

– Consider the uniqueness of the item. If the product being produced is not that unique, then perhaps you should consider whether it is worth importing it from abroad.

Step 2: Make a list of Chinese exporters or suppliers who can provide you with products

(1) Internet search

The easiest place to start searching for suppliers in China is on the Internet through search engines such as Bing, Google or Yahoo Search and B2B procurement platforms such as Alibaba and Made in China, which connect buyers with suppliers in China stand up.

(2) Online yellow pages directory

You can find suppliers through online outsourcing directories or professional sourcing companies. Here are some good resources:

– China supplier guidelines is an online resource for Chinese suppliers, offering product catalogs, full company details, contract information, corporate culture characteristics, and factory photographs to potential customers. The website address is



Below we take wall panel products imported from China as an example.


If you don’t know exactly which product you are looking for and just want to choose from a large category, you can directly click on Construction & Decoration in the directory bar at the top or side, and scroll down to find the category Finishing Building Materials. Then you can start selecting products.

If you already know clearly that you are looking for a certain type of wall panel, you can directly enter Indoor Custom Wall Panel, Solidwood Panel, WPC Ceiling, WPC Partition, Out Door WPC Wall Panel, WPC Decoration Line in the search box , WPC Timber Tube and other keywords to find the wall panels you want.

– China Yellow Pages

China Yellow Pages is an outsourcing guide, including product directories and manufacturers’ URLs and contact information. The URL of China Yellow Pages is:



The outsourcing directory on offers buyers access to thousands of Chinese products and includes full contact information for each supplier. The website also provides buyers and sellers with buying and selling guidance, exhibition information, and trade resources. The website address is:


(3) Social media

Social media is not necessarily the ideal platform for identifying vendors. Only some vendors have a social media presence, but they can be a good source of feedback or reviews for potential vendors. As a result, use caution when relying on these platforms because the data they provide is frequently unreliable, the reviews are frequently anecdotal, and the sample sizes could be tiny.

(4) Trade show

Another resource for locating reliable vendors is trade exhibits. Attending a trade fair gives you the chance to speak with prospective suppliers face-to-face about their business, goods, production capacity, quality assurance practices, and other important business areas. By having direct communication with suppliers, you can assess them and confirm their qualifications.

Two trade shows in China deserve mention. The Canton Fair is China’s largest trade fair, held twice a year in Guangzhou, southern China, near Hong Kong. The Canton Fair attracts thousands of attendees with its wide variety of products. The East China Fair is China’s largest regional trade fair, held annually in Shanghai. There are other regional trade shows in China that usually focus on specific industries. Search for industry-specific Global Sources sourcing trade shows.

Step 3: Verify supplier

‍Once you shortlist your vendors, you’ll need to verify their qualifications. While some obvious information is available online, you need to evaluate:

– Customer testimonials

A reputable supplier should be able to provide you with customer testimonials and recommendations. Once they offer it, go confirm the authenticity!

– Business license

You want to be sure that any company you do business with is legally licensed and follows all applicable trade regulations to avoid future legal issues that could affect your business.

– Production data and personnel data

Make sure you comprehend the manufacturer’s and exporter’s relationship and that the manufacturer is, in reality, the factory and not just a middleman. For instance, do they produce the goods themselves, and if not, do they likewise bill the manufacturer a commission, or do they merely labor on your behalf?

– The name and address of the factory that produces this product

If the exporter refuses to provide you with the name and address of the manufacturer of the product, it may not be a trustworthy supplier.

– About this factory’s experience in producing products

When selecting suppliers, do they have the technical expertise and production capabilities to deliver what they say they can deliver. Cost is not the only thing to consider, quality is equally important, and the manufacturer’s experience speaks volumes about the quality of the work.

– Product samples

The supplier ought to be able to give you product samples, unless you are manufacturing a new product entirely, so you can assess the product’s quality and know exactly what you are paying for from the start.

Step 4: How to purchase goods?

– Buy directly from supplier

Once you are able to identify, verify, and vet potential suppliers, you can purchase products directly from them or through a B2B procurement platform. If everything works out, purchasing directly from the source can save you money, but there is a chance you could get taken advantage of or unable to get a refund if the goods is subpar.

Another important issue is payment methods. Safer payment options include paying via a bank letter of credit issued by your bank or escrow with a reputable third party. Other higher risk payment options may also be used, such as credit card, wire transfer, or similar payment methods.

– Commission-based purchasing agent

If buying directly from suppliers sounds too cumbersome and risky, you can seek help from a commission-based China sourcing agent with sourcing experience. These representatives can aid in locating and confirming suppliers and aid in communication. They may charge between 3% and 10% of the buying price.

You must remain actively involved in purchasing transactions even though a purchasing agent may handle some of the grunt work, such as finding and vetting suppliers. Often, commission-based purchasing agents are not equipped or sophisticated enough to effectively manage production and quality control or ensure that transactions are completed in a cost-effective manner.

– Procurement service provider

Select a procurement services provider that can provide a wide range of services, such as supplier identification, price negotiation, supply management, quality control management, logistics and shipment management, and other procurement matters, if you want assistance with the entire procurement process from beginning to end.‘’

– Trading company

A trading firm might be an excellent option if you want to purchase a product in modest quantities and don’t want to handle all the hassles associated with sourcing in China. The trade-off is that your costs are usually higher because the trading company makes a profit on the goods purchased. You’ll also find it difficult to discover information about your supply chain, and you’ll still need to keep an eye out for product quality issues.

Step 5: Negotiate with suppliers

When it comes to price negotiations, remember that suppliers, like you, will set a price threshold that they will never go below. Rather than getting bogged down in price negotiations, work out the other details. Explore whether the supplier can offer lower prices if order volume increases. The supplier may also give you a discount if you pay the amount upfront. If you place multiple orders, ask the supplier if you can negotiate a lower price.

08WPC Wall Panel - George Panel

Step 6: Start ordering products

After receiving the manufacturer’s quotation, you can now choose the best price among all quotations and order the product, telling them where you are. Ask the supplier about payment methods and delivery dates. Then you need to pay a deposit of about 30%, and the balance is paid before shipment. This implies that while your deposit is at danger, you maintain complete control over the remaining amount, which must be paid following testing and quality assurance.

Step 7: Pay through legal channels to avoid illegal remittances

You must choose a legal, safe and reliable payment method. If you are using an e-commerce website, check out the Alibaba Transaction Guarantee. When sending money to China, the key is to follow these golden rules:

– Never transfer money to a personal account via any payment method

Be sure to ask for details of the business account of the company you are dealing with. If the other person can’t provide it, don’t do business with them.

– Draft a strong agreement

Ideally, you should protect your rights by establishing a strong payment clause in the agreement you sign with a potential supplier before you pay them. These terms relate to payment timing and payment method selection.

Step 8: Do quality control checks

While a good production agreement is a great way to start a relationship with your suppliers, regular quality control inspections are also necessary so you can ensure product quality meets your standards. This prevents costly mistakes from being made in the future. Research shows that problems discovered late in the production process are always more costly than problems discovered early in the process.

Step 9: Use a professional freight forwarder to handle your shipment safely

Finally, find a professional freight forwarder to transport your goods safely and efficiently. Likewise, you need to look at the company’s credentials, experience, and work history.

Seek out businesses that promise incredibly low prices, have insufficient information, or assert that they can finish the job quickly. These companies are most likely scammers. Instead, choose a company that is reputable, reasonably priced, and has the right timing. To help you decide, don’t be scared to get information and questions from each of the shortlisted companies.

Now take a seat, unwind, and watch for your order to come. As soon as the goods arrives, you need to inspect it for flaws and low quality. Examining the merchandise for damage or fragility is the final thing you should do. You can request a replacement from the factory if you’re not happy.

IV. Conclusion

Purchasing wall panels in China is not only a commercial act, but also an exchange and integration of culture and technology. The development of China’s wallboard industry continues to innovate and improve quality, providing more diversified choices for global consumers.

By sourcing wall panels from China, you not only get high-quality products, but also gain insights into Chinese culture and craftsmanship, adding unique charm to your decorating projects. We look forward to you finding satisfactory products in the Chinese wall panel market, starting a successful cooperation, and jointly witnessing the prosperity and development of the decoration industry. Feel free to contact us any time!

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