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Popular Wood Wall Panel Renovation Ideas for 2024

There are always fascinating new options to choose from, whether you already adore the charm of wood paneled walls or are thinking about giving a room some warmth through wood treatments. Investigate the newest developments in wood paneled interior design at this perfect moment.

These wooden elements may occasionally already be a part of the structure of your house and just need to be renovated or resurfaced. There are numerous methods to update your wood paneling without having to replace it, or even turn it into something visually stunning and motivational.

We hope that these 16 wood paneling makeover or starting ideas will assist you in finding them. Continue reading to learn more!

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1. Update the retro look

We love vintage style, but this usually requires vintage-style elements rather than 30-year-old wall decor. This room succeeds because it features an updated version of wood paneling (light-colored thin strips of wood) paired with 70s-style decor.

2. Install it like wainscoting

Wood paneling doesn’t need to extend to the ceiling to make a statement. Wainscoting (a panel molding that covers the lower half of a wall) is the most classic wood accent wall. It’s also a good idea to decorate it with edges that double as shelves.

3. Go for dimension

Wooden slats don’t just have one function. Lay them on their sides, leaving some gaps between each plank, and you’ve got an expensive-looking design element that can transform the look of any room.

4. Embrace the Look

Wood paneling isn’t just for walls. Embrace the look and stick with it. Light-colored plywood on walls, ceilings, and dining benches looks modern, clean, and minimal without being over the top.

5. Create a screen

If there’s one thing we want you to learn from wood paneling, it’s that you can be creative. This wood paneled wall was designed to be a screen. It creates a divider in the space but doesn’t exactly act as a wall. The divisions between the wood paneling create a beautiful illusion that allows light and energy to flow freely.

6. Try wallpaper as an alternative

If you’ve been craving a wood paneled wall but currently live in a rental, show off your interior design skills with a wood grain wallpaper. The effect is just as beautiful, but it’s easy to remove, more affordable, easier to install, and gives you the illusion of a textured wall. It’s a win-win.


7. Match your flooring

When you decorate a room with floor-to-ceiling wood, you achieve a high-impact look. This office pairs wood planks on the wall with hardwood floors, and the effect is gorgeous.

8. Add beams

A wood plank ceiling on its own might feel a little dated, but adding beams helps make it feel more modern. Painting them black adds a stylish element to the space and creates a pleasing contrast.

9. Paneled built-ins

Who says you have to use wood planks throughout the entire room? These built-in furniture pieces feature wood paneling, which makes them really stand out. Since everything in the living room is neutral, the paneling also elevates the space and gives the eye a focal point.

10. Apply a coat of varnish

In addition to simply cleaning your old wood plank walls, you can apply a coat of varnish. This can further restore your walls and make them look brand new, while also allowing you to play with the overall color, sheen, and grain of the wood.

You’ll first want to start by following the cleaning process described earlier. But in this case, it is especially important to thoroughly dust and wipe the grooves between the panels and the boards themselves, preferably using mineral turpentine to remove the last of the dust and residue. When everything is clean, smooth and dry, you can apply a coat of varnish and then a second coat as needed.

11. Paint the panels

Dark wood gives a sophisticated and classic feel, while light or white wood infuses the air with a sense of freshness and lightness. As a result, this lightness also creates a sense of openness and modern elegance.

Fortunately, it is also fairly easy to achieve this look. As before, first clean the surface thoroughly with soap or dishwashing liquid and water. Applying a thin coat of latex primer after sanding the wood will help to bond the color to the surface. Then, applying several coats of white latex paint will create a whitewashed look with varying depths, depending on the desired effect.

12. Make it look like wainscoting

Wainscoting can make a room look more traditional or more classic. In addition, it can also play with scale and proportion by dividing the room horizontally. The bottom third or quarter of the room is the part covered by wainscoting, which is about the height of the backs of chairs and sofas. This gives a subtle subliminal feeling as you sit down, immersing you in the color and texture of the wainscoting, creating a sense of shelter and making the atmosphere more cozy.

This element can be achieved using your existing wood panels, but cut them to about 1/3 of the height. You can adjust the design or position of the paneling as needed, as well as add decorative moldings or any other details to achieve the design you want. To complete the look, you can paint or polish the panels, depending on the look you want. A more classic look will go with perfect white paneling, while a more natural and earthy aesthetic will keep the rough, natural wood.

13. Stencil the boards

Spray-painting patterns on the boards, as an alternative to painting or wallpapering, is also an affordable way to give your wallboards a new look. With the wide range of patterns available, any look can be easily achieved, from elegant text on the wall to an art deco style. Patterns add an artistic, compositional and three-dimensional feel to otherwise flat boards and surfaces, making interior spaces more creative and inspiring.

14. Cover art

Instead of dealing with or renovating your paneling, you can choose to add some artwork to create a gallery wall. From paintings and photographs to gorgeous mirrors and wall-mounted sculptural elements, the options are endless. Whatever you place on your wall will determine the appeal and overall feel of the room.

The combination of these items with wood paneling can create a very unique and charming effect. Perhaps just adding a light, neutral paint color or a solid dark color can turn your paneling into the perfect canvas without distracting too much from the artwork displayed on it. Lighting can also help highlight these pieces by using small spotlights, recessed lighting, uplighting, or other individual light fixtures.


15. Dress it up with pennies

Wood panels are easy to decorate, and this is due to the properties of wood. Wood is easier to shape, treat, drill, and glue than most other materials. Tiles, mosaics, metal, glass, and even coins can be affixed to wood panel walls to create a unique look. These smaller-sized decorations add incredible layers of detail and texture to the wall. They can brighten up a room by using reflective, shiny materials, or create a stunning visual effect through patterns. In addition to the visual experience, these fascinating designs also present us with walls that are irresistible to touch, or make us want to step closer for a closer look. In a way, it can turn simple walls and paneling into an interactive design experience. These amazing designs can be achieved with otherwise bland decorations and objects, as well as a little glue or other bonding solutions or methods.

16. Use decorative wall panels

Wood wall panels can be combined with or updated with popular architectural wall panel ideas and can be made from a variety of core materials such as acrylic, gypsum, MDF, metal, glass, resin, and more, depending on which material best suits your project style and budget.

Combining these materials with or replacing wood can produce additional benefits in the field of acoustics. Busy roads, construction, or noisy neighbors are some of the sound disturbances that we don’t always consider until it’s too late. For example, in corporate offices and commercial spaces, using sound-absorbing interior wall panels can provide a first-class design and acoustic solution because they contain high-quality acoustic fibers and felt.

These designer soundproofing felt wall panels come in a variety of colors, textures, and even printed patterns and images. The natural look of wood paneling combined with the wide design potential of these acoustic wall panels has the potential to make a significant difference or statement while bringing the practicality of noise control. The finished finish of these walls can even provide a tactile and more immersive experience.

There is a wide range of ways and variations in how designed interior wall panels can be used, which can benefit our spaces in many ways. In addition to paneling, these products range from geometric tiles to organic forms, and adding them to your existing paneling does not require reconstruction or any surface treatment. They can be easily installed to existing walls or wall panels to enrich the decor. In addition, these are cost-effective solutions that require little to no cleaning or maintenance.


When it comes to the conclusion of a wood wall paneling transformation, you can choose the solution that is right for your home based on your personal preferences and overall decoration style. If you have any questions and ideas, please feel free to contact us!

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