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Top 10 Wall Panel Suppliers in China

This is the complete guide to the top 10 wall panel suppliers in China. We will provide the most complete wall panel purchasing tips and a guide to sourcing wall panels from China.

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Under the influence of the epidemic from 2020 to now, although the wall panel industry has been hit a lot, many wall panel manufacturers have also closed their businesses one after another. The remaining professional wall panel brands are still standing. What are the real top 10 brands of integrated wall panels in 2022? 

I. Top 10 Brands of Wall Panels in China

Wall Panel Supplier
George Panel Foshan
LESCO Guangzhou
MADANI Dongguan
Haolee Shenzhen
Sansheng Zhejiang
KOJO Anhui

02WPC Wall Panel Top 10 Brands

1. George Panel

Headquarters: Foshan

George Panel was established in 2006 in Chancheng, Foshan, with the corporate mission of “providing customers with satisfactory one-stop building materials solutions,” providing a choice of wall panels such as indoor wall panels, solid wood panel, indoor WPC ceilings, outdoor WPC wall panel, 16 years of distribution experience, provides professional customization services.

03WPC Wall Panel Product Line

Image Credit: facebook-logo @GeorgePanelOfficial


Today, George Panel has more than 200 employees and a 15,000 m² 5S factory with 6 advanced production lines and 16 years of distribution experience. As a one-stop customized home furnishing brand, George Panel’s products are now exported overseas and exported to Oceania, North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. George Panel is a very strong wall panel supplier in China’s wall panel manufacturing industry. George Panel is a very strong wall panel supplier in China’s wall panel manufacturing industry.


Headquarters: Guangzhou

LESCO Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou Science City, with a registered capital of 66 million yuan. The company has a strong technical team composed of postdoctoral, doctoral, master and senior engineers. There are 30 automated production lines with an annual production capacity of 15,000 tons.


LESCO Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. adopts patented technology and is a high-tech new environmentally friendly composite material compounded by high-tech wood powder and a small number of polymer materials. LESCO’s raw materials use high-tech special formulas and add processing aids such as light and heat stabilizers, anti-ultraviolet agents and impact modifiers, so that LESCO green wood products have better weather resistance and UV resistance performance.

04WPC Wall Panel - George Panel


Headquarters: Dongguan

MADANI is from the United Kingdom and entered China in 2004. It has launched high-quality solid wood customized products for China’s high-end private customization market. The products cover seven styles of European and American Chinese styles: “Buckingham Palace, Elyps, Fontainebleau, Georgia, Edinburgh, Fashion Notes, Breeze and Bright Moon”. MEDANI has advanced production equipment and is a modern production enterprise with strong technical force and large factory area in the domestic custom home furnishing industry.


MEDANI has advanced production equipment and is a modern production enterprise with a strong technical force and large factory area in the domestic custom home furnishing industry. MEDANI mainly promotes solid wood customization for the whole house, and its products include solid wood doors, stairs, parapet walls, wine cellars, overall wardrobes, furniture, soft furnishings and other whole house solid wood customized home furnishing.


Headquarters: Jiangsu

In 1990, Luyao Cork, the predecessor of Jiangsu Senhaoshi, was established, using cork imported from Europe as raw material to produce natural cork stoppers of various specifications. In 1994, it began to produce synthetic cork products such as cork paper and cork flooring. In 2003, the company changed its name to Jiangsu SENKING Cork Co., Ltd., producing and selling cork rolls, cork wall panels, cork flooring and other cork building materials products under the brand of SENKING. In 2006, the company acquired 50 acres of land and built a new factory with a construction area of ​​20,000 square meters. It was the first company in China to obtain authorization from Unilin to use its patented lock technology to produce cork flooring, cork wall panels and other products on a large scale.


SENKING, with in-depth understanding of cork and its properties and keen market insight, has developed and produced solid wood multi-layer cork floors, high-definition wood grain/blanket grain and marble grain cork floors, natural slate, cork wallpaper, etc. A series of new products with independent intellectual property rights lead the development trend of cork trim. Jiangsu SENKING Cork Co., Ltd., focusing on the cork industry for more than 20 years, has developed into a major global cork flooring supplier and a benchmark enterprise in China’s cork flooring industry.

05WPC Wall Panel - George Panel


Headquarters: Qingdao

WICANDERS’ products are positioned as healthy boutique products, and the products it manages include floor decoration materials, wall decoration materials, health care products and other mid-to-high-end healthy home furnishing and imported floor products. At present, the floor decoration materials of WICANDERS agents include: Finland KARELIA three-layer solid wood floor, Belgium PAR-KY high-tech solid wood composite floor, Belgium QUICK STEP art wood floor/three-layer solid wood floor, Portugal WICANDERS cork floor. All environmentally friendly flooring products are imported and sold under the original brand. The selected imported flooring brands are environmentally friendly flooring manufacturers that can represent the development level of the industry. Among them, there are many monopolistic enterprises in the industry, the setters and drafters of industry standards.


The wall decoration materials represented by WICANDERS include: Japanese SANFOOT solid wood wallpaper, Portuguese WICANDERS cork wall panel, Italian ITALARTE art wallpaper, French style wallpaper and American NEXTWALL wallpaper, all products are sold by the original brand.


Headquarters: Xi’an

Xi’an JILINK Cork Flooring Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 1998, has successfully broken through technical problems such as cork floor production technology after 14 years of deep accumulation in the industry. The success has greatly reduced the gap between my country’s cork flooring and its international counterparts, and has also broken through the technological bottleneck of domestic cork production. The production technology of domestic cork flooring in my country has reached the international advanced level, which can be compared with similar imported products abroad.


The factory covers an area of ​​70 acres (own land) and has a special cork floor research laboratory. After years of development, Jinglin Enterprise has become a veritable cork floor manufacturer and service provider in China, and the world’s main supplier of cork floors It has developed into a cork deep processing enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands. It has researched and developed cork products including cork flooring, cork wallpaper, cork stoppers, cork paper, cork advertising boards, cork mats, cork pellets and other cork products. 80% are exported to the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia and other countries.

06WPC Wall Panel - George Panel

7. Haolee

Headquarters: Shenzhen

Shenzhen Haolee Door Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. At the beginning of its establishment, it was mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of log combination doors. It is a group company integrating log home products such as set doors, log stairs, log suite furniture, log cabinets, log wardrobes, log bathroom cabinets, log wall panels, log ceilings and so on.


Each production line is equipped with international advanced woodworking equipment and has a full set of mature log product technologies from Italy. This fully guarantees product quality, processing accuracy and production efficiency, and provides strong support and point-to-point services. National distributor. More than 200 brand flagship stores have been opened in more than 100 cities in China. The product is renowned in the industry for its innovative design, high-quality raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship. It is widely used in luxury residential areas, villa areas and various commercial spaces all over the country. Completed more than 200 large-scale engineering projects. Oxley products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Malaysia, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Dubai, etc., while meeting the domestic market demand.

8. MostHome

Headquarters: Dongguan

Dongguan MostHome Wooden Products Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hong Kong United MEISHI Group. Hong Kong United Beauty Decoration Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991. From a small enterprise focusing on the processing and export of woodcarving decoration accessories, it has developed into three subordinate companies. It is a group company with four major brands, spanning the three fields of building materials, home furnishing and real estate. The rapid development of the group stems from the company’s advanced brand awareness. Since 1993, it has successively created brands such as APS, DECHOME, MOUSIA, MOST, and PALAMANOR. 


Hong Kong United MEISHI Group has production bases in Liaobu Town in Dongguan and Longxi Town in Huizhou, with a total plant area of more than 200 acres and more than 1,200 employees. APS has always focused on the design and production of wood carving decorative parts, which has won a good reputation in the international market. Now it has more than 20 sales outlets all over the world, with annual sales exceeding 500 million yuan.

07WPC Wall Panel - George Panel

9. Sansheng

Headquarters: Zhejiang

Zhejiang Sansheng Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hangzhou Sansheng Decoration Design Co., Ltd., is mainly engaged in the design business of villas, clubs, large-scale projects, etc. It was officially changed to Zhejiang Sansheng Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. in 2002. The company is headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang and has invested in a complete wood-based home improvement production base in Longyou County, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with a production plant of more than 30,000 square meters and more than 370 employees. It has gradually formed a complete organizational management system.


The annual sales of each of the company’s directly-operated stores have exceeded the 10 million mark, and the products have been sold to major cities in China. The raw materials of the products are taken from the wood imported from Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and other countries.

10. KOJO

Headquarters: Anhui

Anhui KOJO New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, aiming to “promote the application of scientific materials and promote the green living of human beings”, focusing on the R&D, production and promotion and application of wood-plastic environmental protection materials for interior decoration. Combining the rich experience in WPC research and application and the increasingly mature WPC production technology, combined with the technical advantages of deep processing of decorative building materials, it has become a domestic WPC material integrating R&D, production and sales, with rich varieties and strong technical strength. enterprise.


KOJO provides various types of doors, cabinets, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, props, ships and other industries, a new type of environmental protection material “KOJO wood”; at the same time, it vigorously develops new environmentally friendly prefabricated interior products, including prefabricated walls top, waterproof door, floor, various storage cabinets, integral toilet, bathroom cabinet, balcony series products, etc.

08WPC Wall Panel - George Panel

II. Introduction of Wall Panel

– Definition

Wall panel refers to the decorative wall panel, which generally uses wood as the base material, and the surface is processed by a special process to form a wall decoration material with various patterns such as imitation solid wood, imitation ceramic tile and imitation stone. Wall panels include four categories of solid wood wall panels, glass fiber reinforced plastic wall panels, plastic veneer wall panels and hot-pressed plastic-clad wall panels. Solid wood wall panels are the most used in home decoration.

– Characteristic

The wall panel has strong practicability, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good constant temperature, noise reduction, radiation protection, air conditioning, wear resistance, impact resistance, high compression resistance and high bending resistance, it can better protect the wall surface than other front materials such as paint and wallpaper.

– Application Place

Wall panels can replace paint, wallpaper, wallpaper, wall tiles and other wall materials, and are widely used in medium and high-end communities, villas, clubs, commercial spaces  and star-rated hotels.

09Wall panel application in hotel

Wall Panel Application in Hotel


10Wall panel application in commercial office space

Wall Panel Application in Commercial Office Space


11Wall panels are used in high-end clubs

Wall Panels Are Used in High-End Clubs

12Wall panel application in reception desk

Wall Panel Application in Reception Desk

13Wall panel application in commercial space

Wall Panel Application in Restaurant


14Wall panel application in home improvement space

Wall Panel Application in Home Improvement Space

Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

– Dimensions

  1. Generally speaking, the height of wall panels is in the range of 0.8-1.2 meters, and most of the wall panels sold on the market are about 1 meter. The thickness of wall panels is relatively large, and the more common ones are 18mm, 20mm and 22mm.
  2. In addition to half wall panels, there are also whole wall panels, which is to install wall panels on this wall, and its height is the height of the floor. In addition, the wall panels can also be customized, and the height can be determined according to their own needs.
  3. The dimensions of the wall panels are 1500mm x 18mm, 2000mm x 20mm, 2800mm x 22mm, 600mm x 18mm, 800mm x 20mm, 1000mm x 22mm, etc. The height of the wall panels can also be based on the height of the wall of your home, and the aesthetic taste. decided.

III. How to Choose Wall Panel : 3 Steps

– The first step : Select the material of the wall panel

1. Wood grain wall panel

Wood grain wall panels are made of particleboard, fiberboard, plywood and other materials, which are processed by sand, light, greasy, oiling, printing wood grain, etc., which can make the surface of the wall panel have a wood grain texture.

2. FRP wall panel

The glass fiber reinforced plastic wall panel is made of glass fiber as the main material, adding a curing agent, catalyst and a series of chemicals, and has the advantages of wear resistance, acid resistance, high temperature resistance and so on.

3. Plastic veneer wall panel

Plastic veneer wall panels are mainly made of various colors and pattern papers, impregnated with melamine resin and phenolic resin, and made by hot pressing, which can cover decorative veneer materials on various substrates.

4. Hot-pressed plastic-clad wall panel

The hot-pressed plastic-clad wall panel is made of plywood, fiberboard, particleboard and other materials as the base layer, and is hot-pressed with adhesive.

– The second step : Choose the shape of the wall panel

1. Whole wall panel

All the wall panels are installed on the wall, which is called the whole wall panel. It is generally used in the installation design materials of the background wall. It not only has a better overall decorative effect, but also has better quality, and can be customized according to different decoration styles. To show different shapes and meet the aesthetic needs of different groups of people, the whole wall panel has the design characteristics of left and right symmetry. 

2. Half wall paneling

The half wall paneling is the half-height wall panel, which is only half of the whole wall panel, that is to say, only the position from the bottom of the wall to the half wall. Unlike the whole wall panel, the common half wall paneling falls at the bottom, and the above position is blank. This half-wall panel is usually edged with a waistline, and the blank space above is completed with other decorative materials. This kind of wall panel is generally used in public parts such as corridors and stairs, and can be shaped in different shapes to show better effects.

3. Hollow wall panel

The hollow wall panel is different from the whole wall panel and the half wall paneling. Its shape is usually composed of the wall panel frame and the pressure line, that is to say, the position of the core panel is not made of wood veneer. Although its performance is different from the whole wall panel and the half wall paneling. However, the design method is basically the same, and the design performance is better, with a sense of transparency and rhythm.

– The third step : Select the size of the wall panel

The mainstream specifications of wall panels include flat wall panels (flat seam panels, V-seam panels), modeling panels and large panels.

1. Flat Wall Panel

Using flat wall panels in the space makes the color of the whole space more uniform, soft and visually pleasing. The difference is that the splicing method is different, the most widely used type on the market.

When installing flat wall panels, according to the different installation methods, it can be divided into closed type, split type and spliced type.

– Close-fitting wall panel

The wall panels are installed closely, making the whole wall invisible and more complete. As a result, many fear unnecessarily large gaps.

– Separated type wall panel

The wall panels can be installed with seams, the seams can be designed in different shapes, and there are 3mm-9mm natural seams between the seams. Proper use of seams can also enhance the quality of the entire space.

– Splicing type wall panel

The splicing method refers to splicing with metal, marble, grille, soft package and hard package to achieve different decorative effects.

2. Molded wall panel

Molded wall panels are subdivided into wall cladding, great wall boards, garden panels, etc. The designer can use it with flat panel wall panels according to customer needs. At present, grille wall panels are used more. The most prominent feature of the wall cladding is its concave-convex texture. This concave-convex texture can bring a strong visual impact on the visual sense, so that the whole space looks more layered.

3. Large wall panel

The large wall panel is a solid wall panel, which needs to be used with metal lines during installation.

15Wall Panel Design

IV. What Factors Need to Be Considered When Purchasing Wall Panels : 5 Factors

1. Material

Wall panels mainly include four categories: solid wood wall panels, glass fiber reinforced plastic wall panels, plastic veneer wall panels and hot-pressed plastic-clad wall panels. Regardless of the material of the wallboard, the surface is processed by a special process to form a variety of patterns such as imitation solid wood, imitation tiles and imitation stone. Among them, the most used in home decoration is the solid wood wallboard.

2. Quality

When purchasing wall panels, we can judge the quality of the product through both internal and external aspects. Internally, we mainly check the hardness and firmness of the surface of the decorative wall panel. Good quality decorative wall panels are wear-resistant, have good constant temperature, noise reduction, radiation protection, air conditioning, wear resistance and impact resistance.

When looking at the exterior, it mainly detects the degree of simulation of the pattern. For wall panels with good quality, the patterns are realistic and unified, and the three-dimensional and layered sense is good.

3. Style

If the style of your home is biased towards the simple Japanese style, you can choose wood veneer panels with light-colored wood grain and light-colored cloth grain, and the texture of the wood veneer is very good.

The wood texture is fresh and natural, which can make people feel very warm and relaxed, make the whole space more natural; if the style of your home is biased towards European pastoral retro style, you can choose dark wood grain and other wood veneer wall panels that are more inclined to dark colors, and you can also choose patterned wood veneer wall panels to mix and match, It will be more European style.

Anyway, no matter what style your home is, it’s best to keep the color and texture of the wall panels to match the decoration style, so as to maintain the overall coordination and maximize the effectiveness of the interior wall panel.

4. Color matching

Pay attention to the overall color matching of your home decoration style. If the overall color of your home is cool tones, then the selection of wood veneer wall panels should also be based on cool colors.

You can choose cool colors of wood grain, stone grain, cloth grain and other wood veneer wall panels to create a sense of simplicity and modernity; if the overall color of your home is warm tones, then the selection of wood veneer panels should also be dominated by warm tones. You can choose warm-toned wood grain, stone Texture, cloth texture and other wood veneer panels, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

5. Brand

Now there are many brands of wall panels on the market, the types are even more numerous, and the quality is also uneven. When purchasing, you should try to choose a famous brand that you are familiar with that has been certified by international quality standards.

What does the quality certification certificate include?


16quality certification certificate-CE-Wall PanelThe “CE” mark is a safety certification mark and is considered a pass for manufacturers to enter the European market. All products marked with “CE” can be sold in EU member states without meeting the requirements of each member state, allowing products to circulate freely within EU member states.

In the EU market, the “CE” mark is a mandatory certification mark. EU Directive on new methods of technical harmonisation and standardisation of products freely marketed on the EU market, whether they are produced by EU companies or companies in other countries. This is a mandatory requirement for products in EU law.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia implements a mandatory standards scheme for imported local and domestic products to protect public health, consumer safety, Saudi land security, Islamic ethics, the Saudi Arabian environment and protection from trade fraud.

The Ministry of Commerce (MoCI) of Saudi Arabia is responsible for ensuring that products imported into Saudi Arabia comply with relevant local standards. At the same time, Saudi local products are jointly responsible and implemented by the Saudi Municipal Council, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Agriculture.


On September 29, 2005, the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) began to implement the Pre-Export Standards Conformity Verification Scheme (PVoC). Products in the PVoC catalog must obtain a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) before shipment, and provide it to Kenya Customs upon arrival, otherwise they will not be able to enter the country. If there is no CoC, KEBS may decide to inspect the batch of goods and impose a fine.


The SONCAP certificate is a statutory necessary document for the customs clearance of the controlled products in Nigeria. The lack of the SONCAP certificate will cause the controlled products to be delayed in customs clearance or be denied entry into the Nigerian domestic market. It is important to note that SONCAP is applicable to regulated products, and other import procedures stipulated by the Nigerian government are still valid.


EAC certification is the certification of customs union countries. The Customs Union is an economic group dominated by Russia, including the entire territory of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, and has the same legal effect in any place within the Customs Union. Customs Union certification, also known as customs union technical specification certification or customs union certification, the English abbreviation is EAC certification or CU-TR certification.


As an independent third-party certification body, SGCC provides certification for compliant safety glazing materials based on test results from recognized national standards. The results of SGCC certification are a sign of confidence in the safety of glass listed in the US market. Architectural engineers will have confidence in the safety performance of the product if they see that the product has passed the SGCC certification when purchasing glass. Likewise, building owners will feel more secure when using SGCC certified glass.

17WPC Wall Panel Hotel


V. What Kind of Matching Skills Are There When Wall Panels Are Used in Home Decoration?

– Best 8 wall panels and home design matching skills

Flat Wall Panel & Door

Invisible doors are a popular design in the home furnishing industry in recent years. The door and the wall can be regarded as a whole, and the WPC composite panels can be combined to form a hidden door, so that the door can be completely hidden by the wall panel. Here’s a minimalist approach to wall panels and doors. The invisible design smoothes the connection between walls and door openings without compromising the overall aesthetics.

Flat Wall Panel & Custom Cabinet/Ceiling

In addition to invisible doors, wall panels can be combined with custom cabinets, ceilings, half-wall panels, and more. For example, the cabinets use the same finish material as the wall panels, which are used as ceilings and installed in the following locations: It makes the space more integrated, such as the top for a unified visual effect.

Flat Wall Panel & WPC Wall Cladding

The balanced lines and rich visual effects of WPC wall panels are favored and used in many modern and light luxury styles. Vertical wooden WPC wall covering can effectively supplement the openness of the wall, enhance the sense of space, and enhance the visual sensory experience.

Wall Panel & 3D Painting

Panels can also be 3D printed, incorporating decorative photos completely into the wall panels.

Bedside Background Wall Panel

The bedside background of the bedroom adopts a variety of WPC wall panel combinations, different fusion of lines, curves, color blocks, 3D and other elements, exquisite craftsmanship, unique ingenuity, and natural warmth, which reflects this.

TV Background Wall Panel

The WPC composite board with marble background complements the simple, timeless, soothing and soft wood grain grille. Combined with the white marble texture, it gives you a luxurious natural wood grain texture and makes you feel the leisurely life of life. There is a quiet room.

Dining Room Background Wall Panel

The dinning room is a fun meeting place on the way home from get off work every day. Family gathering together is the happiest moment of the day. The wood grain wood plastic wall panel is soothing, soothing, soft and relaxing, making people believe that the house is the warmest harbor.

Study Decorative Wall Panel

A study room is a hidden place. Contrast of brown and white cabinets, fusion of white cabinets and white WPC exterior cladding, natural wood grain patterns, warm lighting, textured details.

Sofa Background Wall Panel

The combination of composite wall panels of various widths, the fusion of marble pattern wall panels and plain wall panels, is clean and relaxed, and the soft light strips precipitate the soft layer of the wall.

18WPC Wall Panel Design

Image Credit: Instagram-logo-PNG @georgepanel_official

– Best 8 Wall panel color matching skills

1. The color matching of the wall panel, in addition to the two colors of black and white, the other color matching can not exceed three.

2. For the color matching of wall panels, the same color scheme must be used in the same space, and different color schemes can be used in different spaces.

3. If you don’t know the color matching of the wall panels, and you don’t know any skills, you can choose the color matching scheme of light wall, middle ground and dark furniture.

4. The color of the ceiling must be lighter than the wall or the same color as the wall. When the wall color is dark, the ceiling must be light.

5. For the color matching of the wall panels, try not to choose anything with printing. You can use a plain color design, which looks lighter and brighter.

6. Warm color matching method: Warm colors include red, orange, yellow, and the shades they constitute. The combination of this color tone makes the whole home look warmer, warmer, and warmer.

7. Cool color matching method: Cool colors include blue, green, purple, and the tones they constitute. The combination of such tones can make the whole home look more peaceful, cool and elegant.

8. Contrasting color matching method: That is, matching several colors with completely opposite chromaticity, such as red with green, yellow with purple, orange with blue, etc. This collocation method can produce a strong contrasting visual effect, making the whole home look more bright, bright and festive. Contrasting tones must master the principle of “major harmony, small contrast”. If used improperly, it will be counterproductive, resulting in tacky and dazzling adverse effects.

VI. How to Source Products from China? Take China’s WPC Wall Panels as an Example.

Research suppliers carefully

Sourcing products from China is a complicated process for buyers who have the intention to purchase in China but have not yet been exposed to the Chinese market. Finding the right supplier that is reliable and that meets your quality specifications takes some thought, effort, and time.

– Here are some of the most common platforms where you can find suppliers in China:

1. Alibaba

Because of its size, Alibaba is a great place to start your search. In fact, its size has prompted many to call it the Amazon of China. Founded in 1999, Alibaba had 960 million active customers in 2019 and nearly 1.3 billion companies on the market. To start searching for suppliers, you must first create an Alibaba account. The next step is to go to Procurement Solutions, enter the relevant details and submit a request for quotation.

2. The Canton Fair

24Canton FairThis is the largest trade fair in China, held twice a year, covering various industries related to physical products. The three stages of the fair are: the first stage, where you can find building materials, chemical products, machinery and electronics; the second stage is about home decoration, gifts and consumer goods; the third stage is about office supplies, textiles, health and Premium skincare, shoes and medical products.

Although the Canton Fair is huge, the same suppliers participate in the Canton Fair every year. You can check the show website in advance to find out the booth locations of the exhibitors you are interested in.

3. E-commerce

The cross-border e-commerce industry is constantly developing. Initially, large cross-border e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon and AliExpress were the starting point for overseas business, but this single sales channel operation failed to meet the development needs of the foreign trade industry. So apart from the platform, how should sellers expand their overseas sales? The answer is to use e-commerce.

19WPC Wall Panel-George Panel

An independent station refers to a website with its own independent domain name, space, and page in the field of e-commerce. Through the website, a series of transactions and services such as online promotion, sales, and after-sales of products can be carried out.




How do you buy your favorite products on e-commerce? Take George Panel as an example.

1. Search the website for the product you want to buy. If you see the item you like, you can go to the “Contact Us” page to find the contact information of George Panel, phone or email, and choose the contact you want according to your convenience. Ways to find siding companies.

2. After sending an email or making a phone call, the salesman of George Panel will connect with you, discuss the products you want to buy, and improve the house plan and engineering list according to the company’s requirements, and then the team will confirm the style and size for you.

3. After all the details of the goods are finalized, George Panel will sign a contract with you, then you need to pay a 30% deposit.

20Wall Panel-Secured Global Delivery4. When George Panel receives your deposit, it will produce customized products according to your needs.

5. After all the goods are produced, you need to pay the remaining balance, and then load them into containers. The goods will be shipped from the place of production to the nearest port in your country by sea.

6. After the goods arrive at the port, you need to go through customs clearance and delivery documents, etc. After completing the processing, you can take out the goods, and the goods will arrive in your hands smoothly.

21Wall Panel-Secured Global Delivery

FAQs on Basic Knowledge of Wall Panel

1. What are the advantages of using wall panels: 4 major advantages

– Easy to install

The installation of the wall panel is relatively convenient. To install the wall panel, you need to make a wooden keel on the wall, and then nail the wall panel to it. Of course, when we install the wall panel, we also need to consider the needs of sockets and so on. The reserved positions need to be cut in advance to reserve positions such as sockets.

– Strong decorative effect

The decorative effect of the wall panel is very good, which can improve the overall decoration grade of the room. In an ordinary family, the wall panel looks like a wealthy family, and the improvement effect is obvious.

– Noise reduction, heat preservation

There is an additional layer of wood material on the wall, which has more advantages in terms of sound insulation and thermal insulation.

– Wall protection

The essential function of the wall panel is to protect the wall. In addition, the wall panel has a good impact resistance. Even if furniture touches the wall, it will not cause serious damage to the wall. Good protection for walls.

In addition, there are many advantages, such as environmental protection, etc. Also, there are decorative veneers on the wall panels, which may even save wallpaper. In terms of construction period, it can also save a lot of construction time.

2. How to distinguish the quality of wood-plastic wall panel: 6 basis for judgment

– Raw materials used

The quality of the wall panel has a lot to do with the raw materials selected. The wood-plastic products produced with new materials have new color and clear wood grain; they have good toughness in performance and are not easy to age.

In order to save costs, some manufacturers use low-priced recycled materials, and the products produced are darker and blacker. Relatively brittle in performance and easy to age. However, the quality and performance of such products are not up to the standard. Due to the uncontrollable source of recycling, the plasticizers in many products exceed the standard, causing great harm to the human body, especially the elderly and children with relatively weak resistance.

It is for this reason that children’s toys exported from China to the EU are strictly required to be mainly produced with new materials and environmentally friendly materials, otherwise they will not meet the export standards.

– Product density

The core of the shrinkage performance of the wall panel is the density. If you don’t know how to tell, the easiest way is to touch it. A good wall panel is thicker, smoother to the touch, and free of particles.

Moreover, the overall strength is good, the stability is high, and it is not easy to deform and shrink; on the contrary, the wall thickness of the wall panel with the difference is relatively thin, and it is relatively loose when touched by hand, and it feels hollow or small particles. The overall strength is poor, it is relatively easy to be brittle, and it is easy to age.

– Surface lamination

The color effect of the wall panel is mainly reflected by the lamination on the surface, so the quality of the lamination used also determines the quality of the wall panel. Don’t underestimate this simple layer of lamination, it is also divided into good and bad, good film thickness is thicker, the texture bottom effect is realistic, there is a three-dimensional and bumpy feeling, and there is no peculiar smell.

On the contrary, some poor films are also It is made of recycled plastic waste, and the thickness is generally only about 10 silk meters, which is relatively thin and easy to penetrate the bottom. If the surface is white, it can be easily damaged. Made of recycled plastic waste, there is a stinky smell. But the characteristic is also very obvious, that is, the price is cheap.

– Glue used

Another core key is the use of glue, which also plays a decisive role in the service life of the final product and whether it is truly environmentally friendly. At present, manufacturers generally use one-component oil-based glue. This type of glue is very sticky, but because the solvent in the glue is extremely corrosive, it will affect the surface effects of the surface decoration materials such as texture and embossing, and can only be used.

It is generally used between PVC profiles and PVC laminations. It cannot be used on higher-quality decorative paper and PE decorative laminations, and it does not have any weather resistance. With the change of the cold and heat cycle of the climate, the adhesive force will fail. Such materials will completely age and fail in about three years, and the surface lamination can be completely peeled off.

And its biggest harm is that it is not environmentally friendly. This type contains a variety of harmful ingredients, which are harmful to workers during processing. At the same time, there are still many harmful substances left after being pasted, similar to the slow and long-term emission of formaldehyde. 

– Enterprise production scale

At present, there are more and more manufacturers of wall panel products. If you visit the manufacturers, you may know that many manufacturers that claim to be big brands of wall panel are actually just a small factory with two or three production lines, and some even do not have any.

There are only a few coating machines, but have you ever wondered why its price is lower than those of those brands whose annual output and scale are dozens of times larger? Generally speaking, manufacturers with larger scale and larger output will have lower product cost per unit area. In fact, it is obvious that the quality of products is not at the same level.

– Production experience accumulation and brand endorsement

Product quality is the vitality of a brand. The continuous stability of product quality depends on the accumulation and precipitation over many years. Without long-term accumulation of production management, accumulation of production technology, and stability of the production team, it is difficult to ensure the continuity and stability of product quality. In any industry on the market today, which brand has become a first-line brand in the industry because of its low price?

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3. How to maintain the wall panel: 5 tips for wall panel maintenance

Although the life of the wall panel is very long, it will shorten its life if it is not properly maintained. Just like a girl takes care of her skin, taking good care of it can keep you young forever. Wall panel manufacturer George Panel tells you how to maintain the wall panel.

The maintenance of the wall panel is actually very simple. Because the wall panel is waterproof and moisture-proof, you can easily remove all kinds of stains, paint, blood, paint, etc. by rinsing with water or scrubbing with a damp cloth. As for mold, due to the excellent waterproof and mildew resistance of the wallboard and the unique cavity structure, it is conducive to air circulation and also eliminates mold troubles from the source.

– Dust

Reduce the adsorption of dust on the surface of the wall panel. It is recommended that you use a feather duster every two weeks or a month to dust off the dust that is adsorbed on the surface of the wall panel.

– Decontamination

If any stains on the wall panel are found, remove it in time. It is suggested that you must remove the stains in time, so as not to leave traces of stains and affect the appearance of the wall panel!

– Water proof

Solve the problem of leakage and mildew. It is suggested that in daily cleaning, the wall panel should be wiped dry in time after cleaning, which can also prolong the service life of the wall panel.

– Sun protection

Pay special attention to the siding for balconies and windows. It is suggested that you can draw a layer of curtains on the wall panels around the balcony and windows, so that the wall panels will not fade and discolor under long-term exposure!

– Anti-aging

Do not allow direct sunlight to shine on the interior wall panels. It is recommended that you do not allow direct sunlight indoors, which will accelerate the aging speed of the wall panel and reduce its service life.

4. What factors affect the price of wall panels: 3 major factors

In fact, the wall panel does not have a completely fixed price, and its price is affected by different factors:

– Choice of substrate

The base material of the wall panel is mainly made of bamboo powder, wood powder and light calcium powder pressed at high temperature. Bamboo flour and wood flour have high cost of new materials and low cost of recycled materials; too much calcium powder is added, and the board looks high in quality and density, but it will be relatively brittle.

– Choice of lamination

The laminated surface of the wall panel is further divided into 8 wires, 10 wires, 12 wires, 14 wires, 16 wires and 18 wires; the higher the level, the better the quality of the lamination and the higher the fidelity.

– Choice of wall panel glue

The viscosity of the wall panel glue will be very important, some are completely invisible, and some are of inferior quality from the factory, and the lamination will fall off directly.

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There are many wall panel suppliers and overall wall panel manufacturers in China that specialize in different wall panels. You are guaranteed to find something that suits your tastes and budget. You should remember that the process of importing from China is not as easy as it may sound, so we recommend you to get help throughout the entire process, either from someone you know, or from sourcing agents. If you have any needs and ideas about wall panels, please contact us! We would love to talk with you soon!

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