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Interior Design Trends to Elevate Your Bedroom in 2023

When it comes to interior design, the top trends for 2023 include connecting with nature, functional storage and stylish bedroom makeover ideas—bringing fresh life to everyone’s home. Our bedrooms represent the vital spaces of our homes, providing us with havens of rest and relaxation. These trends for 2023 will not only make your space look beautiful, but also make you feel beautiful. This year, the emphasis is on relaxing the natural elements and getting rid of objects that weigh us down.

I. What are the popular elements of interior design?

1. “Messy” trend

It might seem the opposite of what you want, but the “messy” trend is turning into refined minimalism. More paintings, pillows, photos, books in one place – why not? Fill the space with things you love and have meaning to you, this statement style will add personality to your bedroom. Combine strong colours, textures and materials with contrasting elements that will bring richness to your home. This approach basically dominates in 2023.

2. A sea of ​​green

Biophilic design, all about connecting with nature and bringing natural elements into your home, has seen a 200% increase in demand for this design on Pinterest. With the “messy” trend, biophilic designs will dominate this year, but instead of lots of flowers, it’s based on smaller plants in pots with more room to breathe. In addition to oxygen, plants also bring green tones suitable for all types of rooms, and every input of natural elements has a positive impact on our mental health.

3. Multifunctional furniture

With many people continuing to work from home this year, multifunctional furniture is still seen as a key element of interior design. In addition to need, you will save money and space. Whether you’re decorating a bedroom, study, or corner of a room, it’s important to choose furniture that is both functional and stylish. For example, a folding table can also be used as a dresser so that your work remains hidden for the rest of the day, allowing you to achieve an effective work-life balance without having to jump to your desk before bed.

4. Luxury ottoman bed

Although they represent nothing new, ottoman beds are coming back into fashion in 2023. If you’re short on storage, these types of beds are a great option with hidden storage. As more and more people want a bed that matches their personal taste, there are a wide variety of adjustable beds available. The most popular bed colors right now are blue, purple and gray.

5. Statement image above the head of the bed

Say goodbye to the Scandinavian minimalism that has dominated interior design trends in recent years and say hello to cheerful patterns, floral elements and varied textures. An eye-catching painting above the bed adds color and character to the bedroom, making your bed the centerpiece of the room. These bold drawings and panels have been taking over this spring, and they come in a variety of sizes. Above the bed, you can only hang one – but one large one, or several small ones.

As for the colors – blues, greens, purples and browns will be the main colors in the bedroom. They definitely enhance the space and are perfect for those who want to introduce variation, mainly something cheerful and unusual, into a living space.

6. Wall panel

Wood wall paneling continue to be a trendy addition this year, adding depth and texture to bedrooms. This timeless feature enhances any room. Unlike a traditional headboard, the decor panel looks great behind the bed, making it a sophisticated focal point whether you choose bold or neutral shades. It will give the whole room a familiar feel and give it character. Combining panels with wallpaper is also a trend now, creating an eye-catching focal point on bedroom walls.

II. Wall Panel Interior Design Ideas

1. Raspberry board and batten bedroom wall panels



Not everyone likes intricate dark wood wall panels, and when it’s used to its full height, it might feel a touch imposing. Board and batten paneling is one of the more understated alternatives that rise to chair rail height and can be painted in a softer, more vibrant colour to provide warmth and charm. Why not obtain the look by learning how to DIY a wood accent wall in a weekend?

2. Half wall trad molding



Not sure where to begin when selecting wood paneling for walls? What about the time period of your house? In a Victorian home, elaborate, hefty wood wall panels would fit in perfectly, but they might not in a structure from more recent times. A quick and foolproof approach to make sure your paneling choice fits your space is to take inspiration from the design and history (or lack thereof) of your home.

3. Nautical shiplap wall paneling



Especially if you paint yours a crisp white, shiplap slat wall panels are a fantastic way to give a room a contemporary feel.

For a low-cost home improvement that will have your plan looking shipshape in no time, build a DIY shiplap wall.

4. Dark wainscoting wall panels

04-Dark wainscoting-wall-panels


With the best DIY wainscoting ideas, creating a classic look is quick and inexpensive. This home office has depth thanks to the molded paneled wainscoting. The white furnishings stand out against the dark walls, giving the room a contemporary feel.

In addition to choosing wood wall panels that suit the style and history of your home, there are other aesthetic considerations, for example, whether you should use decor panels on an entire wall, or just a portion of it. The degree to which you use slat wall panels in the room will have a major impact on the visual effect.

5. Low picture-frame wall panels


The decorative wood panels for walls should match the design of your house. In order to match the architecture of the lower third of the living room in his 1930s home, DIYer and Real Homes Real Expert panelist Jo Lemos installed classic trim.

His most recent residences, a recently constructed townhouse and a 1930s red-brick semi-detached, both feature DIY paneling. While choosing the paneling, keep in mind that you can also have some fun with it.

Do you feel inspired? Have a bash at DIY picture frame molding for a low-cost feature wall that requires minimum effort.

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