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PU Flowing Water Shape Stone Panel

The flowing water stone panel is composed of hand-carved pentagonal stone strips neatly arranged and stacked.

Product Features:

Item: Specification

Type: PU Flowing Water Shape Panel

Size: 600*1200mm

Color: 9 Colors Available

Features: Lightweight/Easy to Transport/Easy to Install/Fireproof/Waterproof

Fireproof: B1

Application: Interior Wall and Exterior Wall

Installation: Glue and Nail

– Video Display –

PU stone is a stunning synthetic material that mimics the look and feel of natural stone, but is lighter, more durable, and more environmentally friendly. PU stone has a realistic appearance and clear texture. If you are interested in innovative building materials and decorative elements, don’t miss this PU flowing water shape stone panel!

– PU Stone Guide –

Do you want to get more information and knowledge about PU stone? Welcome to read this article: What is PU Stone? The Most Comprehensive PU Stone Introduction!

Product Description


– Overview –

The flowing water stone panel is composed of hand-carved pentagonal stone strips neatly arranged and stacked. Generally used for landscape production of flowing water or waterfalls. The water dances on the stones, forming waves, and every drop of water is crystal clear and radiates light.

An imitation flowing stone panel made of natural stone is used as a mold using silica gel. After repeated carving and copying, a typical flowing stone panel seed is produced, and then a mold is made based on this to produce a simulated flowing water artificial stone panel.


– Benefits –

+ Realistic Appearance: The appearance of artificial PU flowstone is usually very similar to natural flowstone. It can have smooth surfaces, flowing curves and natural colors that mimic the effect of running water.

+ Texture: Compared with natural stone, artificial PU flowstone is generally lighter and easier to process and install.

+ Durability: This type of artificial stone is generally highly durable and less susceptible to water, moisture, UV rays, and climate change, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorative projects.

+ Application: Artificial PU flowing water stone can be used in various decoration projects, including courtyard landscape, waterscape design, garden decoration, indoor walls, floors, countertops, sculptures, etc. It can provide these projects with a natural flowing stone effect while reducing the cost and weight of natural stone.

+ Customizability: Because artificial PU flowstone can be easily processed and customized, it can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of specific projects to meet different aesthetic and functional requirements.

Design Effect


Artificial PU flowstone can imitate the appearance and texture of natural flowstone, including smooth surface, smooth curves and natural color. This design effect can add a natural beauty to projects such as landscapes, patios, gardens, etc., making them look more attractive and comfortable.

Since flowing water stone panels are usually associated with water, artificial PU flowing water stone panels are often used in conjunction with water feature designs. It can be used to create fountains, streams, ponds and other water feature elements that bring a sense of tranquility and relaxation to indoor and outdoor spaces.

Artificial PU flowstones generally have high durability and are not easily affected by water, moisture, ultraviolet rays and climate change. This ensures its long-term beauty in both indoor and outdoor environments.

In short, the design effect of artificial PU flowstone can be excellent, it brings natural beauty and waterscape effect to decoration projects, while being practical and durable. This makes it ideal for a variety of projects including landscaping, patio decoration, interior walls and floors.

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