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Wall Panel Ideas to Add Creativity to Your Bathroom

The bathroom is where we start and end our day, so its decor and design are crucial to our comfort and mood. When decorating a bathroom, people tend to focus on various elements such as bathtubs, basins, and showers, but few people think that wall panels can be an important part of a creative decor.

However, the choice and design of wall panels can bring unique character and style to a bathroom, adding a touch of interest and fun to our daily lives. In this article, we will explore some creative bathroom wall panel designs to take you through the endless possibilities of bathroom decoration and give your bathroom new life and charm.

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Leading Master Bathroom Styles after Renovation
in the United States in 2021

statista-Leading Master Bathroom Styles


Details: United States; Houzz; July 21 to July 27, 2021; 2,891 respondents; 18 years and older; Houzz users who had completed a bathroom remodel or addition project in the past 12 months, or homeowners currently working on one or planning to start one in the next three months.; Email survey

From the above data from statista, this statistic depicts the leading master bathroom styles after renovation in the United States in 2021. The survey revealed that 20 percent of U.S. respondents changed to a modern style master bathroom after renovation, making it the most popular style in 2021. Among them, the wall decoration in the bathroom renovation is particularly important. Below, we will introduce you to the ideas of the wall panels in the bathroom renovation.

I. Is bathroom paneling a good idea?

Wall paneling is a modern, easy-care, stylish wall covering available in a variety of styles and period options. Paneling is an easy and reasonably priced option to give a bathroom a unique style. It may be painted over time to give the space a new look. From a practical perspective, it also has the benefit of hiding many problems – like uneven walls and unsightly pipes. It’s also easier to install than bathroom tile.

Although it is a wet space, paneling does work in bathrooms. As with most wood that comes in contact with water or temperature fluctuations, there is a risk of warping or shrinking, but proper treatment will protect the wood paneling and keep it in good condition.

II. What kind of paneling can be used in bathrooms?

The finest material for bathroom paneling is MDF since, unlike wood, it is resistant to moisture and does not expand or contract in response to changes in air humidity. This will lessen the need for maintenance because it will assist you prevent cracks after installation. Wood paneling should only be used in places like shower stalls that aren’t in close touch with water.

The bathroom’s woodwork can benefit from a paint that’s slightly more waterproof and easier to scrub than the paneling in the rest of the house. Hard-wearing gloss paints have historically been the preferred finish for woodwork and bathroom paneling, but a revolutionary water-based paint that is fully washable may now be used confidently on a variety of surfaces, including plaster, woodwork, and heat sinks.

Select a durable, washable finish for your bathroom paneling, like smart satinwood, to ensure that your walls stay lovely in a place where condensation is common and cleaning is done frequently. This will survive the dampness and knocks of a busy family bathroom.

III. Wall panel creativity ideas

1. Separate bold prints from bathroom paneling

Wainscoting is the best technique to pair with other bathroom paneling ideas. Installed below a dado railing, it provides texture and character that can complement patterned tiles or wallpaper. Paneling is the perfect partner for decorative wallpaper, allowing you to enjoy bold prints without making the room look too busy.

2. Set aside space for a window seat and paneling

Why not wallpaper your bathroom as you wouldn’t hesitate to do so in your living room or bedroom? A tired environment can be drastically transformed with the addition of pattern. Embrace a chinoiserie with a flowing blue and white motif that radiates historical charm for a touch of classic elegance. To keep prints from taking over the room, pair it with classic square bathroom paneling ideas in warm, neutral hues.

Typically, the paneling is painted or stained the same color as other architectural finishes in the space, such as crowns, base moldings, chair rails, and door and window frames. This provides design continuity for the room and provides a nice backdrop to do something creative with “over the chair rail” like installing pretty wallpaper or painting it a fun color.

3. Utilize salvaged weatherboard paneling to embrace a rustic bathroom design

Reclaimed wood bathroom paneling is a terrific way to add sustainability to your bathroom design and goes well with rustic bathroom designs, even though it’s not a standard paneling option. Additionally, it’s ideal if you want to include beach bathroom decor in your design.

When adding bathroom paneling ideas to your space, it’s important to remember that the wood needs to be treated with primer, sealant, and the right glue to prevent the paneling from warping or rotting due to the humidity in the room.


4. Add full-length panels

Ideas for bathroom paneling are an easy and cost-effective method to update the appearance of your bathroom. Don’t be hesitant to experiment with color and style, and think about using paneling that accentuates the room’s height and grandeur. It’s not necessarily necessary for it to be cream or white. You have more freedom to use this as an opportunity to play around with clashing colors within your overall design concept!

5. Invest in exposed wood panels to create a spa-like atmosphere

Use raw materials in your designs to evoke the tranquility of the natural world. Unpainted wood bathroom paneling ideas bring natural beauty to the space, creating a spa-like atmosphere that is perfect to complement the rustic style created by farmhouse bathroom ideas.

Many of our clients want to add natural components to their homes, such as wood paneling or stone flooring, as well as live plants and natural lighting. This “biophilic” approach to design is beneficial to our bodily and emotional well-being; it’s more than just an aesthetic decision. If you prefer the natural look of your paneling, stain and seal it with marine sealant, To achieve waterproof effect.

6. Choose to install wainscoting around the basin faucet

If you’re not just looking for bathroom wall tile ideas, wainscoting works well around a vanity. Even if bathroom paint is used throughout, paneling will resist faucet splashes better than painted walls since it is usually coated with a stronger finish like eggshell, satin, or gloss.

Since wainscoting only reaches the lower half of the wall, it can be used with tile, various paint colors, and other artistic bathroom finishes.

7. Combine bathroom siding with wallpaper

Combining wainscoting with your preferred wallpaper design for your bathroom is an additional option. Generally speaking, ordinary wallpaper is acceptable in bathrooms with adequate ventilation and in places where shower heads or faucets do not directly saturate the wall. The beauty of this wallpaper and bathroom wall paneling idea is that the wainscoting keeps the wallpaper away from the splash area.

Wall paneling is a wonderful design element for bathrooms where function is often more important than form, but combining it with a sophisticated and attractive wallpaper can add character and charm and make the room feel larger, pick one of these wallpapers Color matching the siding is a great way to achieve this look.

8. Use wall panels to create a durable powder room design

Because wall paneling is so durable, it’s a good option for high-traffic bathrooms, which makes it perfect for a guest powder room. Unlike master bathrooms, which must be built for daily use, powder rooms are meant for occasional usage. As such, you can be more daring with paneling in these areas than you could be in master bathrooms.

With bold color contrasts, unusual paint finishes, and plenty of patterns and prints, consider how paneling will work in your powder room design to wow your guests.

9. Install three-quarter paneling to spruce up the proportions of your bathroom

Quarter wall panels can assist streamline horizontal lines across a bathroom and enhance the proportions of a house with high ceilings.

When wainscoting meets other bathroom fixtures, such as towel racks or cupboards, it is typically found lower on the wall, which can make for an awkward intersection.

This horizontal line is kept out of the way and over your head by three-quarter-height paneling. This enables the paneling to also frame the bathroom sconce and mirror in this tiny bathroom.

10. Choose bold colors for bathroom wall panels

Using the same color for trim and moldings is a designer-approved tip for bringing more style to a space.

When painting your bathroom paneling, you may find yourself drawn to a specific color. White is a popular choice for bright and airy schemes, but when looking for bathroom color ideas, dark, rich jewel tones turn up just as often. These colors are appealing because of their traditional origins, but you can paint the paneling any color to coordinate with your design.

The key to decorating them is picking the proper color. For a more understated yet elegant look, go with a tone scheme that complements the panel trim’s color on the wall. Alternatively, for a more striking finish, use a feature color or complementary hue to draw the eye.

11. Pair a painted ceiling with paneled walls

These days, painted ceilings are very popular in bathrooms, and there are creative methods to incorporate painted ceilings into bathrooms with paneling. This combination of three-quarter paneled walls and painted ceiling creates rich contrasts, heightening the sense of luxury while giving the space a cozy vibe that makes a stay in the tub even more inviting. Painting the ceiling a dark color will visually lower the height of the ceiling, especially if it is also used at the top of the wall.


12. Use paint to add new texture to your bathroom design

The finish you choose for your bathroom paneling will influence how the final solution looks. Choosing the ideal color for your bathroom is only one thing to think about; another is the finish. Does a high-gloss or matte finish appeal to you more?

Different finishes produce different end results, with gloss giving the woodwork or paneling a more traditional feel, while eggshell or satin wood create a more modern finish.

Even though this could be generally true, changing up the finishes can give a traditional bathroom design a fresh look. For instance, a new, intriguing texture is added to a traditional design in a dark bathroom by combining glossy wood paint with matte wall paint.

13. Use paneling to simplify bathroom plumbing

Paneling can provide you with a design alternative to simplify your space when installing sleek, contemporary bathroom accessories like wall-mounted faucets or cisterns is too much hassle or when rearranging pipes isn’t possible.

The wall-mounted cistern needs to be hidden, so a gap above seems like the obvious choice, with cupboards designed to hide the tank and associated pipes, while a wall shelf can also be designed to hold toiletries and decorative items.

14. Shiplap wall panels

Shiplap paneling looks great in bathrooms. The wood texture complements the classic old world style plantation shutters. Putting a horizontal wooden board will open the narrow bathroom, which will cause visual illusion. Large plates also help to expand space, just paint them into white or light tones.

Choose dark colors to add a warm and luxurious feel, or keep it light and airy with pastel tones. It’s easy to install, and most shiplap panels have tongue-and-groove edges so they fit together easily. This is also a great way to disguise secondary pipes.

Placing the panels on top with a matching wainscot rail also gives you a neat shelf for candles or decorations.

15. Add hook rail

This inlay plate is not only a beautiful wall cover, but also a practical concept. The traditional style Wardley Clory has been merged along the top of the panel to create a convenient hook. Create seamless noodles by dyeing the same color as the panel. You can put a small hanging basket to make the toiletries reach well, but it is neat and not visible.

16. With wallpaper

The panel will add instant characteristics to the lack of details or architectural features. The panel inspired by the wall panel gives the traditional decorative surface to the bathroom, and is layered with the skirting board and the top decoration to create a decorative style. Add a messy printed bathroom wallpaper like Pesley pattern to bring instant retro charm and more lively personality to the bathroom.

If you have a sponge wallpaper and the room is well ventilated, there is no need to avoid the wallpaper in the bathroom, and the low -splattered anti -splash anti -splashing plate is used to prevent the faucet from splashing. You can add a layer of transparent varnish at any time to increase protection.

IV. How to paint bathroom wood paneling?

If you are building a base on a wall and installing panels on it, make sure all slats are treated and the backing is waterproof. Any unpainted wood panels should be coated with a protective stain or varnish.

Apply a wood primer to wood paneling before painting it with a high-quality paint that has a long-lasting finish. Instead of using emulsions, which are prone to scuffs and scratches, choose eggshell paint for a matte finish. This low-gloss paint works well in both modern and traditional bathroom designs. Satin wood is similar and still has a low to medium gloss, but the light-reflective properties create a subtle lift over a flat matte finish. Finally, Gloss will provide a highly durable paint finish for a smart, high-gloss finish. Look for a water-based formula rather than an oil-based formula for faster drying results.

V. Conclusion

When choosing bathroom wall panels, it’s important to consider aesthetics, durability, ease of cleaning, and ease of installation. Different types of bathroom wall panels have their own unique advantages and applicable scenarios.

Therefore, when choosing bathroom wall panels, be sure to consider your personal preferences, budget, and actual needs. No matter which type of siding you choose, make sure it fits the needs of your home and brings comfort, beauty, and durability to your bathroom space. If you have any more ideas for bathroom wall panels, feel free to contact us!

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