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Application scope and maintenance skills of wall panels

Application scope and maintenance skills of wall panels

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Whenever a building is built, the next highlight must be interior decoration, and floors, walls, ceilings, etc. all occupy an important position in interior decoration. So, what we are going to talk about today is the wall panel in the protagonist.

The application of wall panels has been very extensive, and their existence can be seen in many places in life. Wall panels are very practical and have always been loved by many people. Do you want to buy wall panels, but don’t know the application range of wall panels? Are you confused about the types of wall panels? This article will answer your questions, take you into the world of wall panels, and see the value of wall panels.

I.Types of wall panels

Wallboard is a kind of wall decoration material. Different types of wallboards have different functions and decorative effects. There are more and more types of wallboards to meet different needs. Wallboards on the market are generally divided into WPC wall panels, PVC wall panels, and solid wood wall panel these three types, then we will discuss separately according to the material, characteristics, and application scope of these three kinds of wall panels.

II.WPC wall panel

wpc wall panel

1.What material is the WPC wall panel made of?

WPC panel is made of wood chips, bamboo chips, rice husks, rice bran, peanut husks, cotton straws and other low-plant biomass fibers as the main raw materials. It uses the principle of polymer interface chemistry and the characteristics of plastic filling and modification to mix a certain proportion of plastic base materials., a wall decoration material processed and formed after special processing. So, WPC panels for walls has some properties of plastic and wood. It has the characteristics of reversible recycling, wide-coverage, various product types and various morphological structures.

2.How many types of WPC wall panels are there?

Because of the unique nature of the WPC wall panel, it can make all the board shapes on the market, such as Flat shape, wave shape, grid shape, and special shape. Different shapes can also be matched, and the style is more unique.

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3.Main Features

(1)Because WPC wall paneling contains plastic, it has good elasticity, has the same compression and bending resistance as hardwood, and has better durability than ordinary wood materials, and the surface hardness is 3 times that of ordinary wood.

(2)WPC wall paneling has the properties of water resistance and corrosion resistance, and does not breed bacteria, is not easy to be eaten by insects, and does not grow fungi, and can be used for more than 35 years.

(3)The surface layer of the WPC wall panel has undergone a high-temperature lamination process, which is easy to clean. Children can clean up by wiping with a rag on it.

(4)The sound insulation effect of WPC panel is better than that of ordinary wall panels, and the sound insulation performance is good, which can effectively relieve noise and promote the sleep of the human body.

(5)WPC wall panel uses environmentally friendly materials with formaldehyde content. After installation there is no smell and installation are simple and fast.

4.Application scope of WPC wall panel

Due to its excellent performance characteristics, WPC wall panels can be widely used in residences, shopping malls, offices, educational institutions, sales centers, entertainment spaces, and so on.

Living room:

The living room occupies an important position in a house. Its decoration can show the owner’s taste and hobby, just like a business card.


composite wall cladding


wpc interior wall panel                                                                                                                                         

Picture 1:

combines flat and strip WPC wall panels, with a strong sense of design, visual comfort and harmony. Choose earth tones that are understated and advanced.

Picture 2:

uses a flat WPC panel. Through regular segmentation, the wall can highlight a unique sense of lines. The color is selected from the same color as the furniture, and the overall performance is harmonious and warm.

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The bedroom uses interior WPC wall panel from the functional point of view, avoiding harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, and has the effect of sound insulation and moisture resistance, improving sleep quality and keeping the room dry. WPC wall panels have various colors and have the texture and texture of solid wood. Personal preferences match the bedroom with a personal style.

half wall paneling


Installing WPC wall panels in the restaurant can protect the wall without absorbing oil, and it is easy to clean. Don’t worry about the baby getting oil on the wall while eating.


Coffee shop:

The WPC wall panels with solid wood texture and film are used to create a pure natural retro atmosphere in the coffee shop. With a cup of hand-made coffee, who doesn’t love it.

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Hospital ward:

The ward environment is mostly white, and the use of soft-colored WPC wall panels can make the ward atmosphere feel warm.

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Office space:

high-quality and natural texture, reflecting a sense of formality, which can make people better at work.

wpc interior wall panel (2)

5.Tips for cleaning and maintenance of WPC wall panels

(1) Dust: Dust is often present, and it only needs to be wiped lightly with a rag. The cloth can be wet or dry.

(2) Handwriting: If there are children at home, children naturally like to write and draw on the wall. Colored pens, gel pens, and signature pens can be erased immediately with an eraser. Oil-based markers, you can wipe them off with a damp cloth and ethanol, so you don’t have to worry about children scribbling and scribbling in the future.

(3) Oil stains: If it is stained with oil stains, soup stains, etc., mix and dilute it with water and detergent and wash it immediately to restore smoothness.

In general, I think the cleaning of WPC wall cladding is easy. When using cold water during the cleaning process, try not to use organic chemicals such as cleaning liquids.

III.PVC wall panel

wpc composite boards

1.What material is PVC wall panel made of?

PVC wall paneling is a sheet with a honeycomb mesh structure made of PVC as a raw material. The substrate is generally white or beige. The surface technology of PVC wallboard is mainly printing, and some customized products will add spray painting and UV technology. Only hollow, elongated, narrow products can be produced.

2.The main characteristics of PVC wall panel

(1)Due to its own characteristics, PVC wall panel is very easy to withstand water and has good fire performance. In the daily maintenance process, there is no need to carry out too much maintenance.

wpc cladding wpc wall cladding









(2)The PVC wall panel has good sound insulation effect and strong noise absorption. It can diffusely reflect sound, relieve the impact of sound, and has good sound insulation performance.

(3)PVC wall panel is very convenient to take care of and clean, just use a rag to wipe off the stains, making consumers more worry-free.

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(4)PVC wall cladding has good moisture resistance and can be installed and used even in humid places, which can ensure the dryness and comfort of the room.

3.Application scope of PVC wall panels

Due to the raw materials and processing technology of PVC wall panels, it has many excellent characteristics and is suitable for various places, such as kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, corridors, medical institutions, sports spaces and so on.

Living room:

Used in the living room, it has a good decorative effect on the monotonous wall and enhances the overall visual sense of the room. The atmosphere is high class.

wpc outdoor wall panel


The kitchen has a lot of oil smoke and many stains. The PVC wall panel is installed on the kitchen wall, which is resistant to dirt and easy to clean.

wpc exterior wall cladding


PVC wall panels can create a natural and comfortable environment and better stimulate interest in exercise.

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4.PVC wall panels cleaning and care skills

(1) When the PVC wall panel turns black and yellow, you can wipe it with a soft cotton cloth, dipped in alcohol with a concentration of 50% or wipe it with toothpaste

(2) If it is kitchen oil, use a small amount of dishwashing liquid to mix it with water, and use a softer, absorbent cloth to soak it in water and then scrub it. It doesn’t matter if you use force in the middle, but when it is on the surrounding area, you need to use force. light. Special attention should be paid not to wipe with hard cloths and cleaning balls, which may leave many small strands on the bright panel and damage the surface of the wallboard.

(3) Be careful not to use strong acid or strong alkali cleaners to clean PVC wall panels

IV.Solid wood wall panel

1.Material structure of solid wood wall panels

The solid wood wall panel is made of a whole piece of wood structure, which has strong bearing capacity and weight bearing capacity. It has good toughness and is not easy to deform.

wpc slatted cladding

2.Main features of solid wood wall panels

(1) Solid wood wall panels are more environmentally friendly: solid wood wall panels are very natural and environmentally friendly. They are made of natural and environmentally friendly wood materials, and they have no smell when installed. There is no problem that the paint smell does not evaporate for a long time.

(2) The solid wood wall panel is warmer: the solid wood wall panel is a poor conductor, and the room with the wall panel will be warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition, solid wood wallboard has a strong absorption effect on ultraviolet rays and radiation, and the wood material can scatter light, which has a significant effect on eye fatigue and damage reduction.

(3) Solid wood wall panel can dehumidify and prevent moisture: it has the functions of dehumidification, moisture-proof and air conditioning. This is because wood can adjust the moisture in the air through its own breathing, giving you relief from physical fatigue.

3.Scope of application

Solid wood wall panels can extend unlimited imagination space for the home and enhance the indoor atmosphere. It is widely used in family interiors, children’s rooms, office spaces, front desks, leisure spaces, and dining spaces. culture and art

Living room background wall:

Say goodbye to the monotonous white background wall, improve the visual comfort, and play a good decorative role.

wpc cladding panels


The solid wood wall panels of log color are used. The color structure has good integrity, which highlights the style of pure natural logs. It is natural and simple, giving people a very friendly feeling.

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Bedside background wall:

solid wood wall panels are very suitable for bedroom applications, pure natural formaldehyde-free, you can sleep at ease, and the texture of solid wood can also make the room warmer.

wpc exterior cladding

wpc panels for walls

3.Tips for cleaning and maintenance of solid wood wall panels

(1) It is best to use a clean and soft cotton cloth for dust removal, soak the cotton cloth and wring it dry and wipe it, because the wet cotton cloth can reduce friction and avoid scratching the surface of the wallboard. At the same time, it also helps to reduce the adsorption of dust by static electricity. After wiping with a damp cotton cloth, wipe it again with a dry cotton cloth to avoid water vapor remaining on the surface of the wallboard.

(2) To remove the stains on the surface of the wallboard or the fumes from cooking, it is recommended to use a special furniture cleaner.

In addition to regular dust removal and cleaning, the maintenance method of solid wood wallboard can also be regularly waxed on the surface of the wallboard to increase the beauty of the appearance. Once or twice a year is enough. Do not use silicone-containing glazing agents, which will damage Coating that clogs wood pores.

Solid wood wall panels are precious woods, and the cost is relatively high. Later maintenance and cleaning are also very important. Careful maintenance is required to prolong the use time.

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This issue of the application range and maintenance skills of wall panels is over here. George Panel hopes to be helpful to you. If you are interested in wall panels or have purchase needs, you can contact us George Panels, Welcome your inquiry!

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