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Why Wall Panels Are the Latest Trend in Bedroom Wall Design?

Wood wall paneling isn’t just something you consider for your home’s exterior these days. Many homeowners are rediscovering the aesthetic appeal and functionality of interior wood wall paneling.

We say “rediscovered” for a reason—slat wall panel is one of the oldest styles of interior wall design, dating back to the Middle Ages. It works especially well in the bedroom, where it can give a sense of comfort and warmth, perfect for this most intimate of spaces.

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Let’s take a look at a brief history of wood wall paneling for bedrooms, then discuss which paneling you might choose.

I. The history of wood paneling in the past dynasties

Before the invention of modern central heating, the use of wall panels was both a form of insulation and a style choice. For insulation and moisture protection, the interior of the house would be clad in layers of wood, sometimes painted, but also often left bare or varnished.

In the 13th century, Henry II introduced Norwegian wood for the interior decoration of Windsor Castle. Later, the ornate French style (Boiserie panelling) came into fashion, and intricately carved and inlaid paneling became a must for stylish homes.

In the Jacobean era, dark square paneling conveyed intimacy and warmth in an era when rooms were primarily lit by candles or oil lamps.

Then, during the English Renaissance, the demand for more open, brighter rooms flourished. Georgian houses tended to have higher ceilings, which allowed for part-timbered interiors and dado railings for painting. Sometimes full-length paneling was installed, often with a new simplicity—clean lines and minimal detail.

In the 18th century, wainscoting was developed. Named after Danish siding oak, the style typically covers 1/3 to 1//2 of an interior wall with wood wall paneling, which is then painted white to contrast with the upper wall, which is either wallpapered or painted featured paint colors on.

In the modern day, tongue and groove paneling allows contemporary styles to borrow from traditional wainscoting while retaining a minimalist aesthetic. Wood wall panels have come a long way since the 18th century!



II. The benefits of bedroom paneling

There are many reasons why you might use wood wall panels for your bedroom:

1. They can give a cozy cabin feel—untreated or lightly painted wood can bring warmth to your room and add a touch of nature when the wood grain is clearly visible.

2. They are great insulators, reducing your heating bills and helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Wood wall paneling protects the walls from accidental knocks from headboards, chairs or lampstands.

4. The wood wall paneling is constructed to fit even awkward loft spaces, with vertical lines that give the illusion of added height.

5. You can use wood wall paneling on some walls in classic wainscoting style to create a wood feature wall that adds visual interest to an otherwise bland space.

6. Using wood siding as a regular design feature throughout the home can help tie the different parts of the interior together.

III. Types of bedroom paneling

Paneling can come in a variety of styles, materials and finishes. Common varieties include:

1. Minimalism

The tongue and groove technique allows the panels to fit very tightly together, leaving only a narrow line between each panel. Modern fashion tends to favor visible but minimal lines—you don’t want the intersections between panels to become intrusive. Very modern homes often opt for this minimalist approach.

2. Details

Some decorative wall panels include built-in designs, such as the subtle grooves on our wood wall panels. This imparts a more rustic feel and makes more of a statement. In the bedroom it can be placed vertically or horizontally. Smaller rooms might benefit from horizontal paneling, with lines that seem to expand the usable space.

3. Textured

Panels can be milled to a fine finish, or left rough for a more rustic feel. Both types of paneling can be painted; your choice will depend on the aesthetic you are creating. In bedrooms, our wood wall paneling features a natural wood grain that catches the morning sun and adds visual interest.

4. Lamination

Adding durable, scratch resistant and wipeable laminates makes our range of slat wall panels extremely flexible. Choose from a range of colours, textures and subtle patterns. Make a statement with a paneled accent wall, or create a contrasting wainscot on the lower portion of a painted surface.

No matter which type you choose, there are many ways to use our wood wall paneling to brighten up your bedroom interior.

IV. Design concept

Here are some bedroom projects we’ve found that use wood wall panels creatively.



In the bedroom above, feature paneling is used as a creative accent, adding elegance while drawing your eye to the statement mirror behind the headboard.



Minimalist gray painted horizontal paneling gives the loft a relaxed, cottage-like feel. The tightly fitted ceiling also creates a sense of space and the security of being enclosed while you breathe in the fresh air!



Applying the MDF paneling in a similar fashion to the first bedroom, this project elevates the look by turning it into a beautiful feature wall. Emerald painted decorative wall panels in this bedroom create a modern classic.

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